did all start titling together with the travel and adventure themes and it did inform the packaging.’

lle‘s thinking of ‘Return to Patagonia‘. a rattling locomotive of a track. and ‘Ramblin' Man‘ with its list of peculiar destinations Tibet. Sydney. Rangoon. Brixton. Kentish Town. Malawi -— in tribute to (‘larke (iable. of all people. They reflect an age of travel long gone. An age l)eakin is happily to dream of. ‘There must have been an age of travel in the 20s or 30s when there were a very small group of gentlemen travellers. a very different thing from the kind of supermarket travel we do today.’ he says. ‘I think that is what [or] Horizons is hankering for: those days of adventure. heading off tip a mountain. have a glass of port with your chums up top and then back down again. It tnust have been a wonderful time to discover the world when it really was exotic.~

In terms of recognisability. you might not be able to pick lired l)eakin out of a line-up of barristers. baboons and bartenders. but he has always given Lemon Jelly a distinctive visual twist. All images of the duo have been given his unique 'l‘echnicolor treatment. He went so far as to form a design agency. Airside. which not only executes the visuals for the band. but also carries ottt commissions for a whole raft of clients from MTV to the makers ofJapanese art llick Burr/v Rom/e. for whom they made some splendidly splattery souvenir T-shiits. ‘Until we started working together the only canvas I had for my ideas were club llyers.' he says. 'That was

a V


featuring in the main room

we unrest or assume



upstairs getting jiggy with it

downstairs going tugging with it RESP-FIT KARAOKE {paapgny ,.wyw-.m.wa_



1. ‘Record Sleeve' T-shirt by Fred Deakin/Airside. 2. ‘ldle Hands' T-shirt by Fred Deakin/Airside.

3. Flyer for Impotent Fury, Edinburgh 2003.

4. ‘Record Deck' T-shirt by Fred Deakin/Airside. 5. Flyer for Hard Sums, London 2000. 6. Lost Horizons. 7. lemonjellthy 8. ‘Spacewalk' single.

9. A sweet little monkey by Airside.

my medium. So to be able to go into a wider arena from a design point of view was fantastic. And now the video for our single ‘Nice Weather for Ducks' was our lirst venture into videomaking.’

But for now. Airside and l)Jing are taking a back seat while l)eakin and l‘ranglen climb into the front and steer the road-bound l.emon Jelly around the country. It's a new experience for them. Most of their previous live appearances have been in clubs and festivals. Their challenge now is to lind a theatrical focus for their instrumental grooves. It should be a doddle. Their celebratory musical sounds are made for the dancelloor and. given that l)eakin‘s club nights have always been smarter than the average bear. chances are the live shows will be corkers.

So what can we expect'.’ The unexpected. of course - an audio-visual treat. ‘We shall have knobs and we shall have instrumentsl' says l)eakin with glee. ‘We've gone halfway between the ftill band route and the knob-twiddling route. Neither is completely appropriate for what we do. so we‘re going straight down the middle. And with loads of visual bits and bobs to boot.‘

So that’s quality. quirky pop music with knobs on. then.

Lemon Jelly play Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Saturday 1 March; QMU, Glasgow, Sunday 2 March. The single ‘Nice Weather for Ducks’ is out now on XL.


The duo's lirst three EPs are

Pulp scrap an entire

2010 . The People's album 5 worth of

Republic of

Lemon Jelly's single. ‘Nice

2003 The latest Scottish instalment of the

Lost Horizons. Lemon Jelly's

2002 Lemon Jelly make their debut live appearance

2001 . A mysterious Single entitled ‘Soft Rock'. sampling the

collected as material trying to Black Crowes and Chicago's with a three night second album *5 Impotem Fury C'Ub weather '0’ DUCKS: Lemon Jelly first album produce We Love liner moments surfaces in residency at 93 Feet released 0" XL "‘9'" amaClS ""0095 emers the UK ‘09 wrns tour gold. lemonle'W-ky. Lite. Nick Franglen nothing less than a denim East in London. T-shirts records. It Contains of sauced up tykes 40 at "Umbe' 16' two silver and

is in the studio with them. He doesn't go mad.

a track entitled 'Ramblin' Man' - a tribute to the late. great Clark Gable.

were sold as tickets and punters would only get in it wearing one.

sleeve. Copies bound in real rock leather are also rumoured to exist.

They don‘t get on Top 01 the Pops. Maybe next time.

baying tor a spin of the Wheel of Destiny. Deakin obliges.

one bronze at the summer Olympics in Rhyl, Wales.