EDINBURGH (continued)

I Poem or professiond n/s fcinalc wanch to shan- with onc othcr. Spac‘lotis iiiodcm flat in l’olwanli with gicat \‘icws of l’cntliutds. l-‘ull's fiimislicd with pm'atc parking. £260 pcm + ('1~ + hills. 'lL-I: 07766 407 833. I Leith Walk. Large douhlc rooin axailahlc in |o\c|} spacious 2 lX'drootti flat. ()tlfcl )t‘l ccntral location. £250 pcm + ("l' + hills. Siiit _\oiing prof‘cssional. 'lcl: 07766 205 378. IWvo rooms available in lovcl)‘ sliarcd flat ncar Stockhiidgc. Digital t\ i& acccss to gardcns. £311) pcm. 'ch2 079”) 912 250. W. Dowle bettoom with cxccllciit sliaicd facilitics. Suit couplc. £65 pw including ('1‘. id: 0131 229 5124 or 07808 297 812. I Single room by lllL‘ Shorc. l.citli. Miist hc n/s ik ga) fricndl)‘. £150 pcm + dcposit rcquircd. 'l‘cl: 0131 553 7601. I Single room with ncw furniturc in largc. iiiodci‘n Brougliton flat. Woiild suit n/s prof‘cssional or post gradiiatc. flcxihlc tcrins. £240 pcm including ("1‘ + hills. l-‘rcc off- strcct parking. 'l‘cl: 07980 762 2l3 or 0| 3| 558 8885. I Gardner‘s Crescent. Room in largc. hright flat with a cracking \ icw. to .sharc w'th 2 othcrs. (i(‘ll. scparatc loungc & largc kitclicn. l’rcfcrahI} n/s. gutsy-going profcssional. £267 pcm + hills. 'l‘cl: 0|3l 477 5624. I Double room in (‘it_\ (‘cntrc flat ncar Broiigliton Strcct. (‘arlton llill \‘icw's. Suit n/s fcnizilc. £240 pcm + ('l‘ + hills. 'l‘cl: 07766 741 45l cs'cnings. I Mdades West End flat of chill rcputc with smoking tunc connoisscurs. Suit young [mifcssiiiiuil or sttidcnt. Scx)‘ douhlc mom still in box. £217 pcm + ('1‘ + hills. 'l'cl: 07870 218 659. I Spacious double room availahlc in w'cll cquippcd Bcllcvuc flat. Would suit any n/s. to sharc with 2 othcrs. £350 pcm including all hills csccpt tclcphonc. 'l‘cl: 07970 100 686. I SOS. Room available in smart flat. sharing with 3 funky chicks in thc llayniarkct arca. £260 pcm + low hills. Would siiit studcnt or young profcssional. N/s plcasc. 'l‘cl: 07919 I 15 284. I Room available in w'cll prcscntcd flat in Montgoincr) Strcct. sharing with 2 30- ,s'onicthing gay guys. N/s Ultl}. £275 pcni including ("1' + hills. Tel: 0131 556 3217. I Flatmate wanted to share with 2 othcrs in 3 hcdrooni (irindlay Strch flat. 2 ininiitcs from Priiiccs Strcct. £225 pcm + hills. Tcl: 0131 2293019. I Double room in Ncw'ington. Spacious clcan douhlc room in hright. f'ricndl). colourful n/s' flat. closc to town. All mod cons. largc rooms & travcllcrs wclconic. £250 pcni + hi1|s.Tcl: ()l3l 477 0704. I Single room in lm'cl)‘ South lifinhuigh flat. Vcr} hand) for (‘it)' Bypass 8; huscs into (‘cntm ()fl‘ strcct parking. £250 pcm including ('1‘ + hills. Suit fn'cndly n/s inalc/fcinalc. 'lcl: 0| 3| 664 0849 or 07786 427 45 l.

I Double room in a smart main door flat 111 l’olwarth. l5 iiiinutcs walk troiii thc ('it_\ ('cnti'c. looking for a profcssional pcrsoii or post gradiiatc. ()ii iiiain hiis routc. £300 pciii including ("I. + hills. 'lcl: 0131 477 0704.

I Double room in a full} l'iit'nislicd llaf ofl |.ctt|i Walk. .\'/s profcssional fcinalc to sliarc with oiic othcr. Short or long tcrni. .r\\ailahlc thc ciid of l‘chruar}. £250 pcm + hills. 'lcl: 07900 8|4 542.

I Large double room a\ai|ahlc iiiinicdiatcl) in hright spacious lli'iiiitsfic'lil flat. l.oiingc. all mod cons. (i(‘ll & on main hiis roiitc. Sharing with 2 othcrs. £244 pcm + ("l~ + (lcposil. ll‘L'li 0| 3| 447 7052 of 07919 277 290.

I The Shore. Double room in attractii c hright flat. Would suit soung. fricndl}. lltl} fcnialc to sharc with onc otlicr. (i(‘ll. grcat hiis roiitc & all mod cons. Asailahlc now. £250 pciii + ("1' + hills + dcposit + t'L'lt‘t'cliL‘L's. 'lt'l: 0| 3| 553 33 | 7. I Female wanted to sliatc itai with inalc & lcnialc. l0 iiiiiiiitcs llUlll ('it} ('cntic. (iood si/cd room with adjoining hos room 8 hathmoin. ( K'll & l)( i. £250 pciii + hills. 'lcl: 0131 553 73l5.

I Double room in niodcrn 2 hcdrootn flat in court said dcwlopntcnt in l.cith. Would stiit )oung profcssional n/s. Availahlc iniincdiatcl}. Washcr/dricr & pow'cr show cr. £250 pcm + ("1' + hills. 'l‘cl: 07803 043 543.

I Comely Bank. Double room in lo\c|_\ fiimishcd flat. sharing with onc prolcssional fcinalc. £295 pcm + hills. 'l‘cl:

0| 3| 332 0208 or 07900 694 550. I Room for n/s in .‘slarchinont. £160 pciii + ("l' + hills. 'l‘cl: 013l 2294104.

I The Shore. Double room in spacious iiiodcrn flat on chttic's lslc. Scparatc hathroom. £280 pcm. :\\ailahlc now. Scck'ing rcla\cd prolcssional. 'licl: 0| 3| 554 450| or 07900 995 799.

I Roseburn. Fantastic double room to sharc with 2 othcrs in tru|_\ stunning flat. Availahlc from March. Would suit a n/s profcssional fciiialc. £250 pcm + hills + dcposit. Vicwing is an ahsolutc iiiust. 'l'cl: 07855 852 806.

I B is for hig ho\ room. hargain & hc quick. (ircat flat. ('cntral location. Rooin availahlc 17th March. £169 pcin + ("l' + hills. 'l‘cl: 0131 477 6567 aftcr 9pm.

I Large fully furnished douhlc rooin iii top floor Shandoii flat with own hathroom. t\' it hi-fi. Would suit n/s ga} profcssional nialc. to sharc with 2 othcrs. £275 pcin including all hills + dcposit. 'l‘cl: 0131 31.3 3299.

I Room in lovely .\'cw 'l'own flat. sharing with 4 friciidl} profcssionals. £240 pcm + hills. 'l‘cI: 0131 538 3354 aftcr 6pm. I Single room in .sharcit flat oxcrlooking thc Mcadow s. [20053011. llit‘li 0|3l 667 2632. NO sllltlcnts plcasc.

I Large double room asailahlc Ill hright. spacious ga) fricnd|_\ flat in Portland Sticct. ncai ()ccan ‘lciininal (i('l|. iiiod cons £240 pcin siiiglc or £300 toi a coiiplc + hills + ("If 'IL-I; 07786 928 055

I Huge beautiful double room in |o\cl} ccnlrall) locatcd flat. sharing w 101 3 otlici‘s, :\\ai|ahlc .'\[l1'l| 2nd until August 2nd. £250 pcm + £l50 tlt'poslt. 'l'cli 07896 7|| I35. I l-Iuge sunny double room axailahlc cnd of March l’ilrig arca. lull} furnislicd. l‘latforin hcd. (i(‘|l. woodcn floors ik gt‘cat was s. .\'/s profcssioiial to sharc with pi'tilt‘SSItlllal fcinalc. (ia) fricndI}. £300 pcm + ("l‘ + hills. ‘l‘cl: 0131 555 6878.

I Leith. One double room mailahlc from mid March to sliarc with 2 othcrs. £200 pcni + ("1+ hills + dcposit + I‘L‘lt‘t't'ttct's. 'li‘li 0797l 006 l67 or (H31 553 |053 al'tct' 7pm.

I Flatmate required to sliarc \cr) coiiif'} flat at

llcllc\ tic ncar liroiighton Strcct. witli onc git). |)oiihlc rooin mailahlc from March. Would siiit ga} f'ricndl) pcrsoii. £330 pcm including all hills. 'l‘cl: 07748 786 654.

I Student wanted to fill a spacious hright rooin. |i\ing with 2 othcr idiots in fiinn) looking rctro si/cd ('lci'k Slrcct flat. £230 pcm + hills. 'l‘cl: 07766 673 026.

I Double room now a\ailah|c in inodci‘ii Stockhridgc llat. ('ottlcs L'UlllPlL'lL' W lllt all mod cons. spacious li\ ing room. £250 pcm including hills. 'l‘cl: 07817 839 74l.

I Large, bright double room in Morningsidc location. Hilly furnishcd luxurious flat. sharing with 2 othcrs. £300 pciii + hills. 'l'cl: (17786 322 742.

I Spacious room in lllackf‘ord flat. sharing with 2 othcrs. Matiirc studcnt or post doc prcfcrrcd. l.argc kitclicn ik all mod cons. Asailahlc ll‘Utll thc l7th March. £225 pcm + sharcd hills. ’l‘cl: 0| 3| 667 4978. ISinye room in ncw'l} dccoizitcd (‘onicls Bank flat. to sharc with 2 othcis. Would suit fiicndl)‘. cas} going )oiing profcssioiial. £235 pcm + hills. 'lcl: 07773 352 38] or 07729 387 533. I Easter Road. Large douhlc room in 2 hcdrooin flat. Suit ii/s fcinalc. £310 pcin including (“131% lil||8 + tlcposil. 'l‘cl: 0781.3 954 785.

I Double room in lt)\L‘|} hright flat ncar (irc) friars Bohh). Siiit n/s prof'cssional. (i(‘ll & largc loungc. £260 pcm + ("l’ + hills. 'lcl: 07815 735 355.

I Newington. Double room mcrlooking .-\rthiir's Scat asailahlc ininicdiatcl). to sharc with 3 fricndl} laid hack sniokcrs. £230 pciii + ("1‘ + hills. 'lcl: 0131 668 3586.

I Roseburn. Fantastic double room to sharc with 2 othcrs in spacious stunning flat. .-\\ailahlc from March. Would suit n/s prof‘cssional f'ciiialc. £250 pcni + hills + dcposit. \I'icwing is aii ahsolutc niust. 'lclt 07855 852 806.

I Bright single room ;i\.iilahlc fioiii |s|.-\[ll'1|.ltl||_\ fiirnislicd. on llioiighton Strcct. sharing with tliicc otlicis. l..irgc lising iooiii. kitclicii. (i('ll ik intcrnct .icccss. £180 pcm + ("l + hills * £21Nldcposit. 'lcl: 0":3 005 356

I Bright single room a\ailahlc |\l.'\|11’1|. full) fiiriiislicd. on Broiighton Strcct. sharing with tlircc otlicrs. largc lising rooin. kitclicn. (i('l| ik intcrnct acccss. £180 pcni + ("ll-l» l‘llls + [200 tlL‘ptisll. 'lt‘li 0| 3| 556 4990.

I Willowbrae / Meadowbank. Room in hright. spacious flat with \icws o\cr l‘orth. (i('ll. all mod cons. 5 iiiiniilcs fi‘oin .\lcadow hank stadium & llol)rood park. N/s profcssional onl). no pcts. £238 pcm + hills. ‘lcl: 0| 3| 66l 0362.

I Beautiful room in .\liissclhiirgli flat h_\ thc sca. l’arking ik all mod cons, Would suit ii/s fciiialc to sliarc with ow ncr. .-\\ailah|c 17th March. £200 pcm + ("II 'l'cl: 07718 387 283.

I Lovely room in Dickson Strcct.(3(‘1l.douhlcgla/ing. scciirit) cntrancc. sharcd hathroom. lisiiig rooin & kitchcii. Would suit )oiing profcssional. £250 pcm including ("l' + hills, ’l'clz (17767 386 516.

I Large room in inodcrn flat to sharc with profcssional couplc. All mod cons. Would suit ii/s profcssional. £250 pcm + ("l‘ + hills. 'lcl: 0131 478 I352 or 07960 26] 946.

I Double room available from 16th l‘chriiar} in largc. lid). lt‘lt‘lttll). lllllsltlc Strcct flat. Would suit n/s profcssional. £268 pcm + ("l‘+ Bills + 1.260 tlcposit. 'lcli 0| 3| 557 9560.

I Female flatmate wanted flirtllt‘\\lttllttll to sharc with 1 othcr fcnialc. douhlc room in hig sunii) flat. opcn firc in liiing rooin. hig kitchcn. £290 pcm + hills + ("II 'lcl Sall} or Janct: 0| 3| 466 9885 / 07976 925 204.

I Friendly responsible female rcquircd for singlc room in clcan. attractisc flat h)‘ tlic Mcadow s. Sharing with 3 ho}s and onc girl. 6 months iniiiiiiiiini lcasc. £l66+hills+("l‘. I Large dbl room in sunny flat. ('losc (i) lc. Stcplicnsoin. Napicr. £250 pcm inc hills. l)lsllWa\|1Cl'.lV/Htl. l)Vl). cat. parking. Rcfs 8c dcposit rcquircd. 'l‘cl: 0|3l 334 7936. I Double room in lowcr

\ illa. Blackford arca. Sharing with onc othcr. Suit prolcssional or niaturc student tn/s). £250. ("ll hills. dcposit. Tc|10131 667 3774.

I Single room available in hright. coiiifortahlc flat. sharing with 1 inalc. liastcr road arca. Suit ga)‘/ gay- fricndl) profcssional. n/s. £210 pcm + dcposit + ("l‘ + hills. Tcl: 0|3l 66] I982.



I Slim, petite, ‘pixie- Iike’ t't‘illlt'ail. 3|. |0\t‘\ 11.I\L‘l. films and nights out food. winc and lots of laughs' Sccks similar iiialc for sonic or all of lltt‘ ahmc' |3o\ N0 l”462/l.

I Delightful, athletic, interesting profcssional woiiian sccks man to look aftcr hch ldcall) 38 50. slini. lallll\lll.|\llltl\\lll1 \aricd intcrcsts. wanting fun and stimulating coiiipan). lidinhurgli. llo\ .\'o. l’/462/3,

I Attractive, relaxed, independent. (ilasgow fcnialc. 45. liniiws trawlling. running. cinciiia. cooking haxing fun and doing nothing. Looking for fricndsliip. mashi- iiiorc tiio lraiiispottcrsl. llos No. l’/462/5.


Professional 28-yearbold female, intclligcnt. (iS()1l. likcs inusic. rcading. walking. going to tlic g}iii. good wiiic and food. sccks similar for li‘lt'lltlSlllp possllil} tttort'.

Box No. P/461/5

I Attractive gay female. 33. (iS()ll. L‘lilt)}s spons, tlic Uttldoors. t'iltclna. good food ctcll Sccks similar for l'riclldslilp pltis. Non-sccnc. non-smokcr. 'lias'sidc. l‘ilc. (ilasgow arcas. llo\ No. l’/462/2.


I Charlotte seeks Carrie. Samantha. Miranda for laughs and cliccking out gii)s. Miist hc 30+ singlc. social. sassy. litihtcs wclcotnc. l.ct's ptit sonic Sl'l‘(‘7

Box No. |’/462/4

27 Feb—13Mar21X73THE LIST 1‘5