Bizet Puccini

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The most seductive opera ever written , '

“Impassioned rand sultry

-' Fiona Maddocks ' ' i v' THE OBSERVER r, J, -v a “= 5:5? ._ - ,y i Featuring .; . _ u the romantic aria Your Tiny Hand

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23 Feb (Carmen) 24 8 25 Feb (Carmen) 27 Feb (Carmen) 1 March (Carmen) 29. 30 April 8 3 May (Carmen) 26 Feb (La Boheme) 28 Feb (La Boheme) l 8 2 May (La Boheme)

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Win a night at the opera! Two great love stories, one great opera company -- and five great prizes

Two of the world's most popular operas are on their way to Scotland in passionate and brilliant productions. Bizet's masterpiece Carmen, the story of the beautiful gypsy girl who tangled with the one man

she couldn't handle, is coupled with Puccini's masterpiece La Boherne, the tragic tale of the doomed, consumptive Mimi and her love for a penniless writer

Bizei‘s CARMEN Carmen includes some of the most evocative and best-loved melodies in opera ~ [In [Llf’dllrll Ilii» squad/la. Ilii- Hun-n song. [In ciliauron Helium and perhaps the best-known baritone aria of all 'Ili.- Toreador is sung.

Puccini‘s LA BOHIiMIi La Boherne is one of the most romantic operas ever ‘.'.’T|TTOTT This is a classic tale of Parisian love and loss, plus its many famous arias including Your 1 my Hand l\ f‘l’i'lt‘ll. '1 hey (fall ,\Ii- Mimi. and .llnuira's- Hair; The set reflects the Bohemian art of the period, with a stunning Cubist backdrop and costumes by one of Russia's leading designer Alexandr KTIVOShGITl The carnival scene will include a guest appearance of Rodrigo, the white stallion, and the famous Rornale Ciypsy Dance Troupe

The Chisinau National Opera was one of the leading cOmpanies of the former SOVTC'T UlTIOlT. Dullllg the seven years it has toured the UK and Ireland, it has proved to be one of the most highly-regarded and professional on the circuit. It is brought to Scotland by the outstanding impresario Ellen Kent and '.'.lii feature talent such as the mezzo-soprano Tatiana BUSUIOC, with her sultry interpretation of Carmen; sopranos Elena Ciherman and the UK-based Rosa Lee Thomas; and levers Akitmed Agadi, front the Bolsho: Theatre Moscow and Ruslan Zineyych, from the Ukrainian National Opera of Odessa.

To celebrate, here's your chance to win some truly superb prizes. 15! PRIZE A pair of top-price tickets to see Carmen or La Boherne at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgor. Mon 24th Feb 8. Wed 26th Feb: or at the Edinburgh Playhouse iTue 29th April & Thu lst Mayi, plus a (rate of special edition champagne They will also win a beautiful Spanish fan and a complementary SOll‘.’(‘lTl.’ programme,

2nd PRIZE A pair of top-price tickets to see Carmen Dr La Boherne at the Ro,al Conce't Hall, Glasgow. Mon 24th Feb 5; Wed 26th Feb or at the Edinburgh Playhouse (Tue 29th April is Thu lst Mayi, plus a bottle of special edition champagne. They will also win a beautiful Spanish fan and a complementary sourenir progrart‘irne

3 RL'.\'.\'I;‘RS-L'P A pair of top-price tickets to see Carmen or La Boheme at the Royal Concert Hal 6 asgow 1.10."; 24:1" Tel: 8 Wed 26th Feb or at the Edinburgh Playhouse rTue 29th April & Thu lst May and a complementary souvenir programme.

For your chance to be among our winners simply answer this question: H'Hll Is 11H. ms I-KV )lt'\ 1r lR/Irtv, 1R] 1 H.111 RH) 1.\ r.‘;lR.\H..\'F

Send your answer on a postcard together with name, address and daytime telephone number to List competitron, Opera 8. Ballet Int, Tne Admirals Offices, The Historic Dockyard, Chafham. Kent W4 41210 arrive by 10am on Wed 20th February 2003. Winners will be notified.