THE INSIDER Who’s getting up to what


And the award for most ridiculous moustache goes to . t

Heads they wm, talls you lose I Last year was black year at the Oscars. what with those clo‘ goats that forrt‘ Sciences awarding their Iztzle golden stattlettes to Halle Berry. Denzel \v‘l.’ast‘.mgto.v‘. ano Slo'ley Poltrer. Maybe tltls year ‘JJIH be crap year at the Oscars. what with the razzmatazz-lrte C/‘vcagc scormg a '.'.ll0_l)l)ln(_} t3 riott‘l'fllzoms :alrmst beatrng the rec0rd held by another crap film Trtartrc artd Martm Scorsese's

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the Acadery of Motlon Picture Arts arm

The Front


‘Every time I star in a film, I think I cannot act.’

‘lt’s an honour to play a hairy cripple with one eyebrow who falls in love with a big fat pig.‘

‘I'm not really bothered what a girl looks like. I just want to have casual sex. To me, thafslovefl

‘l’m not getting on one when here are tanks around.’

‘She didn’t want a war to start and me to be on the other side of the world. I

understand, I guess, but I was so pissed off.’

flawe<lv't‘asterplece' tread: crao ftlll‘l .'

Gangs of New York weighing m wrth ten nominations. Also healxlly nominated .s The Pramsr. Roma". Polansks's 90¢ ponclerous. sem-autoblographrcal stow of the \I‘Varsaw ghetto. which. vecause It's a worthy fllll‘ dealing wath the

Holocaust. no me WI” cow-e Cleall abom and admit rs Crap. The t‘.'.o most mom-hater) actors In Oscar lllSlOl‘,. Jack Nscl‘olso.n ano Meryl Street). have. :magmatlvely not enotgh. been normnatetl agal't. for Anew Sch/not and Aoa‘orarron, respectively Elsewhere. the Acaoemy goats have commtteo’ crm‘es aga'r‘st gooa‘ taste with nomznatlons

‘0" Renee Zellweger :Chrcago‘. Pat); Newman Road to Perm/cm and Katm, Bates tAoo;/t Sclmvora

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'War for Oil’ tunc San/(lays cam ‘r‘ Glasgow l'ts oer beat a "astg. retreat to Eou‘lxrgh to :tatc" "Wake" Alex Cox 3': stage at ‘."e Flll‘V‘CUSQ ta'k rig;

about ‘atest cult ‘lln‘. Qe.e";;c's Tragedy. Exceot ch 811"". s";>.'.. 1"s'oer was ". t'te process :“ 'trrexalaatwg COX'S

" "‘ame Repo 3.4a.” s" . (1"eo‘t"e‘r‘estcu:t ‘:"t‘s exe' 'r‘aoe’r‘ nexus crow Wat Cox :1 (1'1": sl‘cv: at the Flamesse ::~;>< "e'o oeerl ‘ll't‘ the

G {1831103. "‘arcl‘ al' (1': :. {1"11 3620:; 3:: to stay ("rough act: " " sl‘ t"e ct). l"s(:e" reca s awe" f 'm‘ake's :lo "9 same two at one :>‘ (h by at- gcca sat on. "allles '1 Ewcoe. \‘.’as

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a‘m t; e's a-meo L“ a ca't‘e'a

“m "t; {"0 to c t ceat'rtg protesters? I Am Cox was”: we om, perso"

a t: e creat wt; at We ‘.'l.‘a' ‘a' 0 votes: l'tslo r soottea ~.a' ;7..s a"‘..s "g Dancers I'VOugflimf the oa; the ‘axodrltes '.'.e'e: 'S"a\c your babes ‘0' ceace: get ra c‘ “."0 as". Bus.“ 5 a fa'v‘tf ace, {tlSDvayetl t)" a large banner Shah‘s"; g puC'C '."0."g‘e accgso‘e a caricature of Dubya. 2'18 ege":' 'Goca

Bus" Bat: Bus.“ certalr‘ rec-drone We've Percacs the "efe'e'ce 2:: {"0 ‘emae ::..‘:2 c area

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wrestle": s as pussy-whipped Cowleeexa

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Sean Penn sags ".e as: “.s or:

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I 3.2 ‘et's

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Ferguson. "5; :12?" "tears '."e "

' .l r. d. L11: “(2.;

{3.5 point/UR. NU Out, W} A, 12‘ (2

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It/\/ (1.1, xix/AS. 'wv «Ix!

‘I suffered all my life from sexism and racism; and I thought: “Am I going to add ageism to this?”’

s m“ se‘ :aa' , . . I... .,,’ . ‘That IS nonsense. It’s Just


/\.n Mayne...» t, .,_~ .3 it ..(}.I .{,., (it \I u,. (‘H .D.’ /: '.(t ,.},. (.‘=' o, , )0, ,,,.

are. ‘.'.'e:.. .10 a {)0 :3" 0.. a. ‘|t’s got to be '0 >l> 0" 80. In <11. Churchill. :> "c: at 07‘ a 3 ant” ' .21.. .,'..«(:Da. ( ' s

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Jill Peacock a, "z: _:;":,>a.‘es.'

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(Ali: I I, :).(1 \/ \J {,Kn/AU t, 5‘; nub :: 5 “a, M, a bag of mini-doughnuts, . c dbbc .,(,.. ham, 8 .c. ... t, .. t,. c f, ,‘1..<1 A live and c: t, 1 c 'v (,1: t. \J thigh, kicking!) 5‘ l C ' H, ) C: t x ‘1