haye work in the morning It quality tune\ and glamorotix illllkS are your bag. Sun at Baba/a l\ llllllll\\al‘lL'

I Kinky at 'l‘raxh llpiii ‘aiii. £5 «L ‘w Weekly .-\ booty -~hak1n' and hip hoppin‘ night at lllh popular club uptown

I Miso al the ('apIamK cht \e\l date llk‘

I One Sunday at the Tunnel

llpin 3am. £4 t£l I. \Veekly The Rtle c'tlllllllllc\ with the Tunnel crew on lllh \lllllll Sabbath celebration. we.” nice clothc\ lor adiinxxion. [‘leaw

I Optimo at the Sub (‘lub Ilpiii iani £tbc. Weekly. The lllg‘g‘cfl and lk‘xl Sun night lor lllllt‘S briiigx in ‘Soih ol Kong' lor a liye yet on 3 Mar. and then on ‘) .\lar.

'l‘w itch and \Vilkes decide to bugger oil and leaye two IIIISICT} “L in charge and \L‘tl/l rock bluex duo 'l‘hc KlllS do their thing Inc.

I Paper Chase at the (ilaxgow School ol :\l'l. \c\l dale tbc.

I Streaker at Shack. “hi”le KRlIam. £5 t£3i. Weekly. l)J Jainex 'the my (iardner \pinx the track\ lor llltl\L' enioy ing iininature anticx and naked liin. 'l'hix \tillllle like a good laugh. eli .’

I Sunday Surgery at (‘uhe

I lpiii 3am. £5 t£3r Weekly. ('ainei'on ('raig (“\pL‘IISL'x \olllL' \alye l’or your \tllll Ill llll\ dryerting w iiider-dow ner with a medical theme.

I Sunday Best at the Shed.

Ill,3llpiii 3am. £3 t£3i. Weekly. The Right Reyerend Jim l)a liext tllype. ('ubei playx w hatey er the hell he wanh each and ex ery Sabbath tor the hungoy er onex.

I Transistor at the Polo Lounge.

I lpiii 3am. £5. Weekly, Real pop for real people with my Niall .\lc.\lurray and Wayne l)i\on.

Glasgow Mondays


I Burn at .\l.-\S. l Ipni .iani. l’ree l'oi' stall of any pub or club; £3 to eyery'one L'lSL‘. Weekly. I)J\ Norman and [Clix prcxide oy er the biggest and longed running \tal'l' night out in hixtory. Freedom for the worker\. and there'\ alxo a guext appearance eyery now and again.

I Don’t Forget your Passport at the Shack. l lpiii 3am. £5 t£3i. Weekly. Junior (‘amptw \pllh an eclectic \election of tunex while \ome lucky perxon gets the chance to win a holiday or their bux lare home.

I In Bed with Jim Da Best at Bed tl'oi'nierly the \‘elyet Roomo. l lpm 3am. £4 t£2l. Weekly. .lim inyitex you to lllx botidoir for an eyeiiing ol‘ poptaxtic traxh. l'llnky \llil and a “hole lot elxe bcxidcx. I Passionality at ('ube.

l l.3()pm 3am. liree. Weekly. 1)] Shawn L‘llSlll‘L‘\ that the weekend l\ \tay ing aliye with llli\ [lll\l-\\L‘Ci\k‘lltl night ol' pleaxing CllillllSll'}.

Glasgow Tuesdays


I Boo at Bamboo. I Ipni 3am. £3 (£3l. Weekly. (iraham l-‘erguson lioxtx and UL at this new (ilaxgow \tudent night.

I Face at the liquid Lounge.

0pm 3am. £4. Weekly. :\n alternatiy e to rubbixli \tudent nightx. with l)J~ Richard l.e\in\on and Nicky Modlin playing hip hop and funk with a bit ol‘ Rkli thrown in.

I FUN at (‘ube. l 1.30pm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. l-‘unky unique and may naughty packed with pleaxing pop lllllSlL‘. from Shawn and (ieorgey Boy.

I Laid at the Shack. lll.3(lpin 3am. £5 t£3i. Weekly. The best and latext indie- pop-rock-guitar-hip liop-RcHi-chart- dance. the ultimate student Tue.

I Juicy Tuesdays at Bed tl‘ormerly the Velyet Roomsi. l lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Stay fresh. stay young: get into bed on Tue with Billy Milligan in the big back bedroom with mouth-watering student l'ay'ouritex while Scott 'l-‘ingers' McMillan proy idex \oine lull llay'our fun in the front bedroom.

I Million Dollar Disco .a \t \\ llpiii 3am £4 t£3i. \\eekly loath ot lunky tllSc'H madnew aimed \tiaight at your lace .\l Kent l\ the main man

I Pink Pound at the .\leiciiiy lounge. lllpni zam £l \\eekly liig gay night tor only lllll pennie\ \\ hat more could you a\k loi

I TIT at 'ltaxh Ilpiii 1am L5 M. ii \Vcckly llig \tiident night with mid and Rtkll played out with Paul \',lie. (iraeme l‘eigiiwn and DJ Rob ll

Glasgow Wednesdays


I Bennet’s at llciiiiet\

ll,3llpiii 3am, £3 5“ I£l 51!» \\eekly Sara takcx control once more iii the \ liib lamoth loi' inadnc“ and an. heiii. liberal chat-up policy.

I Cubata at Bamboo 5pm ;.tlll £5 t£3r \Veckly Scotia ll and .ltllllt‘l ("ainpiw tom the dot\ between ia//. ltiiik. \onl. hip hop. Rtkll and l atiii to deliyer a worldly lllll\l\';ll iiii\

I Elastik at liai'lly tloimeily the l ith .\'ote('hibi. Ilpiii iam. £3 \\eekly I).l \o taka .\nianda liom lilSl and DJ .\lango go. take met the lllll\lc.ll \election lot the loie\ecable ltitiiie while Si)‘ take\ a break to concentiatc on other thingx. lniectiiig \Hlllc' much needed UCSII'UjJL'll into the world ol “hug and play ing \oiiie damn line electro nii\ed into a randomly \elccted \oundxcape.

I FAB at llaha/a. Ilpiii ‘aiii. l'iee beloi'e Ilpiii; £4 i£§i altei. \Veekly. l).l Sktid blendx gaiagc. Rtin and lunky houxc. play mg to a diexxed tip ciow d who help to make llll\ one ol the i‘lhlc‘Sl midweek niglilx in (ilaxgow.

I Jungo at .v\rchao\. l lpiii iam. l'iee (£3). \Veekly. Student c'l;I\\lc\. indie and chccxc are the order ol the day til llll\ weekly \Vetl.

I Joints and Jams al (‘1in

Ilpiii 3am. £3 t£3i. \Veekly. 'l‘he award w inning club bring\ you the bext Rtkll. hip hop and \tllll Mix in the city. Rexidentx .\lartin llexketh. .loliii lyonx. l’uppa Shaiigo and l).\l(‘i on rotation

ey cry \Ved. \Vilh regular guext l).l\ and l’:\\. it\ no wonder that .ltllllh and .ltlllh ix the longext running Rtkll night in (ilaxgow.

0 Jurassic 5 Aftershow Party Ilpiii 3am. £5. 5 .\lill‘ only. Andrew l)i\‘ine ol' the l-"unk Room and .\'eil Macmillan ol' lli-Kai'ate hmt llll\ hip hop celebration alter the \old out With the 5\ \ei'y own ('ut ('heinixt joining the local I” \qiiad. Pay on the door and turn up \ti'aight alter. becauxe lllix l\ gonna be the bomb.

I New Flesh at l’i'iy ilege. ‘lpni 3am. £4 t£l i. Weekly. .-\lternati\e rock. punk. rap. induxtrial and indie night. playing eyerytliing l'roni .-\(‘/l)(' to .'\phe\ 'l'w in. and all of thix on a Wed niglit'.’ loo intriguing to paxx up.

I People Music at .\l.v\S‘.

Ilpiii 3am. £4 t£3i. \Veekly. .\'ew night ol' hip hop and home il'tllll two ol the better underground (ilaxgow boy ~. Michael Peck and Toni Reey e rack them up and knock them down. (ire-at tor a \Vc‘d.

I Shackass at Shack.

10.30pm 3.3”am. £5 t£3i. \Veekly. The. U. inimitable l)J 'l‘oaxt \pin\ the linext in chart clasxicx. with a healthy \mattering ol' clieexe ttl\o.

I Stud’essential at .longletlt'x.

9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. l-‘rexli \tudent night at the comedy club in the big building. Free entry and a \hitload of drink\ promos mean that the crowd w ill be in line l'ettle.

I Traffic Light at Red tl'orinerly the Vely-et Roonix). llpiii 3am. £5 t£3l. Weekly. Stop at the lightx and get into bed eyery' Wed. There'll be intimate pillow talk in the front bedroom and ~e\y R&B and pop in the back bedroom. Watch out for the traffic police who will giye l‘t‘ee alcohol to all thoxe who dare to \it in the car ~eat.


Events are listed by city, day, type, then alphabetically by name. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to clubs@list.co.uk, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Edinburgh listings are compiled by Henry Northmore.

Edinburgh Thursdays

Cltil) I Blow at lioiigo ( 'lub aliii 1am :5 3~ l'eb l)iiiiii .\ l‘.i\\ night lioni | \llli'l\ ‘l’lth ol liiendly \ibc\ and gieat llllhlc In iooiii one we haye \|\ll\. ('ia\e. (bk. \liitiny. Sam. Skye and \l(' Ratty ll laying down the d.\h. while in iooiii two llill. liigiain. \lad l'unkin' Selecta and \|e\ \\eiy pioy ide the hip hop and l‘lc‘.tk\ all with \l\ll.il\ lioni Redn\ I Bombsquad al the \enut- ‘lpni 3am liee beloie lllpin. £ 1 altei o .\lai l-oitnightly \ night ol .lLll‘\\ the board electioinca locnxing on llHll\t‘ and tech hoiixe. all nnycd tip with hip hop beatx lioni llig [2. “HP and \laiin l)llllk\ pioiiiox .il\o on ollei I CC Blooms at (‘(~ lilootih Ill illpm iani l'iee \\eekly 'Iiip the light l.llll.t\llc to Hi .\'R(i dance action at llll\ eyei popiilai gay bai I Chango at (‘abaiet \oltaiie Ilpiii iain £4 \\cekly chidenh Heitx. llob ('airnx and .liiii (‘ombe Ion iotationi \Hlll lllt'll weekly doxe ill .\llo l‘t'al. lllllk. latin. \ka and world llllISIc. with a xiiiatteiing ol liye actx |ll\l loi good nieaxtne. Studio 3 lallx into the control ol \oine ol Scotland‘x bext diiiiii tk baxx l).l\ ()tieen ll. l:\( l and \adei ton rotation: Funkey Magic at the Honeycomb Ilpiii iain, l'iee I£5 lor (iene l'.ll'l'l\l “et‘kly Soul lticllcd deep hotlu‘ lol pilgiinix \ia the lloll l’ioiect leatuiing liye [‘L'lcthltlll li'oin 'l'agg ioiiied by \ei'y \pecial gue\t the mighty (iene l'ariix t3— I-ebi out on the mad promoting lll\ new iiii\ album It mun. Helping them launch their new weekly rexidency at the Honeycomb. .‘\l\o pie club \\'\\ltlll at ()\y gen lroin 0pm. I Genetic at (‘itru~ ('Iub Ilpiii iaiii. l'i'ee beloi'e l 1.30pm; £3 alter. \\eckly Still a mighty popular \on'ee that \how caxex alternatiy e. indie and lo ti. No Smoking at the bar. mind. I Groove Collective at Berlin liierhaux. lllpni 3am. l’i'cc. \Vcekly llouxe and other gi'ooyex limit the DJ tag team behind nightx Such a\ limo l)i\co and lilaxt: Martin Valentine. Steyc \Vanlexx. (lay .\nder\on. llaii'y. llnggy and .\lai'kell, I The Latin Flava at H llai'iio lllpni Rain. £4 t£3 \llltlt‘lll\l \\eekly. The [aim l’oxxe ini\ up the hext and hotte\t latiii chart lunex with Rtin and hip hop llc'k\. l’lenty ol drinkx pioiiim and \al\a lcxxonx hclotc liatid t.\’pni Illpin at only £3 I. check w w w.ellmrriocotik loi more into I MIBZ at lirox and lzhte lllpni iam. £5 t£(ii. Weekly. The bext in [S hip hop

and Rtkll lioin 'lce-'l'.\"l'. Jay ('ee and .\lr

ll. Returning alter a bi'iel lll;llll\ but back with the \anie lllll\|c you all loyed \o much when \llll w ax baxcd at .\la\\a t(‘lnb .\lercadoi. with plenty ol tll’lllk\ ironim to back up the llllhlc. Mischief at the Venue, lll..‘~tlpiii 4am. £l3. l3 .\lar only l,a\l date till ()cl ~o get your linal li\ beloi‘e they dixappear. .\nd to make Sure you don't lorget about them oyei \llllllllL'l' the three \lorey hip hop and drum «k ba“ block party ha\ another mighty line line» up. Manning the drum ck bayx Reload arena we hay e D] Hype and I‘C\ltlclll\ liNU and Vader. \Vhilc In the Bodyrock hip hop arena w c hay e Jeru the l)ania|a and rcudentx Richie Rull'tone and .\'a\ty l’. \Vhile ax ll\ll;tl .v\J and .'\llll\tt\\;ttlol' tilSll out the bext in ragga and Rth in the Cooler.

Colours Live! .' '

WI le " ' " ~' " '

' . , I'l 'I' ' ' z” ., ., 0‘

!\‘»a t. I ‘)l.. i

Chocolate Sundae E i t 7 tie

2' u! :,_, :K p, ’7 y, . n: Taste ' .- 1' ' :'

‘~°."‘i" 12' ii‘i'f'we- lt.‘ .H’

Ll , guivp I" - '1 ii ‘0} .i

'l,(i \/' K7 \l: r/ ' ' ti' l-a ' I

l /;'_l:1‘it/{/ v, -.).;I . . t."

D ‘g, "t ‘3‘ I", , ,., .3 o_

ogma , “Am (~ ',‘( [ ll\. '1 ‘l r I ’) .t‘

:l‘.',' 7’3. (, i‘liti',,i.l1'r,il..<l'li

Jet! '. :v. .

:."'.\'i",' ""p’“ ii ‘: Iki’,

LOW GraVity ii'.i‘:":i\l , "‘ 'l .'.‘:‘:r_

Mischief 1. m; M l"'.'i (J’LT’AJQT

’71": A'"! 1’; i'“:.l 80‘:

-f,- ii.) H,:»’:. (l, ‘,~,](\ (_\o',"'. y}? o,\(‘ ,{J 57,;0

What no". (iii/i .Jm, W,- [)zivwizi «pennant two/i W,- flf’ai zinri‘ riit, “or,

SKHES. W70 ./t2.'>.i(,-. Inn / 1%?

I Nexus at Studio 34. lllpin 3am. £I. \Veekly. .\ new night that inixex the best ol rock. metal. llltlllSlrlitl and goth with a touch ol cheexe. l"rorn your iloxlx Smelly. Kynon. Ba/ and R(l\\.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. lllpni 3am. £3. Weekly. Je/ Hill and Stey ie (i with timeless Vocal house. disco and party tunex.

.9 ' r‘tl/-' 3 Mar 2973 THE LIST 71