17in Fri 'm’ " _ 'e'xitiéiiiiiéiir "

2| Lismore Crescent. 620 3344. Wed—Fri by appointment only.

Karen Henderson Until Wed 26 Feb. Karen Henderson examines how the architecture of galleries shape the way we behave in that space creating an intervention in this gallery-converted domestic space.

Dave Beech Until Fri 28 Mar. Dave Beech present a series of new works entitled Stretching the Truth. The poster- sized text works have been described as a ‘scrambled database of a political speech writer whose computer has been infected by a virus designed by the ghost of William Burroughs.‘ Sounds intriguing. TALBOT RICE GALLERY University of Edinburgh. South Bridge. 650 9746. Tue—Sat l0am—5pm.

0 Kenny Hunter: Freestyle Monumental! Sat 15 Feb-Sat 22 Mar. Leading Scottish sculptor Kenny Hunter revisits and reworks a number of existing

sculptures including Calf. Dub Monument

and 'Iime and Space Diet! Yesterday housed in the historical rooms of the Old

College. The seemingly simple sculptures

with a plastic toy aesthetic offer new and contextual readings of his practice. See feature. NEW SHOW.

James Reilly Sat l5 Feb-Sat 22 Mar (round room). A series of figure paintings by James Reilly which respond to news items frotn television and press. NEW SHOW.

TORRANCE GALLERY 36 Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri

l lam-6pm; Sat l().30atn—4ptn.

Tom Watt Sat 15 Feb—Sat 8 Mar. Recent paintings of the South of France by Tom Watt.


For a detailed itinerary call ()l3l 529 3930/3682.

The Park Until Fri 30 May. The Travelling Gallery‘s latest exhibition documents through sketches. plans. models and film the work of seven international artists who were commissioned to create works for Scotland‘s first national park. housed in the new Gateway Centre in Balloch. Artists include Vong Phaophanit. Donald Urquhart. Mary Redmond and Olaf Nicolai. The gallery will be stopping off at the following venues: Gateway Centre. Loch Lomond Shores ( l4 Feb. 5—79m; Sat l5 & Sun l6 Feb. 10am—5pm); West Dunbartonshire ( l7 Feb—2| Mar).


Café Bar. 10 Cambridge Street. 228 5383.

Peter Marshall Until Sat IS Mar. Recent work.


16 South Fon Street. 478 7810. Mon—Sat llam-l 1.45pm; Sun l2.30—l 1.45pm. Neill Cotton Until Sat 22 Mar. Photographs by Neill Cotton.


4 Dundas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon-Fri l0am—6pm'. Sat l lam—4pm.

Mixed Show Until Fri 28 Feb. A selection of sporting and natural history paintings.

Edinburgh Museums 7

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Life, page 99.


42 High Street. 529 4l42. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm.

The Golden Ages of Toys Until Sat 7 Jun. Share the magic of Meccano. Hornby train sets. teddy bears and the wonderful array of toys

that came to life between 1890 and 1930.


Newhaven Harbour. 551 4l65. Daily noon—4.45pm.

A Tribute to Fishermen L'ntil Wed 3l l)ec. An exhibition focUsing on the working lives of fisherman. featuring ceramic and textile designs created by students from Victoria Primary School and Edinburgh's Telford College.


2 Chambers Street. 247 42 I9. Mon-Sat l0am—5pm (Tue 8pm); Sun noon—5pm. Free.

Millennium Clock A chance to view Russian mechanical sculptor Eduard Bersudsky‘s millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high.

Mediating with Spirits, Shamans in Korea Until Sun 30 Mar. An exhibition exploring shamanism. an important element of the Altaic culture that cattle to Korea in the 13th century BC. The show features dioratnas and ritual objects used by shamans. many of which have been donated to the National Museums of Scotland by the Korean government. Designing Ourselves Until Sun 30 Mar. A fascinating insight into how design can be used on ourselves. to enhance. adorn and transform the body. whether by tattooing. piercing. branding or even surgery. Key exhibits include Shaun Leane‘s Contour Corset. a curvaceous silver-plated corset which reflects the silhouette of the coca-cola contour bottle and body sculpture by contemporary jeweller Jacky Oliver. WRITERS’ MUSEUM

Lady Stair‘s House. Lady Stair‘s Close. 529 490l. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Chapman: A Literary Hinterland Until Sat 5 Apr. An exhibition celebrating the 100th edition of Chapman. Scotland‘s literary magazine.


University of Dundee. 13 Perth Road. ()l382 345330. Mon—Fri 9am—8.30pm: Sat l()am—4.30pm

Urban Heads Until Sat 22 Feb. An exhibition of design and fine art related visual research by first year general course students.

Exposure Fri 14—ch 19 Feb. Fourth year fine art students Gillian Martin and Kim Scouller curate this group show on theme of the body. NEW SHOW.

My Mouth is Quiet But my Mind is Noisy Fri 14 Feb—Mon l4 Apr. An exhibition celebrating the work of the internationally renowned illustrator John Watson (l960—2000). An American Conversation Sat l5 Feb—Fri l4 Mar (Cooper Gallery). An exhibition of process-orientated sculpture by Alex Frost and Karla Black. NEW SHOW.

Photographic Map of the World Tue 25—Fri 28 Feb. Vikki Baird tnade an appeal for photographs iti national and international newspapers and radio. Here she presents the results: around 1000 donated snaps and postcards frotn around the world. NEW SHOW.


152 Nethergate. ()l382 909900. Tue—Wed. Sat & Sun l0.30am-—5.30pm: Thu & Fri 10.30am—8pm.

lll Communication Until Sun 23 Mar. New and existing works by internationally renowned artists

exhibition led

including Turner pri/e nominee Liam Gillick. Jeremy l)eller. Jenny Holler. Aleksandra Mir and Philippe Parreno. reflecting the ways in which communication has been dratnatically altered with the growth of internet access arid use. See rey iew.

Gallery Talk Sat 22 Feb. 2pm. John ('alcutt. (ittanlian art critic and lecturer in historical and critical studies at (ilasgow School of .-\rt leads all infortnal tour and discussion with III ('mnntuntt'atton curator Rob 'l‘ufnell. Adam King l'ntil Sun 9 Mar (Print (iallery l. Prints of fast food containers by Adam King exploring the nature and politics of consumerism today. Craft Focus l7ntil Still 23 Feb (()ne Five Two shopl. Resin jewellery by Carla lidw'ards arid vases and dishes in porcelain by Anja Lubach.

Craft Focus Tue 25 Feb Sun 6 Apr (One Two Five shop). Jewellery in oxidised silver attd gold by Andrea Douglas and a selection of tlolltcslic tools and utensils by various makers.


Albert Square. 0| 382 43208-1. Mon—Sat l0.30am —5ptn; Stilt l2.30»4pm; 'l‘hu l0.30am -7ptn. 123rd Annual Exhibition of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour Until

Sun l6 Mar. A celebration of watercolour painting featuring over

200 new works by over I50 established and new artists frotti across Scotland.

Artists include Sitnon Laurie. Chris Bushe. Elizabeth Blackadder. Philip

Reeves and Ian McKenzie Smith. Guided Tours Wed l9 Feb. l9tll Feb 2pm. Guided tours of the RSW b ' gallery curators. W with RSW:

Demonstrations, Tasters and Tours Sat l5 Feb. Sat 22 Feb. 2pm.

listings Art

RSW members offer demonstrations and tours of their l2.‘~rd annual exhibition.

“The Beatles in Dundee’ Photographic Display l'nttl Mon 30 Jun. A collection of Phologlral‘h's from the l)(' Illnllhttll archives and film footage to mark the 40th anniversary of the Beatles playtttg tn Dundee.

Outside the Cities

East Lothian


Stenton. “I 368 350256. l)ai|y

llUOll 5pm (closed 'l‘htll.

Pam Carter l'nttl Wed 5 Mar. Contemporary Scottish landscapes by this popular artist. Pam ('arter.



War Memorial (iartlens. 0l592 4l2860. Mon Sat l0.30am 5pm; Sun 2 5pm.

Pharmacopoeia Sat IS Feb Sun ti Apr. An exhibition exploring health attd medical issues such as fertility. geriatric medicine and women's health. featuring collaborations between artist Susie Freeman. photographer l)a\c ('ritchley and (il’ l)r l.i/. NLW SHOW.



(‘arlisle Road. (ll698 4262 l 3.

Mon Sat 9.30am 5pm; Sttn

noon 5pm.

A Land of Shadows Until Still 27 Jul. Inspired by JRR 'l'olkien‘s 'I'he

lam! oft/re Rings. a fascinating

exhibition for all ages featuring a Hobbit sitting room and a chance to journey through the (Han! Bunk.



"s- I... “W275! 51”. A


12 noon - 5 pm six days (closed Thursdays) www.5tentongallery.com 01368 850 256

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