Stotland's lotemost Multi-Activity

Adventure, Social 8 Sports Group this month: “2.? 2'1" 1'1 swan”! '/\) S ’J». ". ..,. ,J. fu'n” i‘i"".’:' l‘l'ffi’l "T .l V) ' J ’Iov '3 " 'er‘ss .’.'_,'-s'”.;. (.x “j >- t'es =0“?

In tdtnbuigh, Glasgow and throughout Stotland SPICE live life a little more! for nut inle padt tel 0131 311 8822 Or visit our website on mapltestotlandxom

PREVIEW lilGlllS :- Edinburgh. Auld Hundred, 100 Rose St 4th Mar

Glasgow, O'Neill's, Meithant Square 19th Mar

Don't Miss Out on Fun

Dinners and Events lor

Single Men and Women wrti

I | \I H l ‘/ ‘.

0141 333 1321

1V9 .

- adventure sports 0 parties 0 pub-nights 0 dining

0 hill-walks 0 films 0 theatre

I dancing 8. lots lots more.

Glasgow 07050 248164

Edinburgh 0131 332 1342

I Ann Summers Parties. A tantastic girls'i’ladies' night in for all ages loser lb’i. Hostess incentiyes galore. Great fun guaranteed. ('all (lemma (H31 556‘ 3259 or 07966 399 156.

Bank 5 Music I Demo CDs produced

and recorded to professional standard for singers/ songw riters/ bands. Top session musicians ayailable til needed) to help create your own unique sound. In house guitars. basses. latest keyboards. \' dnimkit etc. Promotion and marketing asailable. Tel: John (ll-ll 337 3358. I Songwriter (25) looking to meet bassist and drummer for good times. jamming and gigging. Some prolessional experience. Demo ayailable. (‘all Danny on()131 445 5399 or ()78l2 559 835.

I Singers, Songwriters, Bands Do you need a (‘reatiyely Produced Top Quality Demo ('l) to help promote yourself and/or your inusic'.’ We proyide a complete Music Recording and Production Seryice combined with Marketing and Promotional Assistance for new artists and song“ riters. Phone: (“334 883 882.

Accented Americans or Canadians

any age. sex or race. resident or visiting lilinllrrgh/(ilasgow tor near)

required for no t‘etybig fun video pmject. working with award-winning artist recreating the [SA in Scotland!

No previous acting experience required autd scope for creative input. Box No. 461 /1 or email

Have you a passion for writing?

Want to be part ol’ an experimental writers' group for 8 weeks?

Then send your details to Box No. 462/2

I New monthly Book Group at BodySense. Review Enduring Loye by Ian McEw an. Sunday March 16th 3-5pm. Contact BodySense on (ll-ll 33-1 7965 or email


Edinburgh Book Club. Deconstructing Captain Corelli and Bridget Jones. Meet other people. drink wine. giggle. oh

and dichss books. Contact edinburghbookcluba or call 07980 747 624

1 12 THE LIST 27 Feb—13 Mar 2033


small flat move specialists

Moving boxes. bags and a bed?


iriendly dependable stress-tree

0131 229 8361 Csltthllshcd I 9‘):

Book-keeping services. Charities and small bUsinesses. Payroll. VAT tetums. management accounts, SAGE training. Arts sector specialist. Contact Nada Hudson Tel: 0131 466 0136. Email: n1 21 1 61

I Looking for a comfy

liy mg room arm chair with plain cloth. Must be in decent condition ('all ()131 5.50 3063.

I Llie coaching: Do you

\s ant to improse your lil'e'.‘ Relationships. career. weight loss: \Vhateser your goal. we can help. Free trial session. ('all Lynne 01505 814 020

Relkl Energy Healing. Wanting to relax and enhance your energy. creatis ity. and relationships',’ Reiki balances. restores and res italises mind. body. and spirit.

Call 0131 476 2585

Eftective Life Coaching. Your heart's desire‘.’ (it) for it now! A life coach can help you achiese extraordinary results. (iood for life. great for bttsinessf Call 0131 476 2585

Stop smoking now without discomfort utilizing state of the art psychology and clinical hypnosis. Zeta solution at the ()ssian (’linic. llillend. 0131 440 9862/445 3197 wwwzetasolutions.

Gestalt Psychotherapy. ()ne-to-one help with life problems, sell-exploration & personal growth. Free initial consultation. Scottish Gestalt Association member. Chris McKinnell 0131 667 9658

Dramatherapy - insight and healing through storytelling. role-play. and

drama games. Contact Sharon I-iall (Edinburgh area) 07952 205 520 or visit M

I Ewan Glllon PhD (psych). Dip. Couns. Counselling and Psychotherapy. Short and long-term work. Tel. 013] 313 4687. Email ewangillonQI‘

Connective tissue massage. Postural integration. [Enhance your fitness with this profound form of massage. Suitable for those w ho do yoga. athletics. dance. Carolyn Mllbank 0131 5826 Natural erection formula. For sale a: long lasting results. Natural erection formula.


SahaJ-Mar): Heart-centred meditation. A natural path oi Irttlhltirlllttllt‘li

from within that balances spirituality with eyet'yday lite. No lt‘cs. ()pen to all regardless ol background or persuasion Contact: 01875 830 358 (Edinburgh) or 0141 339 1343 (Glasgow).

Massage©Home. Massage 'l'lterapist/(‘linical Aromatherapist. All treatment carried out at your ow it home or workplace. Massage table. coyers.

towels and oils all brought to your

location. ()\ er ll) years xperience. References ayailahle. Contact Peter Fraser (Edinburgh area) on 07050 130 329 or by m galbanumCllneonemet Natural penile enlargement. No pills. No pumps. No mess. Natural penile enlargement.

Eflectlve Life Coaching. Your heart's desire'.’ (lo for it now? A life coach can help you achieye extraordinary results. (iood for life. great for business? Call 0131 476 2585

Imago at citlb@se .-\cupunctuie. .-\cupiessuie. .-\mmathetapy. ('hinese llL‘lI‘S. ('tanioSacr‘al 'llier‘apy. Indian Head Massage. Reflexology. Reiki. Shiatsu. 'llieratrutic Massage ()ne St (’olme Street. lidmburgh lill.‘ 6AA. (iilt \ouchers lt\.tll.lI‘lC. Margaret Bun. Ray Hams and Jo Spac/ynska Tel: 0131 220 8215 tor appointments.

Power Yoga

Beginners Classes + Mixed Level Classes

Moving medicme

Call Morgan 0I3I 226 294i 07870 824 I33

T: 0131 557 9567


ai‘isWcrs The to V0“

in Y your "1039‘

Nutrition e homeopathy for stress Saturday 8th March 9.30am - 1.30pm £30

To book courses and consultations email

Studio @ 14a Brougbton St Lane, Edinburgh

your answer to health & relaxation

Classes I Courses I Complementary Health Therapies

Create your own recipe for better health....after all we’re all different (aren't we?)

Optimum Nutrition for Health and Vitality

6 week evening class starts March 3rd £60

learn how to boost energy manage stress balance hormones improve digestion detoxify your body & improve y0ur immune system