THE CLEANING WOMEN Death Disco at the Arches. Glasgow. Fri 14 Feb

Anyone who's tried drumming with wooden spoons or beatboxing in the bath knows that, while DIY music- making is a lot of fun, it all-too- rarely results in anything worth actually putting down on record. Which makes the Cleaning Women’s debut album Pulsator a rather pleasant surprise. It’s not a perfect album but, when you bear in mind that it was made using amplified clothes lines and home-made guitars, it’s a pretty damn good one, a riot of pop, dub and industrial metal made by three men dressed as women known as CW04. CW03 and CW01.

‘We have a laundry rack I think you would call it a clothes horse.’ says Tero Vanttinen (CW04), ‘and we have microphones to pick up the vibration and use FX to make it more Iistenable. And we have buckets and tools and self-made guitars and basses. The evolution has been quite long. One of the guys found that if you amplified the noise from a clothes horse it made quite a good sound. This was five or six years ago and he got some friends together and now there are three of us and we use quite a lot of different instruments.’

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Disco‘s name references Public Image Limited, the Cleaning Women recall the chaotic hubbub of PiL’s ambitious early work. The band hail from Helsinki and are currently composing music for a 19305 Russian film that’s about to be reissued. They're also, in case you hadn‘t guessed it, a little on the eccentric side. ‘We play at being cleaning women.‘ says Vanttinen. ‘We have this fiction that we are from the planet Clinus and we have come on a mission to clean up the earth. The best way to do that is to make music for people to clean to.’

There’s a strong thread of humour running through the


The Honeycomb, Edinburgh. Sat 22 Feb

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‘We are from the planet Clinus’, CW04

Cleaning Women's approach, but Vanttinen insists they’re far from being a novelty act or an artistic statement. ‘People hear that we dress as women and play weird instruments and think that it is a joke and not good music. But for us it is serious. But we play

instruments no one has ever played so we have no limits.

We don’t have to think "this is heavy metal" or “this is techno”. It's not so much art as just good music we start playing and people usually just stare - I suppose they think we are interesting or funny. But by the end of the show people are usually dancing.’ (James Smart)

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