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Usher Hall. Edinburgh. Sat 8 Mar

For three decades jazz critics bemoaned the fact that Wayne Shorter had apparently abandoned acoustic jazz for good. The saxophonist had made his name with Art Blakey and Miles Davis in the 605, but moved in a new direction as the co-founder with Joe Zawinul of Weather Report

in 1970.

The electric fusion direction remained central to his work, but the saxophonist confounded expectations with a return to an acoustic quartet format with his current band. Their first album, Footprints Livel, was one of last year’s major


He had issued some of the most intriguing jazz records of the 605 as a leader, and the current band is revisiting some of that material. For Shorter, a composition is more a process than an


‘I don't really think of these songs as old. To me a song is never finished. “Beginning” and “end” are just artificial ideas. At every soundcheck we add something new. There is no single soloist so you have the complete story with the characters interacting. It is a true


‘On stage the musicians are at liberty to extend themselves from where they were accustomed to playing with their own groups, and they didn’t have to think about looking for a sound, or looking for a musical signature. They were composing something with the knowledge and feeling they had about that piece.‘

Shorter has assembled a dream band for this


JACKSON BROWNE Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Sun 2 Mar; Usher Hall, Edinburgh. Mon 3 Mar

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latest exploration of the creative process, with Danilo Perez on piano, John Pattitucci on bass, and Brian Blade on drums. Their musical dialogue is a rarefied one, and the players clearly thrive on the often-mysterious creative impulses of their leader.

The saxophonist is something of a philosopher, and is given to rather opaque verbal explanations

Shorter sets off for who-knows-where . . .

which are echoed in the unpredictable directions he takes in his music. Many of the things he plays defy conventional wisdom or understanding, but unquestionably work in more elusive ways. Shorter likes to keep those

avenues of invention wide open.

exist cEETICA

Queen‘s Hall, Edinburgh. Fri 7 Mar

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‘I don't practice,’ he says. ‘lt's difficult to practice the unknown.‘ (Kenny Mathieson)

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Wee Wifie beer, whisky and tequila in one garrulous glassful