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The flatten sweaponl as it's locally known opens its doors every Wednesday. Thursday and Friday: One of the hosts. a pet:te Mongolian called Lena. recently got deported. leaving Dodgy Dennis. a gun obsessed Russian and SOviet Super DJ. to held the fort. Music policy: Russian disco on Saturday night is a highlight. Address: Bosenhalerstrasse. Mitte. Price: 1 euro or free. Notable feature: A Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee Sty le swmg in the middle of the dancefloor


Berlin’s underground answer to the Egg puts on indie parties every c0uple of months from a tunked-up community centre in Mitte. Music policy: Belle and

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Rome New York £257 Multi Stop £383 Edinburgh or Glasgow °Amsterdam -

NewYork ' Los Angeles ' Miami ° Amsterdam ° Edinburgh or Glasgow

New Zealand £675

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Sebastian. tt‘e Srn:tt‘s. tne \‘fl‘lte Sir :tes Address: Kleine Harnburgerstrasse

2 Torstrasse. Mitre, Price: Dona: your our discretion. Notable feature: Free party food and table ‘octtral' Website: ‘.'.'v.v..klkerkiubd =


Meaning 'ney'er call me aga n'. this small yet onso-trendy' Club gallery 8 DEB" for business every Friday. Note: arrive ear‘y. Music policy: Mixed. but always electronic. Address: Lottuvrtstrasse. 5. Mitte. Price: Ney er more than 5 euro Notable feature: Wicked a": installations Website: \‘rvv'y‘..ruf-micn-nie-\.'.'


Run by a grow of friends. Deep Untergrund hosts big. industrial parties in disused factories and warehouses. Music policy: Somewhere between electroclasl‘. and techno with the odd liye band thrown in for good meaSure. Address: Varies. Price: 5 euros. Notable feature: Unique venues. The last party was in a derelict undergrOund fact0ry mth stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Website:

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Multi Stop £778 Edinburgh or Glasgow ° Boston or NewYork ° Sydney ' Make your own way - Melbourne °LosAngeles or

San Francisco ° Edinburgh or Glasgow

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Excess Baggage Festivals, flights and fabulous fares

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Round the £875 World

Edinburgh or Glasgow - London °Slngapone ° Perth °Sydney -Auddand -New York - London ° Edinburgh or Glasgow




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