Formerly known as; 'the shop wrth no name". l axa sells; evetythrnq you don't need. but feel compelled to buy. Whether 't's Bruce lee shaped candles. Jesus rnerchandrse or a donkey that disperses fads ft’()ll‘ rts arse. the shop sells; some of the daftest grfts rn Edinburgh. Must-have buy: (Iooi Coats; S‘SUO. A cover for at1ottleo‘ lurce - possrhk the Post useless; Iten‘ ll‘ the no :t. I Lava, -o’,' (I;:..‘A()ur'n Street. Edinburgh, {7 7.77 (525’ 90-19.


A hug hoy ’5; land urrl'sr paradise. thrs emporrum utterly reflects the enthusras'" and passron of the owners; ‘0'



Thrs small shop specralrses Ill trendy timepieces to hrrghten the wrist. stockrng brands by CK. 08.6. Swatch. Foss”. Diesel and Storm. Must-have buy: Phrhppe Starck watch, 979.

I Watch. 3 Forrest Road. Edrnburgh, 0737 220 :34 74.

102 THE LIST .9 Feh 7.4 Mar

a tl‘lrtsz; '(LIZ’JTI’, l"~':*;"’r: overflot'xrnr; ‘.'.:th f';t"‘;fnv"‘r~-. rr,'her toys and 'a'ef;’. “if the rare retro toys,

I // Hohofrcs, Rt; .‘J.’ '. .‘Street. lr)r".’;.;'_<;'7, ll

f'>.">()(), Ht,-.')r>.'.yf;



[;\./(}t\’tltlrt(;1l‘ l lerr‘ents It;

carefully selected to represent the du'rkrest and most dr'grna! 'ten‘s; your heart coaid desrre Thrrx Pupa cesrv‘etrcs. alternatwe Yt‘.(}(fl(;lf‘<}f‘;. f;()s asht'ays. kooky lrg"t CHANT; and hand made geft cards Must-have buy: Prrnteo

hot unrater hottles. S“:%.E)f>.

I Heme/L's. DeCouIcl'B;

GALERIE MIRAGES Galene Mrades :; '(;"‘.|rtIS(:er‘.t of Araddrn's ::a.<: :s;rae|r. Indran, North Afrrcan and Anterrcan lnfluences ahound. whrle the lust of treasures to he hought. or srrhply zldlt‘tred. rs vast.

I Galerre Mirages. Jtia Phenom Place. Eo’rnhurgh.

O 737 3 75 2603; (549 Great ll/estern Road. Glasgot'.~.

07:17 33-18770.


Ourte srmply a gem of a store Owner Sherla Muller. a gernmoicxyst by trade. selects ten-rellen l); desrgners the

1",... .v- ,. uy).rr


ve buy: 5;: " We


.r.!.‘. :l’.) Mt! r‘ f; .’ 9:

"‘awr (1‘ 87a: vxadde'E; "‘o-,'""fgt'lft-f‘;(? l3'>t‘a"d Biossdvr‘. lop, lde' and "V: adde': saga" nan. r:‘::'."e:; "V,- the .'.a:%;. .2": l‘.’ .. I()\."‘(illkf?‘.f$ét'(3§)l'.(?"(10711“: stage 't the "‘Itliflt: e" t'te snot: floo' (litiftttfutk‘: lt:‘.'.’€31!(}7‘,. shamrth d'ft wrap ar‘d s'wj, ::o|:,..'<~’: : a;;%;.

Must-have buy: Neon {WM tram lurnpe'. no added suda'. 8‘36

I lhe [ilt'rckadde' Gale"; 5: Haehcrr‘ Place. [Ur/’7); ref“.

5) 7.3 7 (HI? W305).

.'.'or|d me and designs by Pehhle. Sarah Jordan and Sophie Harley all sta'td out Must-have buy: Dower & Hail earrings. $730.

I Sher/a Mr/ler‘. [Dances Sat/are. Glasgow 07.17 227



This durrky lrttle J()‘.‘.’(3H(BFS has sornethrng to 21(:(:()tt‘rt‘()dat0 any hank halance. Beautrful glass cabinets showcase ex/ewthrng from Srlver-hrnged chokers to elaborate Saskra necklaces.

I Pa/enaue. 56 Hrgh Street. Edwin/(oh. 0737 557 95:33; 99 Rose Street. (7737 22:”: 77.011.

pa/ertoue. co. uk

. , .,.. . GOLDEN r ,‘ :9 I .. I. ll ' I I '\‘ “a . ’o.,‘»‘ou,y_’ ._ . 0 Es RA .1 a'. x ..' a! t E I‘t'. , u (o \, c,. o - M . ‘9. .ol \ ‘- I Iw‘ <1 >“ US' ave uy. \: .7 ‘. .2' I' . o'o- " l"“6" ' " (\M \ '7‘ I4 ,I 1 . ( r \ yr“ I ‘0. v I u r ,r. I ("r; ' if n (. l \ 11’ I f l t: ' v‘ u‘ \I rh'u '\ I ,)< ‘I ,’ v \ “)1” irv ,1" I! I\' A»(I.(I(‘A. _r.. ‘_,«_‘

L, rm" e' N'ldktl'lt «f;

(“h ._(1'.' 51.1271}. "(1' ’1 1:1'a?‘.~::'t (to/mt; sac." as; «WM/,1.stataes,‘atwma'iil

I i f;;':)()r(1. {)(,>(,‘:tt."::‘. 3;

Arcade, (I'e:;:;'.'.e'l l (we.

«:asr;o.'.. 0'», aw .a’rtr,


'enx ar‘d Osca' :5; mtsc" 'etrr;

(Ln/Her} £1f7(t<){;(}'£‘:?(?fl t),

f‘;lt;t)£t".(l and *.°..fe tea'r‘ Re. a‘. is pest, llwe two (Masons. ar‘d Jean ‘.’.’att')n_ Ta'“ ';'a"-c"es; stock the coolest :n dark“,

[Mich cuffhnks; tr: Jesaf;

.r‘r:" tl‘

Shepherds; 'f‘; exerj.

rterr‘s; fvo't‘ \f/Ink, arrl "Haw, :r‘ec':a am: he" to

"£12071 Ho. ‘.".I'a".')n 'f'; a accessones, Aless' rr‘adrcra" tr, tra'le. ";r"'*...rat r7; honeu'xare to 'r‘ore ,okes ; 7‘.(l mom, for ..d he expensue desrgrxev' caas. conju'ers

Must-have buy: .".’.".r/>r;er,- ’jtlfS"3()7‘.. a stea at ; rst Tar, I 7am S’?(?’)/‘e'r}'.‘;. 371‘ Owe"

\)l’r(.'(,).. (7wlfrxlllx/htv. // " L/(If

A godsend fo' {)70307‘1- nutttert; Must-have buy: Creed

perfan‘e. 3‘3 3304‘, .>



i‘ ,.r:.." love of yes/emery surpasses Elmaheth Duke. then you'lt prohahiy fund sometnr'tg to sust at Da/xie.

Here at the annua‘ .nternatronal JOY/(EMF) exhrl):taon you can tron-rsse orlgrnal lti-‘JOHCF/ made by deszgners front ali omer t'te world. ranglnr; rn prrce ar‘tl 'fes'gn ‘rorv‘ norr‘rna! ntrnrrr‘alrsm to elaporate adornments.

7'.-.rc recent graduates fron‘ Scotland are gut/en the Chance to .ork. thh Chalrr‘ers from Dundee spectaitses In News Much £1’€:7"()t)il€;. “.‘mIISI Edmourgh College of Art graduate Fona May '\.'f‘.'.".'.’,fl()lla'"‘8‘ .CCuK; won farst prize In the ‘ashroe j(i'.‘.’0|l(3F‘, categor; at the Goldsmth's Award 2001.

Much of the work hasn‘t been seen outwrth the makers studros. so :t's a good opportunrty to prck up a collectors rtem. I Dazzle. f/fercr’varrr Sorrare. Cand/errggs. G/asgow. MOn 3—Sun 7(2' Utah 77am—(i,';rr‘ Free. '.‘/‘.’."/.’.ZO77G-f}.COm

SNOW t'l‘fll