TH‘E'LAST YANKEE Arches. Glasgow. Wed 5—Sat 22 Mar

Arthur Miller cut a career in drama observing the common man's despair at his lot in life falling far short of the American Dream. His later work. although criticised for its repetition of themes first established in Death of a Salesman. The Crucible and A View from the Bridge, lost none of its dramatic pathos and resonant power. a fact set to be shown by this staging of Miller‘s 1993 play. The Last Yankee. Heralded as a dark elegy for contemporary American life, the tragi-comic drama focuses on two couples. divided by age and social standing but thrown together by common circumstances in the waiting room of a New England Seeking asyium state mental hospital. Leroy Hamilton. a carpenter and beyond that. the characters are very critical acclaim. In no small part has descendant of one of America‘s strong and we‘ve got a very strong the success of these shows been founding fathers. is visiting his wife cast. Hopefully it will appeal as down to the intimate dimensions of Patricia on the same day that good theatre and good writing in the theatre space at the Arches. a

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x FACTOR Brunton Theatre. Musselburgh. Sat 8 Mar. then touring

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" Traverse. Edinburgh. Wed 5 8. Thu 6 Mar .000

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