CAVE IN eeee King Tut's. Glasgow, Tue 11 Feb

Cave In are great according to their fans, the press, and Dave Grohl - who wanted to produce their last album. Well, omnipotent godhead Grohl couldn’t, in between domination of all things rock and being simultaneously present on the two albums of recent months that were guaranteed to be huge. Which is fine: Cave In don’t need him.

The crowd are an established fanbase who’ve been tracking Cave in through their eight-year maturation. Despite being over half-an-hour late (oops), they blister through their set, the opener ‘Jupiter’ being actually worthy of the term ‘explosive’. Coming across as accomplished musicians who are comfortable with the odd foray into more experimental trips, as well as doing their duty and sating the appetite for rock, perhaps comparisons to Radiohead aren’t so

extraordinary. (Rowan Martin)




Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow. Tue 18 Feb

Any group a gutans‘. that's the so". 0‘ ex-Cetc stmer Paulo or Canto SDOLHC} reay :38 3'10".” 8 COK. rega'oless 0" mos oai '“er 1. Fortunately.

Manolo-as Surely tbs year's .nd 8-K d pin-up o‘ choice.

The Sights Edde Ba'anek oou'o alrrost nave been Zel""g the truth when he greeted us with: ‘H Glasgow. It's been ‘ony years since Qu' last wslti' Distilled frorr a s rr-i'a' Stones-meets- Faoes bar'oom bravado with.

Bomb squad worriers Cave In

CdSS CA- at best "a and at nor”. 3. MR rs ? m S’raot an Ar n~-: h ‘o ‘- t'~

. u t u . s.” ‘3. \J L V.V\ciuur‘lb Queen 5 Hall. Edinburgh. Wed 12 2 0,. rm. ,.e,.'-,,..8..-g .. flaw; my” :AV‘ wale s.’ ‘Lvy pv.Vu-c..c,

.fas c was con‘c'or“ sec: the out- o‘smch croectea score, orsmot aogns that should r‘a.e cee" 'esereo ‘or the ducx deco. Sa-a ‘cee stole the shes. a master s “g oer‘orn‘ance of Sean‘ s"'s Ga 3 '.'./'a.‘er. Two s: got some. sows by Cecila McDowe and ya: ::a Brown was ’GOQGD‘GG Cf. some o'ea‘. Frans Zacoa and Km; 3' "‘so" numbers. and that ‘a‘.’ot.'ite D axxolla tangos oan‘e o“ 13"." customa". panache. A mixed 9.0"”‘9. nOnetheLess. a real ear-ob “18'.

Sara Mom-P etscr‘

You .e got to "8‘3 it or. Si‘gf‘t , o'eoaroas you a with the whole crossoe tong. and they do“. always "at the na: on the "883. DJ. Mr McFali‘s Chamber are oossesseo o-‘ a 'are and bound ess energy that's a real pleasure to oenolo and the ' Crosscar'ents gig .-.'as no exception Transforming the ..n‘orgs.':ng acoustcs of the Queens Hal mt". amplification was ha.‘ the battle .‘xoc th0ugn the sound eve cows have dene truth a bit more SdClie .arvety— and John McGeoch's Ola‘fltl‘ smdeo-art

to them they“:

eocx LAETO eeee

SENATOR eee Bannerman's, Edinburgh, Thu 6 Feb

For three unasstiming yOLing men from Edinburgh. Senator are bolldmg a considerable caChe of cool pals: Albin. loves 'em and Fugazi's Ian MacKaye has InV'led them to WashingtOn DC to rec0rd new tracks. And rightly so; their fine.

Senator strain at the leash

At‘ar‘ta's tne l-i'ss are also a battering y good band. .vtr giam. blues and yer cew ‘angled garage rock all find-cg the? way "to t" s oarticmar on: o‘ muslcal hair-of-the-dog. Tones hke 'Stree‘. Research and ‘Back on the Radio were ai‘ born 8°C bred to SOoF‘dl'aCK a right on the Sky. while 0 nt-size oases: and Macy Gray lookalike

benr'erse‘y'. a mm o‘ sktfie . this Cl also .vear the "we've s‘eot n :nese o-othes for three days' rooi< we" presumaoiy oar: o.‘ the ten-m'nute $11718”ch Doors mpersonat on around haz-‘rxay. Wh te man's blues 5 the new rock's'roil . soueeze Into those troosers. Roo there coald be a oomebaox on the cards. "Davro' Pollock.

museular power-trio rook-beast is developing in every direction and IS angrily straining at the leasn. They Stu: need that X-factor presence-Wise. but it'll come.

That's something that DundOnlar charmers Chancers Laeto have in spades already. making them a mOre enamoming Drosoeot than Senator. Their snaking. duelllng gurtars and shutting Tortoise-with-balls soond explored On their debut album Make us Mild has been beefed up wvth a hunk 0r two of handsome rawk-ritfage and newer material confidently swaggers where hetero it merely stomped or stood placidiy. lMark Robertson)

I Tenacious D Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. in Mar. SOLD ()l'T

I Stiff Little Fingers Barrowland. Glasgow, l7 Mar. I Hicklecreek Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh. 19 Mar.

I David Holmes presents the Free Association Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 19 Mar.

I Finch Barrowland.

Glasgow. 21 Mar.

I Avril Lavigne Barrowland.

Glasgow. 22 Mar. SOLD OUT I Jimmy Cliff Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 22 Mar. SOLD ()L'T

I Throwing Muses QML‘. Glasgow, 23 Mar.

I Deacon Blue Carling Academy. Glasgow. 26 Apr.

I Beth Orton l'siier Hall. Edinburgh. 26 Mar.

I Biffy Clyro ()Ml'. Glasgow, 26 Mar.

* Eve Barrow-land. Glasgow, 26 Mar. CANCELLED

I Bryan Ferry Carling

Academy. Glasgow. 27 Mar.

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40 THE LIST 2? Feb—’3 Mar 2CC3

I Nightmares on Wax QML’. Glasgow. 27 Apr.

I Sugababes Carling Academy. Glasgow. 28 Mar. SOLD ()L’T

I The Hezillos Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 28 Mar.

I Ladytron QML'. Glasgow, 29 Apr.

I Daniel Bedingtield Barrowland. Glasgow, 30 Mar. I Love Carling Academy. Glasgow. 1 Apr.

I Inspiral Carpets Carling Academy, Glasgow, 2 Apr.

I Steve Earle L'shcr Hall. Edinburgh. 3 Apr; Barrowland. Glasgow, 4 Apr.

I Mull Historical Society Barrowland. Glasgow. 5 Apr.

I Capdown QML'. Glasgow,

5 Apr.

I Alison Moyet L'sher Hall.

Edinburgh, 7 Apr.

I Placebo Barrow-land. Glasgow. 7 Apr. SOLD ()L'T I The Bluetones Liquid Room. Edinburgh 7 Apr; Garage. Glasgow, l3 Apr.

I Massive Attack Carling Academy. Glasgow, 8 8: 9 Apr. SOLD OL'T

I The White Stripes Carling Academy. Glasgow, 10 Apr. SOLD OUT

I Henry Rollins Payillion. Glasgow. 11 Apr.

I Glassjaw Garage. Glasgow, ll Apr.

I The Buucocks QML‘. Glasgow, l5 Apr.

* Aqualung Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 16 Apr: QML'. Glasgow, 17 Apr.

* Stephen Malkmus QML'. Glasgow, 17 Apr.

* Kelly Rowland Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow, 20 Apr. I Tom Jones SECC. Glasgow, 22 Apr.

I The Dead Kennedys Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 22 Apr; Garage. Glasgow. 2-1 Apr. I Laura Cantrell Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 23 Apr.

I The Handsome Family

Renl‘rew Ferry. Glasgow. 23 Apr.

I The Sisters of Mercy Barrowland. Glasgow. 2-1 Apr.

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I Melanie C Carling Academy. Glasgow, 25 Apr. I The Wildhearts

Barrowland, Glasgow, 25 Apr.

* Beck L'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 29 Apr.

I Fat Tour feat Mad Caddies Barrowland. Glasgow, 29 Apr.

I Death in Vegas

Barrowland. Glasgow, 30 Apr. I The Coral Barrowland,


I Calexico (iL‘L‘. Glasgow, 2


I Lamb QML'. Glasgow, 4


I Electric Six Liquid Room.

Edinburgh. 6 May; ()ML'. Glasgow, 7 May. I Less than Jake

Barrowland. Edinburgh. 7 May.

* The Delgados Liquid Room. Edinburgh. ll May.

I Moloko Carling Academy.

Glasgow, ll May. I Erasure Playhouse. Edinburgh in May.

* Belle 8 Sebastian and

The Delgados Royal

Concert Hall. Glasgow, l7 May. * The Dandy Warhols Carling Academy. Glasgow. 17 May.

* Mogwai Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. l9 May.

I Monsters of Hock SECC. Glasgow, 22 May.

* Busted Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 25 May.

I Less than Jake

2 Barrowland. Glasgow. 27 .May. SOLD Ol'T

* Goldtrapp ()ML‘. Glasgow. 28 May.

I Fishbone Garagc. Glasgow, 29 May.

I Shirley Bassey Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 7 Jun.

I Joe Jackson Queen's Hall. ll) Jun.

I Bon Jovi lbrox Stadium. Glasgow, 22 Jun.

I Deep Purple and Lynryd Skynyrd Sl-I‘C. Glasgow, 25 Jun.

I Yes Play house. Edinburgh. () Jul.

I 1' in the Park Balado, l2 & 13 Jul.

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