COMICS FINGERED Re: Beg the Question (458) Having read Catherine Bromley's superficial review of my book. Beg the Question. I find it hard to believe she read more than the inside cover and the foreword. This conjecture is partly supported by the fact that she culled from the entire 230-page narrative - the same snippet of dialogue that Stahl used in his foreword.

I mainly. however. take umbrage with her assessment of my own disposition. She posits: 'Fingerman clearly thinks he's the shit. living on the outskirts of society. penning for comic book houses and porn publishers alike.’ Excuse me? I think my chagrin - as evinced by my stand-in. Rob Hoffman is obvious. I can't imagine a character more dissatisfied with his lot churning out porn (and comics) than Hoffman.

Bromley's certainly free to dislike the book. but when she makes such bold and incorrect judgements about me as a person. the only conclusion I can reach is that she is an ignorant. judgmental creep. Bob Fingerman via email

Sorry Bob, Catherine 's neither ignorant nor judgemental - she just didn’t like your comic.

SAY IT AGAIN Iraqis and Americans united against war We are Americans and Iraqis who live in Scotland. Like most of our co-nationals in Scotland we are totally opposed to the impending US/British attack on Iraq. It will not be done in the name of either the Americans or the Iraqis among us. George Bush and the hawks that surround him. not to mention Messers Blair and Straw. have not the slightest concern for the human rights of the people of Iraq. The very idea is preposterous given America's ongoing support for regimes in Saudi Arabia. Turkey and Israel. who trample



React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email

on the rights of the people under their control.

Furthermore. US and British governments' support for Saddam as he carried out his worst atrocities makes this pretence even more untenable. Not even the most heinous crimes of Saddam Hussein’s regime were enough to shake his US and British support: until. that is. he developed illusions of independence from head offices in Washington.

A new war would plunge the destitute masses of Iraqis even deeper into the abyss of poverty. disease and mass infant mortality that 12 years of sanctions have already produced. which makes the claim that this is not a war against the Iraqi people an abject absurdity.

Americans and Iraqis United Against War

c/o Peace and Justice Centre Princes Street. Edinburgh EH2 4BJ


Re: This is pop (460)

Just a note to say how groovy your piece on 'manufactured' pop was. We should point out. however. that Paper Dolls. aka Tyger. Spyder and Copper. 6Ts chix all. hit the charts some 35 years ago. and not a mere 25 as stated.

They were masterminded by the songwriter/producing team of John Macleod and Tony Macauley. who provided the fabtastic 'Build me Up Buttercup' for the Foundations. and the swoonsome ‘Let the Heartaches Begin' for Long John Baldry.

Not quite Bacharach and David. but pretty swinging anyway.

Bee Hive and the A Liners via email

SOPHIE’S CHOICE Re: City limits (460)

Is it just me or is Sophie Stree desperately hoping you'll offer herajobonthebasisofher irritatingly perky letters?

Sue Denim

via email


Re: The Transporter (459) I've just been to see The Transporter and was very impressed with a sensitive attempt to tackle the emotive issues around the horror of human trafficking from the Far East to Europe. I would recommend it as valuable insight for those who are concerned about an issue that will come to affect us all.

I feel y0ur magazine has overlooked some of the more Subtle. but nonetheless profound. merits of the film and described a sophisticated and well honed script in roughshod and dismissive manner. Were it up to me. I would award this masterpiece five stars and not the paltry and insulting three that y0ur reviewer saw fit to wring from his poison pen. William Sykes via email

Body image

leave"? Joe Average. via email


I've just found out that one of my female friends. who is lovely in every way and would be a great catch for most guys. is seriou3ly inhibited when it comes to pulling because of a negative body image. 80 she's not a size 8 - big deal.

I used to assume that body image had been invented by a guy who wanted to piss on his girlfriend's fire when she got on his nerves. It provided us guys with the opportunity to make ‘innocent' remarks about celebs. models. other women etc. in ways that would allow us to keep our women in their places (ie at our sides and not thinking they could do better).

The truth is far more sinister. I suspect it was invented by celebrity women as a way of widening the gap between themselves and mere mortals. But it has gone too far and should be stopped. Far too many really attractive. funny and eminently shaggable women are starting to believe the myth. And now their heroine has deserted them and sold out to the great god of body image: hang your head in shame. Kate Winslet. Coming soon: lose weight in minutes with the all-new airbrush diet. 'The pounds just disappeared.‘ gushed Kate. 'and I can still eat whatever I Iike.’

Take note. ladies: we don't want to jump into bed with you so that we can fantasise about how good you'd look naked if you dropped a couple of sizes. How many times has a bloke stopped you undressing and said: “Stop! I thought you were a size 12. I don't do 143 please put your clothes back on and

Hold on. girls! Before you go swooning after such a right-on man, we should point out that Joe or can we call you Average? - did also profess to being a trainee misogynist. Not to worry. Love is in the air. Have a case of 80/ on us.





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