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State of Independents

The homogenisation of the high street must stop. Enough of branding, big logos, uniform layouts and lame products. Instead, we take a walk on the autonomous wild side and highlight 30 of

the best independent retailers Glasgow and Edinburgh have to offer. Words: Carolyn Aiken, Maureen Ellis and Anna Millar


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Lazymuthafucka, 5* Odd One Out

LACOR ICHE v ' LaCornzfi‘tii:;;1‘t.::iii:si ii' '~' ;- .l z " ' i- , ex::.,.t;i‘.e ttlif) .J‘ (W: "‘itfm’ ',. Kw :' 1' . . .1: .ii‘ 3,7, although sir "age. Mu t-have buy: '1 'i 1 accessible tz, ,lwe Pawn i’ar‘. 'i":'_ w i ‘t' #2: of the Ex;t;ni;t.';;"i scene "” ’1'." 1'. t 3" ' ' nearly a quarter ;>‘ a "i ' "‘gi' rt it, it: La C(3"“Ci'i(? '5; «(2 a "it: "t,- ttuft», s, Eiegance tnat lust gets better a":: I O: ,' L)» ' comes as bette' as it ':::r‘t"\ies tr> Raw 5 ., Standard a(:<:<;n""o<iate ‘0' age g;r<:;.i:r eh." '-" rztt‘gy'g fron‘ It} STARHY STARRY N GHT Must-have buy: Amt'ii'g; PSYCHOMOD AS ‘10“ D'Ck VOL” way COW“ the uneven path Of Dowansmle Lane. and ‘irst set eyes on Starr". ‘rc'n the Von}. Yai‘iar'vfio [3' iir‘t. s' w rur‘» Starry Night. it feels a bit speCial. The green-painted C‘XIBFIC" is quirky and enticiig. :ts wooden ’al‘ge. :‘230- E‘ ' 2X; - . i r v v " , facade completer unlike any exterior you've come to associate with clothes snopnii‘g. I w corn (we. 7.: 0.1%,, ‘d' 1;, i. g 1;, ,y i 1 Step inSide. and that feeling intensifies. It's not unlike other untage (nothing e'i‘pcriuins. out the 37,001 50. ,mwaltl f) ' 5-5,; mm, g; “MT”,

attention to detail is unrivalled. Stands disolay hats. scanes and accessores: wooden sne". f‘g; is [pp—v . « -,. , ,, .. over-flouwng With bags. boas. trims and ties. At one side of the store Bef“s\, Gray '2; ](E‘.'.‘(3|'(}l‘:.

concession sells sterling silver ii-rares. and an air of elegance pen'ades something not aii.-.a;.s ODD ONE OUT A "m v a I 2,12”, H

assOCiated With second-hand stores. , , , f ,' . Owner Anna Graham has been collecting C'othes all 'ier life. She happih, (list: a‘,s a ::<:’:e::‘.:on ~ ' it " V” ' I " "

of antidue gowns b0ught at auction from a European prince. Demand for these. S;"<: excia ns. ’° H A": 5

isn't big in Glasgow. but they can expect to fetch over E301) 0" sale in. London. Cr «(2,. r”. 3‘ .2 ~

Must-have buy: An unpriced black Silk velvet rope.

I Starry Starry Night, 79—27 Dowanside Lane. Glasgow: (7.817 33/ 7831'. W ' i- '"" ' '

WALKER SLATER Catering for the discerning gent since 1994. Walker Slater can tailor you anyth .ng a fashionable male could require. With over 5000 different cloths and 200 different lihings. the price of a full configuration Stilt starts at C650. while a handmade Suit WI” cost yOu from E1200. Must-have buy: Handmade suit. $31200 upwards. How very Saville Row.

I l'Va/ker S/ater. 20 Victoria Street. Edi/murgh, 0737 220 2636, it'iwu.i‘.ai'kerslater CONT. Shopriwa/k ,rs/atercon‘

Step inside the darkened

100 THE LIST 2“ Feve‘ 5 Ma' 2335

grotto of Mr Ben ai‘r. you‘ll find a rId of period ciott‘v‘c par excellence. it's not exactly for the Quzc‘K-Si‘ep satm, be prepared to Me away hours brC‘.‘.'Sing its eclectic range of coats. leather Jackets. dresses. scenes and clothing memorabilia. Upreoted from the Virginia Galleries fine years ago. the shoe has T'Ound a lexing home in the

alternatixe Kings Court Must-have (but not for

sale) item: Oar-er Va", Ann.

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