Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Wed 29 Jan see

The trouble with legendary artists is that the legend can get in the way. A lifetime of drug and booze problems, eight years in prison and one classic album have seen Arthur Lee’s status rise to such a godlike state that he could’ve spent two hours farting into the mic and still walked off to whoops of adoration from the crowd. Thankfully he does no such thing. Instead he brings a rent-a-

Too much Love will kill you

band, a tidy little orchestra, and gives Love fans their nostalgic moneyshot: the whole of that Forever Changes record from start to finish. And a damn fine record it is, reflecting the dark side of the hippy dream in a way Brian Wilson (an obvious contemporary) never dreamed possible. And for a man of nearly pensionable years, Lee struts and croons his way through the set with admirable sass and panache, proving that age has not diminished his star quality. But once the album’s despatched we get another set of more dubious material, none of which reaches the heights of Forever Changes, leaving the gig's end as something of an anti-climax. Although undoubtedly you won't hear any of his reverential fans admitting as much in public. (Doug Johnstone)



Cathouse, Glasgow, Wed 5 Feb eee

'There ain't no rock stars in this band any more!‘ growled the freshly-shorn Casey Chaos. Shorn. that is. of both full board and record deal and. while the latter didn't matter a lot to the army of sweaty. black-clad mentalists giVing it up for CC during 'Piss Virus“ and “Mayday'.

7 '* Denotesjus't

I Lemon Jelly QMU. Glasgow l Mar: Queen's llall. Edinburgh. 2 Mar.

I Jackson Browne (‘oiicert llall. Glasgow. 2 Mar SOLD Ol'T; l7slter Hall. Edinburgh. 3

I Jurassic 5 Barrowland. Glasgow. 5 Mar. SOLD OUT.

I Red Hot Chili Peppers Sli('(‘. Glasgow. 5 & 6 Mar SOLD ()l"!'.

I Porcupine Tree QML‘. Glasgow. 6 Mar.

I Richard Thompson Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 6 Mar. I Anthrax Garage. Glasgow. 7

I Tenacious D Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. l6 Mar. Mar. SOLD OUT.

I Tracy Chapman ('lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. l7 Mar.

I Stiff Little Fingers

Mar. Barrowland. Glasgow. 17 Mar.

I Hicklecreek Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 1‘) Mar.

I David Holmes presents the Free Association Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 1‘) Mar.

I Finch Barrowland. Glasgow. 2| Mar.

I Avril Lavigne Barrowland. Glasgow. 22 Mar. SOLD OUT.

I Jimmy Cliff Liquid Room.

and more. the former had many a yOung acolyte lingering their chins and debating the ultimate Wisdom of that bum-fluff goatee.

Metal-by-numbers it might be. then. but there's en0ugh imagination left in Amen to make you hope that some generous record boss deals them in soon. If only so they can come back and knock the shit out of every half-baked nu metal Joker in their path. (David Pollock)

2‘) Apr.

I Eve Barrowland. Glasgow. 26

I Brian Ferry Carling Academy. Glasgow. 27 Mar. I Nightmares on Wax QMU. Glasgow. 27 Apr.

I Sugababes (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 28 Mar. I One Minute Silence Garage. Glasgow. 28 Mar.

I Ladytron QMU. Glasgow.

I Daniel Bedingtield Barrowland. Glasgow. 30 Mar. I Love Carling Academy Glasgow. 1 Apr.

I lnspiral Carpets Carling




Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, Mon 3 Feb eeee

'WOLild all alc0holics report to the from] sh0uted the into><icating Latino rappers. happy to see they weren't alone in their beer necking effons. their first yrsit to the place they make whisky' turned Out to be Quite the party

The Crowd were a bunch o‘ l‘ilglil‘, tocal. intoxicated (Enthusiasts celebrating chit: night SCratchs birthday with yO-yO-yOS and b0unce-b0unce-bounces aplenty. Patting the fuan) back into hip hop with playtul West Coast SOundS but they're actually from New YOrkl. PSyCho Les and Ju Ju were promoting the.r new LP The Originator. but compensated fOr being strangers to Scotland ('Hey. I didn't eyen know we sold rec0rds Over herel‘i with Classics from the 905 revolving around booze. weed and 'the


To that end. scantin dressed IaSSies were pulled on stage to shake their snow laden booties to 'Watcn Out Now" a number so catchy J-Lo sampled it for "Jenny from the Block’. And so the ‘Nuts Clall‘DQFQCl off stage to drink more. Smoke more and to. no doubt. take in the pretty Scottish sights. (Mererid \Nlllliill‘Sl

ROCK THE WARLOCKS eee Barfly, Glasgow. Fri 7 Feb

‘Keep lTiUSIC eViI'. indeed. Apparently. that's the motto of the Warlocks. who recently attained the giddy heights of NME single of the week. At the Barfly. then. they must have been flushed With good Winter feeling and a sense of love.

because the music was kept stubbornly.

um. ambient, f0r about 9003 of the gig. Stoned. relaxed and SurprISlngly pleasant to the ear. the Warlocks are actually pretty damn good but let themselves dOwn by seeming unimpressed and painfully bored. gently nodding heads in time to their own interesting and potentially great n0ises. Maybe it's fashion. ThrOughout. l was plagued with unavoidable and maybe

Edinburgh. 7 Apr.

* Placebo Barrowland.

Glasgow. 7 Apr.



Apr. 1 l Apr.

Glasgow. I 3 Apr.

I Massive Attack Carling Academy. Glasgow. 8 & 9 Apr. Apr.

* White Stripes (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. I0 Apr.

I An evening with Henry Rollins l’ayillion. Glasgow. 1 I May.

I Glassjaw Garage. Glasgow. * The Bluetones Garage.

* The Buucocks QMU.

Cruel intentions

unfonunate comparisons With the Dandy Warhols live 'experience'.

Next time. I want Visuals and a complimentary 'Warlocks' bong. (Rowan Martin)

I Melanie C ('arling Academy. Glasgow. 25 Apr.

I The Wildhearts and Amen Barrowland. Glasgow. 25

I The Coral Barrowland. 2 May.

I Calexico (itfl'. Glasgow. 2 May.

* Lamb QML'. Glasgow. 4

* Electric Six Liquid Room. 6 May; QML'. Glasgow. 7 May. I Less than Jake Barrowland. Edinburgh. 7 May. RESCHEDULED DATE.

* Moloko Carling Academy. Glasgow. I] May.

Mar. Edinburgh. 22 Mar. SOLD OUT. I Millencolin Barrowland. I Throwing Muses QML'. Glasgow. 8 Mar. Glasgow. 23 Mar. Dukes L'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 3 I Reef The Garage. Glasgow. I Less than Jake Apr: Barrowland. Glasgow. 4

It) Mar. Barrowland. Glasgow. 25 Mar. Apr.

I Aim QMU. Glasgow. 1 l Mar. POSTPONED TO 7 MAY. I Mull Historical Society I Dirty Vegas Arches. I Deacon Blue Carling Barrowland. Glasgow. 5 Apr. Glasgow. l 1 Mar. Academy Glasgow. 26 Apr. I Capdown QML'. Glasgow. 5 I Feeder Barrowland. I Beth Orton Usher Hall. Apr.

Glasgow. l2 Mar. Edinburgh. 26 Mar. I 3 Colours Hed Garage.

I Jesse Malin The Garage. I Biffy Clyro QML'. Glasgow. Glasgow. 6 Apr.

Glasgow. 12 Mar. 26 Mar. I Alison Moyet Usher Hall.

Academy. Glasgow. 2 Apr. I Steve Earle and the

Glasgow. 15 Apr.

* Aqualung Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 16 Apr: QMU. Glasgow. I7 Apr.

I The Dead Kennedys Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 22 Apr. * Laura Cantrell Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 23 Apr.

I The Handsome Family Renfrew Ferry. Glasgow. 23 Apr. I Deep Purple and Lynryd I The Sisters of Mercy Skynyrd SECC. Glasgow. 25 Barrowland. Glasgow. 24 Apr. Jun.

' Ilnk

www.citylink.¢o.uk 08105 50 so so

I Erasure Playhouse. Edinburgh l6 May.

I The Dirty Three King Tut's. Glasgow. l6 May.

* Joe Jackson Queen‘s Hall. 10 Jun.

I Bon Jovi lbrox Stadium. Glasgow. 22 Jun.

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