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DAVE ANDERSON, I a I I, There are those of us who still think the telegram is a neat invention, but for the swingin’ cats on the actor 8M: , ' street, there’s nothing more ‘now’ than a mobile phone with picture-taking capabilities. And because a G"‘“’” “W l‘ ~ Q picture is worth a thousand words, they're using them as a form of visual shorthand: lipstick lips mean

takes time ut 9mm Dodo":an ‘I love you’ etc. We thought we’d add a few of our own.

in Shining Souls f,“ '

at the Tron to W choose his

favourite Glasgow landmarks.


‘i Baird halls of residence, Sauchiehall Street A beautiful art deco building that fills me with nostalgia. I used to travel by there on my way to see my gran.

2 River Kelvin i can walk alongside it all the way from my home at the top end of the Botanic Gardens through to Charing Cross.

3 Ashton Lane It is pure mowe- set material. Someone should definitely film a movie there in fact. I may do it myself.

4 Monet Building A gorgeous old building at Glasgow Cross. which has had various incarnations in its lifetime. When I was a kid it used to be called the Crazy House.

5 Rennie Mackintosh church, I au”"' cm” and “ham” ' Message ‘Can you go Message 'Johnny Message “Have yOu Message ‘l'm sharing a

Road It's a stunning building. It's _ , , absoiutely delighthI from the Outside down the ShODS for V8988 is playing pooled? flight With Courtney Love.

and one of these days I'm going to me?‘ GIasgow.‘ get around to actually going inside it.


Fancy earning yourself a million dollars? Then get a piece of the FBI's 'most wanted‘ page and pick the fugitive you'd most like to track down. f How about James J Bulger who has a love of historic sites. animal shelters and pummelling criminal associates to death? Or there's one Usama (sic) Bin Laden, apparently responsible for the murder of countless westerners across

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with a quartet of shiny happy federal agents showing that ‘there is a place for you at today's FBI'.

D I N Don’t Try this at Home Barrowland. Glasgow. Sun 9 Feb

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6 TH. U87 13—27 Feb 2003