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V Attractive creative bloke, 30 something. (18011. sociable. likes cinema. books & music. seeks similar female for nights out. (ilasgovv area. ('all me on 09069 514307

V Attractive, slim, 5'8“ boy seeks similar girl. mid 20s. for movies. iiitisic. fun & a warmer vvinter. ('all me on 0906‘) 514308

V Professional male, 5'10“. good looking. fit. healthy. slim. young 40, enjoys sports. the outdoors. bikes. cinema. music & adventure. Seeking attractive female. 30- 45. for good times. ('all me on 0906‘) 514305

V Interesting 25yr old International student. speaks 3 litiropean languages. enjoys art. music & history. seeks female from lidiiiburgh or (ilasgovv. for friendship & perhaps more. (‘all me on 09069 514306

V Life loving, music listening. cinema going. story telling. poetry vs riiing person. still searching. Male 35 seeks soulmate. (‘all me on 09069 514316

V Good looking guy. 37. tall. bright. solvent & inexplicably single. seeks beautiful. spirited girl for heaps of good times. (all me on 0906‘) 514310

V Young, sexy, tall, slim. 2 lyr old male seeking female. 18-25. Likes music. pubbing. clubbing. drinking & nights in. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514250

V Darth Vader seeks Melinda Messenger to help him rebuild the Death Star or Yoda to fill out his census form correctly! (‘all me on 09069 514264

V 30yr old adventurer seeks female travelling companion for loads of adventures together. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514261

V Professional, attractive, caring male. 38. 6'. likes meals out. conversation. long walks. travel & running. seeks n/s. slim female. 27-40, for friendship plus. (‘all me on 09069 514263 V Easygoing Glasgow guy, 29. 6'. healthy. seeks active girl vviih GSOH. who is into music. movies. travelling & outdoors. Call me on 09069 514335

V Creative man, 39, stocky build. n/s. GSOH. enjoys the arts. cinema. music & good conversation. seeks similar petite woman. Call me on 0906‘) 514265

128 THE LIST 13 Feb-27 Feb 2003

V Friendly guy, 35, S'l 1". medium build. seeks attractive female. 18-35. any nationality. for friendship. fun perhaps more vvith time. ('all me on 0906‘) 514330

V Very attractive, bright, vs itty. professional female. 34. seeks similar. handsome. genuine male 30-40s vv ith bags of charisma 84: zest for life. ('all me on 09069 514317

V Attractive, intelligent female, 29. loves to dance & dreams of snovv all winter & sea all summer. seeks someone special to share a vvider vvorld. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514256

V Slim dark haired female.

41. likes travel. music. reading & cinema. dislikes shopping. sports 8; TV. Wlfl‘M male of any race / nationality. for friendship & maybe more. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514357

V Hi! Lesley, Bailey & Kate's here. give its a call. (‘all me on 09069 514258

V Cute curvy 308 vvoman.

needs a tall. strong man to

pamper her. must enjoy a laugh.

('all me on 09069 514259

V 21yr old student, quiie outgoing. likes a good laugh. comedy. cinema. reading. pubs & good conversation. seeks someone to share these things vvith. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514353 V Pretty vivacious n/s lady. mid 40s. daft sense of humour. likes singing. vvriting. vvalking. dancing. Wlfl‘M someone kind. loyal & lively. (‘all me on 0906‘) 5l4360

V Mad artistic blonde. 2 I.

fit. urban. bright. vv ants cute. ci'a/y but calm. n/s. intellectual

guy 20-35 who is into outdoors.

sport. art. tunes & books from lidinburgh area. (‘all me on 09069 5l4263

V 36yr old female, enjoys the simple things in life. Looking for someone independent. free & happy

vs ithin themselves. (‘all me on 09069514315

V Attractive, intelligent, caring 38yr old woman. looking for genuine. emotionally intelligent man to share some laughs & good times with ('all me on 09069 514336

V Attractive blonde female, 40, 5'7". slim. seeks gentleman companion for vvalking. cinema. theatre. drinking & lots of fun. (‘all tne on 0906‘) 514320

V Cute, clever, contrary female. 40. requires vvell- adjusted art lover vvho wants to holiday in Cuba. Call me on 0906‘) 514324

V Lively, intelligent creative American vvoman. 38. seeks similar confident interesting man. 30-45. for

adventure. culture. dinner dates.

music & fun. (‘all me on 09069 514325

V No foxy chicks, 5'9". seek tvvo unattached professional happy & sociable guys. 28-38. for possibly something special. (‘all me on 09069 514326

V Attractive female, mid .30s. (iSOll. likes pubs. cinema. \\'1.T.\l man vsith (iSOll is; similar interests. ('all me on 091 )6‘) 5 I433:

Men _ seeking Men

V Professional gay woman. late 30s. happy; intelligent ti; stable. seeks similar for fine vvine. good food. intelligent conversation & the better things in life. (‘all me on 09069 514355

V Gay woman, 44, May 8; intelligent. Wlfl'M happy friends to share outings lo cinema. theatre. art galleries. pubs. clubs. restaurants & other fun places. (‘all me on 09069 514319

V Attractive, professional gay lady. late 20s. boyish. into music. films. theatre. vvalking. svvimming & good food. seeks vvoman to share interests. (‘all me on 09069 5l432l

V Gay lady, 32, loves outdoor life & playing saxophone. seeks fellovv professional visionary lady for conversational vvrestling & non- comtnitted fun. ('all me on 0906‘) 514323

Women seeking Women

V Gay male, 39, 5'8". medium build. good fun. enjoys cinema. theatre. travel & eating otit. W1.TM caring guy to share the good & bad things in life. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514337

V Stocky build, 32yr old gay male. enjoys most things including socialising. reading & vvalking. seeking similar for l-to-l relationship. Edinburgh area. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514333

Seeking Ffiends

V Genuine caring female looking for new friends in the lidinburgh area. Likes clubbing. dancing & having fun. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514334

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