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47yr old builder in yellou mil with gorilla on side looking I'm" some“ here to park it. ('all me on 09069 5 H304

w Attractive creative bloke, 30 somelltlttg. (iSUll. \oeiahle. like\ einema. hooks & iiiiisie. seeks similar female for nights otit. (ilaxgtm' area. ('all me on 090(i‘) 5 H.107 Attractive slim, 5'8” boy seeks similar girl. mid 20.x. l'or ttlo\'ie.\. musie. l'tin & a warmer winter. ('all me on 0906‘) 5 l4308

"W Professional male, 5'10". good looking. lit. healthy. slim. young 40. Clljtl)'\ sports. the outdoors. hikes. einema. musie at adventure. Seeking attraetne female. 30- 45. for good times. (‘all me on 09069 5 H.105

Interesting 25yr old International \tudent. \pealtx ‘~ liuroiwan langtiagex. enio) \ art. lllthlL‘ (K; lll\ltlr_\. \eekx leiiiale l'rom ladinhurgh or (il;i\go\\. loi l'riendxhip & perhapx more ('all me on 0900‘) 5 H ‘06

' Life loving, music ll\lt'lllll_‘._'. eiiiema going. \toi} telling. poem writing DUN)”. \llll \earehing, Male 35 web \otilrnate. ('all me (ill .ll‘XXi‘) 5143M -" Good-looking guy. *7. tall. hright. \ohent ck lllL‘\PllL';ll‘l_\ single. \eela heauulul. \[ill'llctl girl l'or heaps ol good lllllL‘\. ('all me on 0906‘) 5H3 l0 Hi Lesley, Bailey it Kate's here. go e U\ a tall, (‘all me on 0906‘) 51-3253 8 Young sexy, tall. \hm. 3|}i' old male \L'L‘hlllg' leiiiale. 18-35. Likes lllll\lC. puhhing. eluhhing. drinking & lllg‘llh Ill. (‘all me on 090o9 “4350 Darth Vader seeks Melinda Messenger to help him rebuild the Death Star or Yoda to lill out his L‘L‘ll\ll\ l’or'm eoi'i‘eetl} l ('all me on 0900‘) 5142M " 30yr old adventurer \L‘Ck\ l'eiiiale traxelling eoinpanion l‘oi' Ioadx of adventures together. ('all me on 09069 5 HIM Professional, attractive, caring male. ix. 6'. likes meals out. eonverxation. long \Htlkx. ti'a\ el & running. \Cclxs ll/\. \lilll leiiiale. 27-40. l'or l'riendxhip plus. ('all me on 090o‘) 45- Easygoing Glasgow guy. 3‘). 0'. health}. \L'L‘h\ aetix'e girl with (380”. \\llti l\ into music. mo\ iex. ti‘a\elling & outdoors. ('all me on 0900‘)

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ii Creative man, 39. \toek} htirld. HA. (3.“ )ll. euro} \ the ai‘tx. eineiita. lllll\tt’ t\ good t'llll\t'l\.tlltlll. \eekx \lllllldl' petite \Mlllldl] (Kill me on ovum *l-llofi

Women seeking Men

Professional slim, petite ltlolldt‘. :5. \\ Illl t‘ool kid. like\ rnouex. eooking. \lli\\\\. lttllg'lh. Seekx mature. lunn}. honext. intelligent. lining. \ti'ong g‘ll} lot \oiiietliing i'eall} \peeial. (‘all me on 0900‘) 5 l4 ‘23 < - Very attractive, bright, \irtt}. pr'olexxronal leiiiale. N. \eekx \iriirlai'. handxoriie. genuine male 30 -lll\ \\llll hagx ol ehar'ixnia tk /e\t loi lite. ("all me on 0900‘) 5 l-l,‘ l 7 ' Attractive intelligent female, 2‘). lo\e\ to danee tk tll't‘;llll\ ol won all \xintei' tk \ea all \llllllllL‘l'. \eeltx \omeone \peeial to share a \\ idei' \Hll‘ltl. ('all me on ()‘)t)(»‘) 5 HZSn Slim dark haired leiiiale. 4 I. like\ ti‘a\el. lltll\lL'. reading «k eiiieriia. (ll\lll\L‘\ shopping. \[Xll‘lx tk TV. WI .'l'.\l male iii an} raee/ nationalit). loi‘ li‘lL‘lltl\lllp tk ma)he more. (‘all me on 090o‘) 5l4257 Cute curvy 303 uoniatl. need\ a tall. strong man to pamper hei'. lllll\l enjo} a laugh. ('all me on 090(i‘) 514259 21 yr old student, t|llIlL' outgoing. likes a good laugh. eonied}. eineina. reading. puhx & good eomei'xation. \eeltx someone to \liai'e these things \xith. ('all me on 0900‘) 5 HIS.l

today in the Love Line and we’ll

" a confidential number of your own.

,List will be able to call the number alongside oii'r‘a'd, listento your personal recording and leave a reply

1' must be aged 18 or over to use this service.

_000 682 845

Meet in a public place. Inform a friend of your whereabouts. Do not accept a lift however kind the offer. Do not give out your address until you feel ready. Trust your instincts and do not meet again if you have any doubts. Above all stay in control.

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v Pretty vivacious n/s Luh.innl40\.daH “fiber” humour. likex \tnging. \xirtrng. ualkrng. daneing. \\l l\l someone kind. lo\.il .k lr\el\ (all me on (MW) 5 llloo I 0 Mad artistic blonde, ll. lit. ur'han. bright. \\.tlll\ eute. eiaI} hut ealrn. n \. intelleetual go} 20 35 who I\ rrito HtlltlUHH. \por‘t. art. lllllt‘\ .\ lwooltx lioin ltdinhurgh area ('all mt- on 091 rm <l-12r»3

0' 36yr old female. t-mtm the \rniple llllllg‘\ Ill lrle looking loi \ortteotte independent. lree tk ltapp) \Hllllll lllL'lll\L'l\t‘\ ('all me on ovum $14.05

0' Attractive intelligent, caring inn old woman. looking loi genuine. einotionall) intelligent riiaii to \Iiaie some laughx tk good lllllt‘\ “llll. (‘all me on 0900‘) 51.11:“ 0 Attractive blonde female. ~10. 5'7". \lllll. \eekx gentleman eoinpanion loi walking. einema. theatre. drinking tk lttlx ol ltlll (‘all me till 0900‘) 5 l 4320

9 Lively intelligent creative .-\mei'iean \Hllllilll. is. \eelw \lllllltll' eoiilident interesting man. 30-45. l’oi' ad\eritiii‘e. eulture. dinner datex intrxie tk tun. ('all me on 0‘)0o9 5H ‘25

0 TWO foxy chicks, 5")". \eek l\\o unattached pl'tllL'\\l0ll;tl happ} tk \oeiahle gu_\\. 38-38. loi' poxxihl} \(llllt‘llllllg' \peeial. ('all me on 090o‘) SH {30

V Cute clever, contrary leiiiale. 40. requires \\ ell adjusted art lo\ M" \\ lio \Hllllx to holida} in (‘uha (‘all me on 0900‘) “432-1


.‘lti.l m'l‘lizl :i 'I:7.t.t:i! "are genuine women \‘. airline "DWI

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0 Gay male, 39, 5 .\". medium huild. good tun. erno) \ einema. theatre. tiaxel .\ eating out. \\I Hi eaiirig gu_\ to share the good .\ had llllllg‘\ lll lite (hill lllt‘ l‘ll ll‘lllh‘) 5|) :9

U Gay feminine female tux. prolexxronal. eii|o_\\ tia\e|. lllll\l\' .\ \‘tlll\'t‘l1\..lllllll.ll\. llr\ \\'l 'l'.\l genuine lemale \Vitli ( ifit )ll ('all me on 090o‘) *l-l il.\'

'0 Professiona' l gay woman. late 30\. li.ipp_\. intelligent tk \talile. \eekx \irnilai loi line \xine. good lood. intelligent eoii\ei\ation t\ the better thingx lll lrle ('all me otill‘th95l-1255

0 Gay woman, 44, min .k intelligent. \\‘l.'l‘.\l llapp} ll'lt‘litl\ to share Ullllllj.1\ to cinema. theatre. art galleirex. puhx. eluln. iextaui’aiitx tk otlier' lurt plaeex. ('all me on (mom Sltxw

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lad}. late It is. ho} l\ll. into lllth‘. lilmx. theatre. walking. \\\ running it good loud. Neel“ \xoittgut to \lttut' llllt'll\l.\ ( "all me on 0‘)t lo‘) 5 Hill V Gay lady, 32. |o\e\ outdoor lile tk pla}ing \a\ophotte. seeks lellou pi‘olexsional \l\lttll;ll‘} lad} ltll’ t'tlll\t'l’\;lllt)lltll \ii'extling & non eoriimitted lllll. ('all me on 0900‘) 5 LUZ:




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it 09063 688 I0l

. c at 8: flirt in the singles bar

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