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Thursday 27


Jongleurs Comedy Club l1~111i|c111\. l (i(’ li111|1l|11j.f. lx’t‘nllt-v. mull-1. 11x11 "x" 11‘11" I’dllxllk'ld" Ic:'.1l c.1g'lt' lx’.1}11111111l \lc.1111\ 111111111111m l .1xl l 1111\l111t-xl |.1111'} (iudlt-y ll1t' x11111‘.1l |.111('up[1111~.'v1 .1111l (‘.111.11l1.111 l\ \l.11 (1.11;: (‘.1111[\l\1'|l 1 11111 1\|111111|}1

Giggles \lc1t111} lu1111;'c. l 13 H.1ll1 |,.1111'. I h ‘lpm 2519.11 ‘\l11;'1t' \l.1111l} \111111'11[1111\11lt'xll1t'tluxc11p \1\11.1ll11t'kc1_\.\\.11|111.1l1\c\uu\111kc1 \.1|. l1.1\1'1 (‘.1111|1|\'|l .1111I,|.1111‘} (i111ll1'_\ The Stand Hlt' \IJIMI. ;;;\\11111H.lllil\ Ruml “\"ll (illll NH; UPI“ 11-11 Rim t11t'k1-lt'1 l11111c1|t11111c1ll.111BIL-1111.111 I u\1-;'1u\c .1llt-111|\l\ lu lnml uwl lllt' \‘l11\\1l. “1111 .1 Illllk' l11'||\ lluln \.1111l1.1 .luthun. It'1l1l} .1111ll1uxl l1.111k11~ H11_\|1'

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The Stand ll11'\l.1111l.<\u|kl’l.11'c. *‘5 "3”) ‘lpnl Li «1311 ('.111ul luppnl .1hx1111l1xl \111I) /.1|l/111.11111c.11ll111c\.\\11h .Iul111 l\’1l\\. “t'.ll\tlt'll [mxll hlukc \cll \lt'l‘.11|.1111'.1111lliml (inn-111v ll111111.1\ Neutron Bomb lht- [11111. ‘1 l|11n1t~1 8111mm:Il1;'|1\111*t'l.Ifhll‘lil “[1111 U Ill (31 Huxl \.11.1|1\\II\1111111l1u1111uw (lle'lllC l|111111.1\_.lul111 St'ull. \111'|1.1cl lict'kdml \l.11|11111'l1‘11_\

Reg Anderson’s Comedy Night \1'.1111|111\. l‘ \\.l\k'llk'_\ |i111l;,'1'. “(1 3‘55.‘l|\111.|'1c1' \t'“ munlhl} t‘111111'1l_\ huxlml |\_\ 111.1111t' 111.1;31t'1.111 \11111'1\1111. \\llH\k' j.'llt‘\l\ 111t'l111lc (i|.1\:_'u\\ [1.1111'1 Inclt'lmnl I)c\ \lt‘l,t'1111.1‘111111t‘llit‘kxlt'i SILWCH “It‘k .llltl I‘C killt'tl \\1llltlt'l|\1i} .luhll St‘ull.

Snatch Club l'lit' l ltlllltl Ruuin. ‘lt’ \It'l1111.1.\'l11‘cl. 335 350-1. lllpm K1111

t ifill @1501. lx’cxnlcnlt‘11111p1-1c H.111) \lll\\\1lll|l .11111t‘unmcllllun huxl I).1\1' 81111111: 1.1k.1 l’cllm 11c“ (111111'1 \xmnux (i.11ll1(‘1111k\|1.111k .11111 lz1l1llt~ \lyl'dhw \th ll11'11 \\1‘ckl_\ ("11111 ()1! 111cclx III /)1' HI (Ichlllt‘llt'tl t'.l|\.ll\‘l.

Friday 28


Spin on This (1111\guu l'1|111 l'llt'.1llt‘. I: lx’uxc Slim-l. “I .\|_‘.\ 111111.1'11'c.l\11l l1t‘kcl1'1l. l 1\c11'\'111111113_'\ul.1t'11111c1l} 1.11l111xl11m hum-1| l1} 1|.111c |'1.111t'l11 \xlnt‘h l1‘.1l1111'\ .11l1llc1c11l p.111cl ul \l.1111l 11]“. 11111111.1l1~l\. .u'luh .1111l [‘l\‘\t‘lllt'l\ m c1}

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Jongleurs Comedy Club .I1111glc111x.l (il' lilIIIdngJ. Runny“ Sllccl. “5"” "5" Hall" illpm (I). Scc Hm I“

The Mighty Gong Show (‘11I 1l1- Nit Sl‘lllh\l\ik' \lllt’. Ha" l)1l|l\‘k\|l.l\\\ Ru.11l.(1-l‘l l.\l" (1-1" l“ l F 311111 :5 1L1: ('.111)1111 \111\1\t‘l|1cu|11111uux gungg ' Sec II (1111110 lxilllc 11 11111 lu lw (11m 11ml gun; km; 111.1\l1u\\ “hut” lhk' .1111l1c11t'c (JUN th‘ \il1\l\.

The Stand Hk‘ Sltlllti. zz“\\1i1‘1“.lll\l\ lx’u.11l.llh‘llhllllhlfis "pm ("1:01 (inc |111c1 \pct‘mhxl li1ut'c(‘111ll1l|1x [1111\c_\\|11~ l.111| luck \uxxu‘ l‘llll1\\u|\lllt‘\. \\1ll1.\111l_\ /.1ll/111.111 .11111 .luhn lx’11\\1_l.1nc \l.11‘k.1} 1xll1t'1cx11lc111 L'Ullll‘t‘lt‘.

Friday Night Comedy l)111111§_'lc1111.111. (15 [)11111lx1111111 Rikki. Dunlut'hci. HI ‘5" .\‘l_‘ ;“I ". Win11 I 19c lhc \\ cckcntl gclx ull 11111t‘1.1t‘k1n; ~lt11l \\11l1.1\l.1111l-11p \t‘l l111111 l’clcl 81m cnx Dylan Moran l'1'un l'l1c‘1l1c. (1‘ l'11111;_‘t11c.553-1_‘h" Ill. illpm {1311101 l’hc l’t‘l‘ilcl “11111111; 1.1t'11111t‘ l11\l1111.111 lwhmd cull l'\ \huu [flu-A [1‘1 11 1&1 play .1 lL‘M’hCLllllCd \Lllt‘ Ull hh \Il’lfx'i'l' lillll

62THELIST. “1:

Gaze in wonderment at the surreal skewed antics of Andy Zaltzman. the Stand,

Edinburgh, Thu 27 Feb & Sun 2 Mar; the Stand, Glasgow, Fri 28 Feb 81 Sat 1 Mar.


The Stand Illt-\1.1111l.<\111LI’I1111-. 5‘5 "3“: “11111 L" 11h» \1'\\ /t-.1l11111l l111111t'111111'1l1.111“111111.111l11\c;_'1u\c_\1.11l1 1|111111(i1||1t'k. \.11111111.l11l111\l1111.1111l('ul111 \lt‘(i1ll..1111lt'11111pc1c\11\.111 \lu111w11


0 Rob Newman ("11111l\1'111.111l1l ll1c.1l1c. K1|1l111111.l||3‘(1"‘3\\" 7511111 L In 11": l’ul1l1p.1|1.1111\I;u|11 t'11111t'1ll.111lx’u|\ \L'“ 111.111 .1\ 111' [k'll\ [hk' \lHl_\ HI .1 RH” )t'Jl jglnlml [CHUI \‘.1lll]\.1I§:111Il [It'll] (“fl/nu: [111/11 lu/I/nm


Jongleurs Comedy Club .IUllL‘ICllh. l'( i(' limlthnp. RCIllIt‘“ Sllt't'l.”1\fl”~~\~”fl”fi illpm L I _‘ 81'1' Thu 3”.

Craic @ the Sac (‘ul 1lt- 5311‘ Sullllhlllc \lllt‘. I In) I’Ull11k\ll.l\\\ thltl. (1-1” I.\|‘l (1-1” VI". 5pm \l.1111111.111 \l;111111111 .\lt"l.1\1\|1111p\.1l\1ll\xl11t'l1 111t'l11tlcx 1111' (WI (11111”) luldy (inf: \lt'llugh.1111lt'11111pt'11‘,\|.111 \11tlc1xun The Stand [llk' Slalitl. {ii \\11111||.1lltl\ Rmd,«15‘11111111111155 11pm L.\ sch-l1. 35. lml 81mm _\I11111\un pumpcn‘x Madcap Comedy Club ~\‘1.111- H.11. Ivl.\ Hull.1111l5111'1'1.‘l-1(\"Ih‘l ‘l ‘Hpm

VIII ‘.i1.‘l\ 11/ 1'111/111.'I.'Il1;/111/:


Sandra says bollocks to male rule

Life is sweet for Sandra Johnston. The 31-year-old from Wellhouse is giving the men a run for their laughs in the chiefly male-conquered world of


The Stand's resident weekend comperes may well be female. and more chicks flock to comedy gigs than men. but when it comes to the onstage line-ups, women are stand-up‘s

shrinking violets.

A performer for over two years, a member

of the nurturing Stand Up Scotland

festival show in 2001, and a finalist in

the Wilkinson Sword Cutting Edge Comedy Competition last year (she lost out to bizarre country bumpkin

Dylan), Johnston is steadily carving a

cosy niche for herself in Scottish comedy.

The occupational therapist day job

provides her with plenty of feisty feminist observations. covering everything from self-help books to faddy diets. This is one female fast

becoming more deadly than the males.

251111 H1111 H1111Lc1\ 11111111111tt'x \11111l_\ \clwn, llcnmx H.111} .1111l (11-111 \ltl).11lc


The Stand ll1\'\i.1111l. ‘\111l\ I’l.1tc. <<\ ".7 1‘ "11111 L\ \c; l11 .‘\ l‘11l l.1111' \l.1tk.1_\ tumlu'lm


3 Big Word Performance Poetry Slam \Itt"11'\l1u1/.\. 1_‘I \.1111l11cl111ll \l1c1‘l. 1‘ i W“ M \11111 2.11931 \111111111 l5put-lxlmlllc1lu11llulu-t11w.11c1l (il.1\;-u\\\lll111l \l.1111\'l1.11111\

Craic @ the Sac ('11l1l1~\.1t \uulhxnlc \lllt, I lu" l’ullukxi1.1\‘.\ Ix’u.11l. Mil |.\l‘l (11‘) -1"l” \11111 Ll \t't' \.1l | Michael Redmond’s Sunday senice HIV \Lllltl. ;:: \\111l1H.lllil\ l\'11.“l_ 11\"111111111111<< x :11I1111 1111:. HIV 1.1t‘111111’ |11xl1 lllllllhlt‘l 111l1u1l11tc\ S.1111l1.1.l111111\l1111.1111l ll111't' I1c\\t'11111c1\


Whose Lunch is it Anyway? 111‘- Sl11111l. \ulkl’l.11c.‘*\ ".V.‘ Ipm

I It‘t' l 1t'1'\l}lt' l1111111111'xx .1111l l1.111_~.'u\c1 l\.1111\l11n;'.11111t\l1u|111c\11lc11l1lllul’.111| ('11.1|1.1111.1111l \lu.111 \lmpll}

Bruce’s Sunday Social Fund lht- Bland.<\ulkl’l.1t'1'.**h"fuf \ W111“ Ll It {I ('1111ul 1111\[1c1|\1111v.1|1\l \111l}

., .\ .1.1‘,l\ .. \t..1. l\\.L, .mm. ..l ,1\\\,.l\. ‘\\( ....1\t ‘1..1\\

Reg Anderson‘s Comedy il“:'\:l‘\‘\; l...~t'::‘., " ll\‘1\:1‘\‘\i

[\l‘t1\., \ " K',‘ 1‘ [fix

it 1.:3‘. \. \ \ L'W CK A\ '1l.\‘ l’.ll:l\:\ \k \ \\ '1

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l.::‘.1;\|1'1‘1.w'= '2‘ \t x1111“! .‘Il‘t .\\:‘Ht \ \ ‘. »1\ ,1.

Loaded! |l11::1‘11x'|\'1';‘ l.:\ \111‘..::c. \11:-'§1l11l

\ p.111

11] ;\" .‘g‘ A ;11 \1111; 311 g_ ;1 l1zll1~11.:13l1"1..:lc1.1l\.;11'l.ztll11::.: ulllicchK[{1'\l‘1‘t'\\u::11'11lc\11‘..1l lt'.-.l111'.:1:‘l’.:1131:1c\l, \11121; \\u.ll.:t1'. (11!! \lulliwlL lily l l1‘1‘."lt'\ | 13111311111 l11l11' ll11-ll'.1:11.:11 ( \ \11'1» [11.11R11'm-c111111

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Bruce Morton Presents Ill; \l.:111l1‘\1~1l1|’l.1tc. “\ "l‘m H1 137 :1 ()l'

tuxmt 1‘11t111111lc1 \l111'1\.t11\111" .:

[1111\1' 1\l\.11i. v.1ll1l11x 111ullllll\ \clctll I11

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Wednesday 5


BBC Scotland’s Live Floor Show Illc \111111l, H; \\u111ll.1111l\ |\’u.11l_ll\'H Mill Ml“ *11111 I 11'; 1111'1111111‘111 \l.11\ l111111 Iilll \111111111lkl111 \lluv. 21.1»1 i_\lll‘]‘ 1111‘11\lu1 ll11' \1'llt‘\

Bruce Morton Presents |l11- \l1111111 “1 \\uu1ll.1111l\ |\'11.11l.ll\ 'thlll Ml“ “[1111 U1 19“: \cc luv 1

l <l111l>11111ll

Auld Reekie‘s Oxters Il11- \1.1111l. \ \1Ilkl)l.ltt'.§"\ . . “PHI 9“ I? in 1.1K“ .1 “1111111 ll11' 1.1.111l \11lc v.1ll1 \11\.111 \lumxun 11\ my t'\p|1111'\ li11' uhllult'x .11111 \Hlt‘\1‘l l1lxl1~11t l 11111l111lz'll


Dunfermline Comedy Club ('.11111';'1c|l.1I11l.1\ll’ull.lll‘\*illllllll ‘llun Lh ('11111111'11‘ |\’1\l1.111l \llcn

'1‘. t'ltumcx L111; \l.11l\.1} .1111l \.1111ll.1