In our regular column. a team of mystery artists give their thoughts on the current art scene.

A LOAD OF OLD COBBLERS Words: Artbug D With all the talk recently of the Venice Biennale. you'd be forgiven for forgetting all about this year‘s Becks Futures. Of the nine nominees. four are based in Glasgow. an important achievement in itself. and when you consider that two Scots have already won the award. the odds are looking good for this year. The winner will be announced after an exhibition of shortlisted artists’ work opens at London’s ICA in April before travelling to the CCA in Glasgow and Southampton. The shortlist has a much edgier. anarchic quality than previous selections with works being laced with a heavy dose of humour and the macabre.

Up from Glasgow are Rosalind Nashashibi, Alan Currall. Lucy Skaer and David Sherry. Nashashibi is a filmmaker who documents life at the peripheries of society. Currall's entry is a cringeworthy tribute to his “best friend’ that parodies reality TV while taking it to the extreme. Skaer's recent exhibition of drawings at the CCA wowed audiences and critics alike. but her video entries are more reminiscent of her prankster past as part of the art collective Henry Vlll's Wives. In one she manages to con the Earl of Glasgow into ceremonially laying a paving slab she made after removing a perfectly good one out of Buchanan Street with a crowbar.

However. my money's on David Sherry. His wooden shoe video. Stitching. is the most humorous and disturbing piece I have seen for a while and he deserves to win it on this alone. In it Sherry demonstrates his DIY human cobbling skills with such a nonchalant narration that you are amused and appalled in equal measures. A deserved winner worthy of bringing a tear to your eye.


Exhibitions are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Helen Monagban.

Glasgow Galleries


7 Bowmont (iardens. 339-128]. 0H] 339 422-1.

L’Alliance Francaise dans le Monde l'ntil Fri ZS Feb. .«\n eyhibition celebrating the Alliance's work in er the last I20 years.


I()-I Woodlands Road. 532 0023. .\Iott I‘rt I0am 5pm; Sat |0am l2.30pin.

Winter Collection that In 2s I‘eb. ()riginaI paintings by regular gallery artists.


353 Arger Street. (WIN ()2: “3””. Kathleen Little l'ntiI Still to Feb. Digital IloraI works by Kathleen |.itt|e inspired by poems she has written in er the last ten years.

The National Review of Live Art Wed I9 Still 23 Feb. £5.50 £7.50

(£25 £30 for 5 day passl. .-\s part of New Territories. the NRIA showcases a liye-day spectacular with eclectic new pieces and artists from across the [K and Ireland. Highlights oy er the the days include Anne Beatit's thermally imaged installation Rllllltllll I'lt'lllL Raimund Iloghe's touching I.('"('I't’ .vimomu'. techno-body artist Stelarc's l’rmllii-iit' Ilt'lltl. Angelika ()ei and Rene \‘L'rtilltlcllis rewind and Stevie Wishart's new ensemble li'tlll\lt'lll.\ mixing medieval music and dubbed trance beats. See Theatre listings.


I9 l’arnie Street. 552 7779. .\lon- Sat

noon 5pm.

The New Year Show t'ntit Wed 26 Feb. A mixed show of (ilasgow paintings by new and regular exhibitors. In North and (minutes. artists including lilspeth Atkinson. Bryan Frans. Fiona (iraham and David Marshall explore the familiar and not so familiar sights iii (ilasgow.

New Paintings t'ntil Wed 26 Feb. New paintings by new exhibitors including still life by Marion Law rie.

St Valentine’s Jewellery l'ntil Wed 26 Feb. New work by jeweller of the month. Marley McKinnie.

April Young l'ntil Wed 26 Feb. New figurative sculptural works.


I29 Bath Street. 07763 222323.

Suite Aft litilil Thu (1 Mar. .-\ series of weekly exhibitions each showing the work of a different student currently attending (ilasgow School of An. Willi an opening es'ery Fri front 5pm. Irene \"errouiri shows work until I3 Feb. followed by Jay Townsend 1 I4 20 Feb): Tim Roberts

(2 I —27 Feb) and Ronald (iildea I28 Feb—(i Marl.


I85a Bath Street. 222 2830. Tue Sat I0am—5.30pm.

Mixed Show Fri 2| Feb—Mon 3| Mar. Paintings by Bill Alston. Graeme Sharp. Peter Murray and Donald MacLeod.


I34 Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.3()pm; Sat l()am— I pm. Valentine Collection L’ntil Sat 22 Feb. Contemporary textiles and a new selection of jewellery and ceramics by British studio desi ners.

The February lection Until Sat 22 Feb. Scottish contemporary paintings by gallery artists.


I0 King Street. 553 0733. Tue Sat

I I.30am l Iptii

Inspiration and Collaboration l'ntil Fri 28 Feb. Curated by John .\I Blundall. aii e\hibitton of btinrakti puppets. .\'oli masks and related iit.iteri.i|


.35” SallL‘hlchaII Street. 55: 490“.

Still Wed Ilam opm. Thu Sat

IIam ts'pm.

0 Gordon Matte-Clark: The Space Between l'niil Sun 23 Mar t('('.-\ I. 2. 3 and (H. Rarer seen works I3} the late :\lliL‘l‘lc‘all at‘llsl (ittt'dnlt Matia- (‘Iark \y ho \\ as central to the New York art scene in the 70s. Known for his process of 'ctitting‘ carying huge sections troin buildings Iie also desoted his attention to performance art. photography. graffiti and minimalism. For the eshibition at the (‘('.-\. curated by Lisa I.e Fetiyrc. a number of artists‘ books and a reconstruction of (Jar/mew will be in the foyer leading to photographs and films documenting works like Splitting in the main gallery spaces. See res iew.

Rosalind Nashashibi Sun to Feb. 3pm. (ilasgow -based artist Rosalind Nashashibi shows two loinin films which explore communities and neighbourhtuids in America's Iteartland.

Gordon Matta-Clark: Lisa Le Feuve Talk Sat l5 Feb. 3 Spin. l.e Fem re. curator of the Gordon Malta- ('lark exhibition leads a talk discussing the rationale behind the eshibition.


I00 Tobago Street. 556 lS-lS. For more information w w w

0 The Chateau Cells Out Sat I5 Feb. 7 I Ipm. £3. The ('hateau transform another semi-derelict bttilding with a night of music and art iii the former jail. court and police station in Bridgeton. ()n the music side of thiitgs. there's a rare appearance from the ('ountry Teasers plus Franz Ferdinand and Scatter. I’rm iding the Visuals. the line-up includes Ales Bettencourt. Robert (‘hurm. Jane Topping. Heather Lander and (iregor Wright.



l'niy'ersity of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 548 2558. Mon Fri l()ani 5pm; Sat noon 4pm.

Lost Tales of the Sunart Oakwoods Sat I5 Feb~Sat 22 Mar. ()wain Kirby presents a series of woodcut prints inspired by the folklore of the Smart ()akwoods. NEW SHOW.

Trees Sat I5 FebrSat 22 Mar. Drawings. paintings and sculpture by Margaret Ker. Pauline Muir and Nina Robertson inspired by trees.


I78 West Regent Street. 22I (i370. Mon—Sat Ilium—5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Fri 28 Feb. Paintings. drawings and sculpture by Peter Thomson. Graham Flack. Nael Hanna. Susan liaton. James Tweedie. Jonathan Hood. Lisa Smith and many others.


3| (‘hisholm Street (entrance through salon). 552 7I00. Mon-Wed. Fri 6: Sat I0.30am—5.30pm; Thu l0.30ant-7pm. SaunaHorseMap t'ntit Fri l-t Feb. Anglo-Swedish collaborative installations from Jim Ramsay. Kristan Korner and Jakob Anckarsyard.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 229 I996. Mon—Thu & Sat l()am—Spin: Fri—Sun I lam—5pm.

The Great Book of Gaelic L‘ntil Sun 9 Mar. Contemporary Celtic culture is celebrated in this exhibition about TIH’ Great Boole. a 2 I st century Book of Kelly which brings together the work of more than 200 visual artists. poets and calligraphers from Scotland and Ireland. Featured artists include John Byme. Will

listings Art


The best exhibitions this fortnight

I s. “I '

I Kenny Hunter: Freestyle Monumental! I l()lll (Ia/f to liiit) Monti/limit. I(?{l(Illltl Scottish sculptor Konny lIuntoi lt?‘.’lf;llf§ anti rowoiks a nunin of oxit;tint; sculptui'os housotl Ill tho histoiittal sotting of tho ()I(I ()ollottt: I luiitoi says of tho show. 'It alloy-:3; lllt‘ to get oxcitotl about my woik attain and oxtontl tho nai'iativo as woll.‘ Soo Ioatui‘o. la/bot liico Gal/oil. Edinburgh. Sat if) lot) Sat 9.” Mar.

I Gordon Matta-Clark: The Space Between /\ Ii‘.'o stat reVIew for tho first Scottish showmg of raion soon photographic and hill] works by tho logontlary Amorican artist Gordon—Malta Clark. Soo rovnow. CCA. Glasgow. until Sun 23 Mai. I Art for Networks Gypsy COliltiiUIIIIIOS. ico-croaih voiitloi's. the web and postal son/icos aro among the projocls highlightotl tn 8 group. show curatotl by Simon Pope. which looks at artists; who explore networks in thoir work. See preVIew. Fi'ti/tmarkot ( ia/loiy, Edinburgh, Sat if) lot) Sat 2.9 Mar.

I The Chateau Cells Out Followmg on from the success of its Bridge Street ovont back in December. the Chateau takes ovor another semi-derelict building for a one-off night of cuttingcdgc mUSIC and art. I he Chateau. l()O Tobago Street. Glasgow. Sat 15 Feb.

I Peter Lynch New. richly textured minimal paintings by Glasgow School of Art graduate Peter Lynch. lngleby Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sat 8 Mar.

I lftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi Lightboxes portraying iconic non-western figures and billboards depicting mass-media south Asia imagery from Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi. Street Level. Glasgow. until Sat 75 Mar.

Maclxan. (’aIum ('oIs'in and Steyen Campbell and the exhibition at (iOMA is the start of a major tour of the anwork before it is finally bound together into one complete book.

13—27 Feb 2003 THE LIST 87