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MUSIC ERASURE Barrowland, Glasgow, Sun 16 Feb

In November 2000, Andy Bell walked into his boyfriend Paul’s hotel room in Los Angeles and found him naked and covered in blood, but still alive. He had suffered a series of massive strokes in the shower the night before, exacerbated by a very wild lifestyle. Paul fortunately lived and recovered more or less fully, but what happened that balmy November morning to the singer of Erasure may have served as something of a wake up call.

Erasure used to be massive, for Chrissakes. St Derek Jarman used to queue up to make their videos. ‘Oh l’Amour’, ‘Sometimes', ‘Victim of Love’, ‘Ship of Fools’, ‘Chains of Love', ‘A Little Respect’ . . . they were tunes that defined an era that crossed between the 805 to the 905, a musical time that was at its best defined on the dancefloors of a gay club, hiked up on ecstasy and poppers. They also helped pioneer the art of the remix by giving many inexperienced technocrats reign of their work, as well as spearheading the Abba revival with their Abba-esque tribute EP and subsequent tour in 1992.

Then things began to dawdle. I Say I Say I Say was an adequate album with at least two annoyingly hummable classics on it. 1995’s Erasure was a more

Fitter, cleaner, happier with other people’s songs

experimental dark turn that was virtually ignored by public and critics alike. Two singles ‘Cowboy’ and ‘Loveboat’ brought them briefly back onto our radios but then they began to drift. Both Vinny Clarke and Bell were touching their 405. Vince got into the abstract music scene and worked on soundtracks. Andy flitted between the UK and his Spanish home, worked on minor side projects and tried to avoid touring, but mostly he took drugs and lived the high life until that fateful morning in LA.

By 2001 a fitter, cleaner, happier Bell had picked himself up and was already enticing Clarke towards preparation work on their new covers album, Other People’s Songs, a truly bizarre but deeply effective bunch of songs from the last 50 years. The boys doff their caps to everyone from Elvis to Trevor l-lorn. If nothing else this is undoubtedly the most perverse album of the year. ‘We wanted to do a Dusty Goes to Memphis-thing, plus we were tired of watching Robbie and co butcher all these beautiful old songs. We just felt it was time for a little balance,’ Andy said jokingly in a brief recent chat.

Best of all, the Benny and Bjorn of dance music have decided to go back on tour and this time (allegedly) in Edwardian dress to honour the era the gramophone was invented. Needless to say this is going to be unmissable. (Paul Dale)

a catalogue of 12 CDs to his name.

Clooney and Russell are back

72 THE LIST 13-27 Feb 2003


Gay entrepreneur Richard Tay. f0under of Sepia records. has just released his latest batch of eaSy listening CDs.

Y0u ‘re Just in Love With Rosemary Clooney (SEPIA 1008) is a compilation of the 505 pop star's Output before she became an International jazz artist. Including c0untry and western tracks. novelty numbers and duets With her sister and Marlene Dietrich. CIOOney comes into her own on the romantic ballads.

Tay's fav0urite release is Miss Jane Russell Sings (SEPIA 1009). ‘Jane Russell was not the world's best Singer. but her voice is pleasant. Shockineg not one of her 005 are currently on the market.‘ Only one year into setting up Sepia and already With

Tay describes it ‘as a real lab0ur of love I've had wonderful suppon from

HMV and lots of play time on Radio 2.'

Rogers and Hariimersteiii in London Oklahoma’. Carousel and South PaC/fic (SEPIA 1010) Is a real delight. lt conjures up a pure. Innocent post-war sowid full of optimism and With star performers including Mary Martin and Howard Keel. Tay has included a rare overture to SOL/(h Pacific . ‘For years I

had searched for the 78rpm recording.

Early this year I was in Edinburgh and went to the Sunday underground flea market and f0und the record In an old black box among all these classmal 78s. I almost screamed.‘

Treat yourself to a Sepia CD. At only $26.99 you can't go wrong. (John Binnie)


li‘ 33:30. Me‘ae C..‘"t"‘.it‘a”.‘ w. it "an‘ ":1 ‘irs'. none 4 we"? .3.’ .'"2‘ {WI 4" ."‘t' i..." t.‘ it: Eti'tt‘crti'fi ‘.'.es'. an.) \‘. ilde hooks'iori A hearttveamnti study of the friendship between two (HMS. One gag. the other straight. " s snort; sing with sensiti‘utx. and Instant None 'fun‘he' 2‘s.” F‘es" an Bruit: :r‘. 1995 was .I ffttllt‘l‘ilf‘ii} Greek A't‘erit‘af‘ ‘a'I‘Ii‘, saga. spanning; "oiii tperforations Writing in prose t'ta’. (:on‘pe :: .ei. tr: read it out loud. Ctii‘nir‘a"..Iir‘ beca'i‘e the unite! for a germait'cr‘ of giai. rr‘en lo-.>k:ng ‘or a reflection of their :itest‘Jes

in ltlf‘lt“; H,» .'.'on the Politier Pri/e for The Hours. a ineditatpn or‘ the power of Virgiinia \K’oolf's novel til/s Dill/()l'u'l‘. ‘y‘ioolf herself is a character in The lli‘IiIs . as are two yen. different Arm-man

women »- in postwar -1t)s California and in 90s (‘ireenu-iittlt Village. Nov. It has been turned into a rermrxable. emotionally rich fllll‘. directed by Stephen Daldry. featuring a Rolls Royce of a cast.

.v Emotionally rich

Nicole Kidman as Woolf has been garnering all the attention but it's Meryl Streep. as a lesbian editor who Is outstanding. Her scenes with best gay friend Ed Harris are Visceral and impeccable. showmg how few modern films trust words and actors to deliver the goods. Interestineg in the 405; section Wllh exotiisne Julianne Moore as an unhappy wife. the gay six year old child is the linchpin of the ll‘.()Vl(3. Sensmve. forever watchful, he helps his mother bake. always trying to Cafll‘ the tensmns between his warring parents.

It‘s hard to av0id Wiinderkind Christopher Rice's new double murder mystery The Show Garden. Set in a prosperOIIs New England college. The Snow Garden explores the shifting friendships between three first year undergraduates. Sexy. COmpulSIve With a multitude of secrets in closets. this Is a follow up to Rice's Southern gothic best-seller. A Densny of SOu/s. (John Binniei I The Hours. general release; Christopher Rice. The Snow Garden IPan Mac/Vli/Ian £5.99)