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w DIRECTOR ° SCULPTURE ° £25,000 m

Tld t't‘dtt'dl t' Highland Council Public Art Project $1.31. 233.559.253.33 '8 99" we”

For more information and an application pack

Education Service

Who: Musicians and Dancers please contact: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 25 Hawthornvale, What: To create new work as part of 40 day residencies for the Edmburgh: EH6 4”

Tel: 0131 551 4490 Fax: 0131 551 4491

development of the arts in schools and community buildings in the _ _ . email: admln@edinburgh-sculptureorg.uk

Highlands, Scotland. Two residency positions exist (including one

. Closin date for applications: Frida 28 March shared reSldency) 9 y


Incorporated in Scotland Company No. 123174

Details: Highland CounCIl inVItes applications from indiVlduals who Registered Charity NO. 6021,8811PLB

would like to develop new work in The Black Isle or in The

Ardnamurchan and Morvern Peninsulas as follows: Scottish . Arts CounCIl

I. Fortrose Academy 8: Community Buildings. Dancer and Musician in residence (shared residency). We are interested in . , . . . . . Scottish Refugee CounCIl a dancer and mUSICIan spending 20 days each working in the “adage” Square, [170 Blythswood Com), school and community. An expected outcome of the residency will “359°” 6.2 7P“ . www.scottlshrefugeecounalorg.uk be a performance.

Refugee Week Co-ordinating Assistant 2. Ardnamurchan High School 8: community Buildings, f’flafi‘Taff‘if”???5§35‘,”§5J""e?993. Ardsgoil Aird nam Murchan. Musician in Residence. We are fl ' " ' interested in a musician spending 40 days working in the school j: ' '

and community. A legacy in terms of performance will be an H expected outcome of this commission.

RP“ "‘5="'~’£3'-3". e'. _' '

Fees: Works budget and living expenses £10,130 for each 3352:2135: . commission. (In the shared residency this sum will be halved Theclosins dateforallapplicationsi510 March 2003 between the two artists). " ' " " "

A number of other commissions exist within this large strategic,

pan-Highland project. Running parallel with this commission are two other residencies for New Media Artists. There is the potential c for collaboration or a dynamic to be created by bringing the different Ccr‘cg artforms together. Dance Base National Centre for Darlcc sec-ks (1.”. up: enccd How to apply: For briefs please write or email Dr Lindsay Marketing and Sales Manager Blair, 6 Loggia, Lochbroom’ carve, Ross_shire' TodSCVC-lop and llrxplc-lliertt the Strategic rl‘lal‘kmrlg prof/"mimic . _ . _ . . . . fOl cotlnrad‘s ltfldlf‘g dance agency tel/fax. 01854 655 215, email. lindsay.blair@VIrgin.net. Please for further details please send an A4 we to: SEHd an Vley Rutherford, Dance Base National Centre for Dance, l4 - l6 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EHI ZJU Deadline: Friday '4 March 2003 or email: vicky@dancebase.co.uk

Closmg date for completed :zppiratloll: Frl’la/ l7 Marci: charity no SCOZZS l2

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