'c'eti‘i‘c v STUTTGART

The time is nigh: a flashback to 1980

Celtic Park. Glasgow, Thu 20 Feb

It’s March 1980. Margaret Thatcher is less than year in her new job, Michael Jackson still has his own face and the Rubik’s Cube is driving the world’s speccy adolescents up the wall with frustration. Closer to home, Celtic were

preparing for a European Cup quarter-final with the mighty Real Madrid, little knowing that this would be the last time for 23 years that the hoops would have a need for their passports

beyond Hogmanay.

It is both a shame and a disgrace that homespun managers such as Lou Macari, David Hay and Billy McNeill (in his second

reign) have been as incapable as so-called continental sophisticates such as Wim Jansen and Dr Jo Venglos of carrying on Scottish hopes in the realm where it really matters: Europe. Now though, Martin O'Neill has fashioned a team with enough skill (many critics say not nearly enough in these post-Lubo days) and grit (no one who has seen Bobo Balde go for a header would doubt that) to swipe away foraging irritants such as Souness’ Blackburn and the highly technical. but frankly devious, Celta Vigo.

So, Parkhead is one round away from witnessing another Battle of Britain. Liverpool may be going through something of a crisis after a disastrous league run and an FA Cup humbling at the hands of Crystal Palace. but they are still

capable of eliminating Auxerre.

But will Celtic get their half of the bargain right? German opposition has always been something of a stumbling block to Parkhead European pipedreams with Hamburg and Borussia Dortmund among those who have seen off Celtic in previous early rounds. Stuttgart, though, have grabbed some of their own managerial headlines and are playing inconsistently in a league which no longer has European foes shivering with fear.

But can Celtic do it with their talisman Larsson laid low with a shattered face? Another nerve-shredding away leg seems set to come. (Brian Donaldson)

Events are listed by date, city, then sport. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to sport@list.co.uk, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Maureen Ellis.


Football: Rangers v Hearts lhro\ Stadium. l'.tlllll\lt)ll l)ri\e. 0870 000 l‘N3. 3pm. S()l.l) ()l'l'. Following their recent l 0 ('IS Seini-linal del'eal at the hands ol' the (ierx. ('raig l.e\ein\ men

\\ ill need to \lep up a gear “he” the} head


Judo: Scottish Classic Open .\leado\ihank Spot‘h ('entre. I30 London Road. on] 535 l. 9am. £3. Judo e\pert\ from all m er Scotland compete in the annual national championships. Australian Rules Football The Meatloiu. .-\rg)|l Place-177 S332. l.30pm. liree. Yoii'ie seen it pla} ed on .\'r'ie/ilmur\. no“ is )our chance to tr} it for real. l’la} erx ol all standards tincluding Irish (iaelic rules pla} em and an) interested nencomerx are

Edinburgh Ski Club

ski I snowboard I outdoor I social

- ski holidays to top resorts -

- weekend trips & days up north - - biking, walking & outdoor trips too - - friendly atmosphere and social events all year round!! :-)

Meet us for a drink and a chat at the RAEBIIRN HOUSE HOTEL STOCKBRIDGE every Tuesday evening from 9.15pm, or (all 0131-2203121 for an info pack. www.edinburghskiclub.org.uk

96 THE LIST t.:..28 Fel‘ 2003

Skiing 8 Snowboarding

Snowsport Scotland is the national governing body for skiing and snowboarding. the are li’S|)t)llS|l)l(’ lot lldlltHldl learns oiqatimnq (oinpelitions grass roots and '.‘0lllll deuelopinent (nurses lot instiuttoi, leader ti (oath qiialilicétions national network in ski and snowboard (luhs

tor detarls (all 0131 4.13 .tlSI and we'll send you a tree (up: of the Slit)‘.‘.$[)UlI Handbook 2003 OI see snou'.sportsmtlmd on;


lll\ itcd to turn out tor llll\ lnternational Rules training \L'\\li‘ll lllh l\ the lust meeting. and organi~erx hope it \\tll p.i\e the ua} tor an ldiiihiirgli x\ll\\lt‘ Rules team. and perhaps ex en a Scotland national \qttail

Rugby: Scotland v Ireland \lt‘itilimlmtlk Spitlls (.ellll'e. l 5‘) I.I‘lltll‘ll Road. not 535l 2pm £5 iundei' lhx tree» The Scotland “omen'x team begin their Si\ \illlttlh (‘hampionxlup campaign \\ ith a game .igaiiN their ccltic counterparts. Football: Hibernian v Dunfermline Athletic l‘.a\tet' Road. I: .'\ll‘l\lll l’lace. (ihl IS'5. 3pm £10 £22 i£|0i Still neck and neck in the SH. tahle. llihx \liottlil take ad\;inta:.‘e ol the l’arx‘ .tllik‘litllx detenm e I‘L‘Citl'il.

OUISIde the cities

Football: Motherwell v Celtic in Park. Maine Road. .\lotliet'\\ ell. “HMS 333333 l2.30piii £thc. It “as the scene ol the lttggexl league \lliic'k lltt\ \eaxon. and the 'Well “Ill he hoping that the 'l‘\' caitierax “I” bring \llllllilt' good lortune. Football: Kilmarnock v Partick Thistle Rugh} l’ark. Rugh} Road. Kiliiiai‘nock. 0l5o3 525lSJ. 3pm, £I." i£l0i. Sl’l. league match.


Judo: Scottish Classic Open \leadou hank Spot'h (t‘lllll‘. l3” London Road. ool 535l. ‘iam. £3. See Sat l5. Martial arts: Capoeira Beginners Workshops 'l‘e\iot Debating llall. lii‘isto Square. 0705l 7lo5-l0. l 3pm. £(i t£-li. Learn the lira/ilian martial art “ltlL‘ll luxex dance. ph} \ical conditioning and sell- delence \\ itli the help ol (iroiip Sen/ala Scotland. See photo caption l’or ('apoeira

Rugby: Scotland v Ireland .\lurra_\lie|d Stadium. Ri\er\dale Crescent. 34o 5000. 3pm. £20 £50 t£l0 £25). The Si\ Nations tournament could he the ideal \ehicle l'or Scotland to pro\ e theinsehex hel’oi‘e the World (’up in Australia. ()ne Si\ Nations conundrum. though: “I” the games lllL‘lllSL‘hCS he a\ entertaining at the lieeh'x lll\plI‘Ctl hig-headed trailerx'.’ Ice-hockey: Edinburgh Capitals v Coventry \liirra} tielil lee Rink. Rixerxdale ('rexcent. 337 0933. 0pm. £9 (£5). lee hocke} league match.


Football: Celtic v Stuttgart ('eliie l’ark. Kerr} dale Street. Parkhead. 55] 8653. 8.30pm. £25 £29 i£l5 £20). ('an Martin ()'.\‘eill'\ hllti}\ can hold their ner\e and make it through to the l'lil-'.-\ (‘up quarter- l‘inalx'.’ See pre\ ie\\. The fourth round second leg tie “ill he pla) ed on (it‘lltlilll) on 27th l’eh at (i.3tlpiii. and both matches \\ill be broadcast liie on Bli('l.


Contra-Mestre Torneiro Workshops ('arnhal :\rt\. 2nd Hour. 34 .-\lhion Street. 0795] 716540. (i ()pin. The uorId-lanioux ('apoeira instructor comes to Scotland for three day in tt\\iwlilllttll \\ ith (iroup Sen/ala Scotland. See photo caption.


Athletics: BUSA Indoor Championships Kel\ in Hall International Sports Arena. l-l-lS Arg} le Street. 357 2525. Student itllllCllL‘\ championships in track and field C\Clll\. Netball: European Netball Championships Keliin Hall International Sports Arena. l-l-l5 .'\rg_\le Street. 357 2525. lnternational tournament ii ith teams from Scotland. lingland. Wales. Northern Ireland. Republic of Ireland. Wales and Malta.


Contra-Mestre Torneiro Workshops 't‘exioi Debating llall. lirixto Square. 0705] ~lh540. l 5pm. See l'il‘l 2|.

Horseracing: Musselburgh Races Miixxelhiirgh Racecourse. l.inkl'ield Road. \liixxelhurgh. 0| 3| oo5 285‘). |.50pm. £l0 £l5 t£5; under lox l'reei. National hunt racing

OUlSICle the cities

Football: Ayr United v Rangers Somerer l’ark. 'l‘r} l'ield l’lace. :\\ r. 0|202 203435. 3pm. S()|.|) oi'i‘. St‘tlllhll ('up fourth round tie. Football: Dunfermline Athletic v Hibernian l'..t\l lind l’ai'k. llalheath Road. l)lllllt‘l'lllllllt‘. 0l3S3 72(iSo3. 5.35pm. £thc. SCHllISll (’up he.


Athletics: BUSA Indoor Championships Kel\ in Hall International Sports Arena. L145 Arg} le Street. 357 252.5. See Sill 23.

Netball: European Netball Championships KL‘lHll llall International Sports Arena. H-l5 Arg) le Street. 357 2525. See Sat 22. Football: Celtic v St Johnstone ('eltie l’ark. KL‘I‘I'}d;ilt‘ Street. l’arkliead. 551 3053. 3pm. £25 £29 t£l2 £l5i. Scottish ('up lourtli round match. Basketball: Scottish Rocks v London Leopards Brat-head Arena. Klngx lnch Road. 5(il ll-lll. .5pm. £7 (£5); l'aniil) ticket £20. The Rocks liaxe been graduall} descending the lilil. table and old) haxe a handlul ol home ganiex kit to improxe their position.


Contra-Mestre Torneiro Workshops 'l‘ei-ioi Debating llall. liristo Square. 0795l 7lo5-l0. l 5pm. See Fri 2 l.

Ice-hockey: SNL Capitals Murraylield Ice Rink. Rixersdale ('rexcent. 3.37 (N33. (rpm. U) (£5). Seotllxlt National League ice ltoeke) match \\ illt opposition to he enttlit'ttted.

Capoeira workshops If you've got a telly, chances are you've watched Capoeira. Maybe you just don't realise it yet. But every time there's a Beeb trailer featuring men in red and white dancing around on a London rooftop. well. that's Capoeira. The Brazilian martial art was created by Africans enslaved in colonial times. and has spread in popularity across the world. Group Senzala Scotland hold regular classes across Scotland. and are bringing world-famous instructor Contra-Mestre Torneiro to Glasgow and Edinburgh for one weekend of workshops. Places are limited. but the group host regular Beginners workshops (see Sun _16 Feb) and are preparing a Capoeira extravaganza, or Batizado. at the end of May.

I Contra-Mestre Torneiro Workshops, Carnival Arts, Glasgow, Fri 21 Feb; Teviot Debating Hall, Edinburgh. Sat 22 8 Sun 23 Feb. Weekend tickets cost £20—E30. For more information, call 07951 716540 or go to wwwsenzalascotlandcom