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is what’s pl;i_\etl for the next 30 minutes. Sometimes painful. hut mostly it pleasure.

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Fred Deaktn makes his first forays into clubbing including ventures With Murray McKean (now owner of the Pond pub in Leith) and Sally Findlay (of Three Piece Sweet fame). Blue. Thunderball. DeVil Mountain. Spaniel Racmg. Cheese. Misery. Going Places. Hard Sums and lmpotent Fury are among the dancefloor tarragoes. Cinemas. ice rinks and castles are among the venues.

187KB LIST ’/ '/'. I:


First EP The Bath released in August on Lemon Jelly‘s own lmpotent Fury label. Its 1000 copies sell out like bun fight.

London-based design agency AIrSldC is founded

by Fred Deakin and cohorts.

They make toys for Channel Five. embronder and rhinestone Madonna for Time Out and spray paint walls for Chanel.


The Art of Gomg Places exhibition hosted at the Bellvue Gallery. Edinburgh shows Deakin's flyer and poster art. It is Such a success he is included as part of a group show again for the Edinburgh festival.

Air3ide launches the T-shirt Club - a subscription only gig where you get a summer’s worth of one-oft Ts desrgned by the likes of

Peter ‘Super Furry Animals

Fowler. Mr Scruff and 01 c0urse. Fred Deakin.


Lemon Jelly register their web'srte in the Cayman Islands i get the saucy 'ky' suffix.