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Edinburgh Galleries continued


(‘lerk Street. 668 201‘). Mott—Sat l0am~5.3()pm.

Hugh Walker l'ntil Sat l Mar. Photographic works by Hugh Walker inspired by a recent \isil of Shenyan in north eastern ('hina.

Emily Grey Mon 3-7Sat 2‘) Mar. Recent works by ['S oil painter Emily (irey whose works are inspired by landscape and architecture.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnyerleith House. lnyerleith Row. 552 7171.

Jim Lambie: Kebabylon t‘nttl Sttn 23 Mar tlny'erleith House: Tues—Sun lilam~3.3()pmi. A solo show of new work by Glasgow -born artist Jim Lambie. (‘reating work front other people's cast offs. the highlight of the show is Spun Dancing. a sprawling mass of twisting colour made tip of straps detached front bags and then fixed to the walls. L'pstairs is much darker. Black gaffer tape arranged in a herring-bone pattern replaces his tradetnark psychedelic floor and mirrors are placed on gaudy. paint dribbled stone-like forms.

Images from the Garden 5 Sat l Mar~Sun 6 Apr (Exhibition Hall). Botanical art. photography and craft works by students attending the RBGE adult education classes. taking inspiration from the garden.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindlay Street. 248 4848.

Le Jeu du Regard: European Theatres Tue 4” Wed 26 Mar. French photographer Fabien (‘alcayechia

presents a photographic tour of some of

the most elegant Italian—style theatres in Ettrope.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. 100 Princes Street. 225 I50]. Mon-Fri 10am—6pm. What It . . 7 L'ntil Fri 9 May. Winner of the R()Sl. Annual Art Exhibition Catalogue Design Competition. Mooks Hanitiah from Singapore. presents and exhibition of typographic interpretations on subjects affecting daily life ranging from a shopaholics route planner and life decisions for Muslim women today. SAMARKAND GALLERIES

16 Howe Street. 225 2()l(). Mon—Sat 10am 5.30pm; Sun by appointment. Antique and Contemporary Eastern Carpets Eastern rug and carpet gallery featuring a tine selection of contemporary rug art from the East as well as antique rugs and tribal bags.


[6 Dundas Street. 558 1200. Mon—Fri l()am--6pm; Sat 10am—4pm.

Alison McGili t‘ntil Wed 5 Mar. Drawing inspiration from aerial landscape. new abstract paintings by this young Edinburgh-based artist. See

Anne Redpath t'ntil Wed 5 Mar. Paintings. oils and watercolours by one of the leading lights of the Edinburgh School. Anne Redpath ( 1895—1965). Winter Craft Exhibition t'ntil Wed 5 Mar. .A mixed show of contemporary crafts by gallery artists. Janice Gray Mon 10 Mar-Wed 2 Apr. A small show of humorous animal watercolours.

David McClure Mon It) Mar—Wed 2 Apr. An exhibition of paintings by David McClure RSA. RSW tl926—1998).

Kathie Murphy Mon l() Mar-Wed 2 Apr. New resin jewellery by Kathie Murphy.

Teapots Mon 10 Mar—Wed 2 Apr. A group show of contemporary forms of the traditional teapot in ceramic and silverware.

84 THE LIST 2” Feb—13 Mar 2033

it'll More SHIRAK

5 Barony Street. 478 744i). Tue-Sat 10am ~6pm.

Contemporary Scottish Art and Design A gallery and shop featuring a changing selection of hand- woy‘en and embroidered rugs and textiles.


Reiach and Hall Architects. 6 Darnaway Street. 225 8444. Mon—Fri 2—5pnr

Marianne Eigenheer l'ntil Fri 28 Feb. Marianne Eigenheer creates a wall drawing for the space.

Ken Dingwall Fri 7 Mar——Fri l8 Apr.

An installation by Ken Dingwall.

THE SOUTHSIDE GALLERY 58 Ratcliffe Terrace. 667 l966. Mon—Fri 9am 6pm; Sat 10am—5pm. Mixed Show l'ntil Mon 3| Mar. ()riginal artworks by Various artists including new works by Viswam.


10 ()rwell Terrace. 346 I405. Mon—Sat 10am—4pm.

ENACT 2003 Tue 4-—Fri 14 Mar. An exhibition of photography by WIFIE (Women in Focus in Edinburghi in celebration of International Women's Day. NEW SHOW.


23 (‘ockburn Street. 622 6200. Energy Tones Sat S—Sat 15 Mar.

1 lam-6pm. New digital artwork by young women frotn culturally diyerse backgrounds. Members of Saheliy a. Sikh Sanjob and the Multicultural Family Base collaborated with attists Sam Hill. Sophie Scott and Kirsty

Banquet Preparations by Sandy McIntosh RSW on show at the McManus Galleries, Dundee

Statistield to create \‘itiCU projections. animations and digital images.


2l I.ismore Crescent. 62() 3344. Wed-Fri by appointment only.

Dave Beech l'ntil Fri 28 Mat'. Daye Beech present it series of new works entitled Siren/tine I/It’ Truth. The poster-si/ed text works hay e been described as a 'scratnbled database of a political speech writer whose computer has been infected by a \ it'us designed

TALBOT RICE GALLERY l'niyersity of Edinburgh. South Bridge. 65() 0746. 'l'uewSat lilattt 5pm. 0 Kenny Hunter: Freestyle Monumental! l'nttl Sat 22 Mar. Leading Scottish sculptor Kenny Hunter t'ey isits and reworks a number of existing sculptures including ('ulr. Duh Monument and Time and Space Dial it'slert/uy housed in the historical rooms of the Old College. The seemingly simple sculptures with a plastic toy aesthetic offer new and contextual readings of his practice. James Rieliy l'ntil Sat 22 Mar tround room). James Rielly 's iigurattyc w atercolours on paper. at first seem like they hay e sprung frotn the pages of a family album. But like much of Rielly 's work which explores childhood. they are both funny and sinister at the same time. responding to news items frotn teley ision and the press.


36 Dundas Street. 556 6366. Moanrt l lam--6pttt; Sat 10.30am» 4pm.

Tom Watt l'ntil Sat S Mar. Recent paintings of the south of France by Tom Watt.



For a detailed itinerary call 0| 3| 52‘) 3030/3682.

The Park l'ntil Fri 30 May. The 'l't'ayelling (iallery ‘s latest exhibition doctunents through sketches. plans. models and film the work of se\ en international artists who w ere colttmissionetl to create works for Scotland’s first national park. housed in the new (iateway (‘entt'c in Halloch. The gallery w ill be stopping off in West l)unbat'tonshire tuntil 2| Mari.


(are liar. ll) (’antbridgc Street. 223 53S}.

Peter Marshall t’nttl Sat IS Mar. Recent work.

UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH Fine Art Department. 1‘) (ieorge Square. 6504124. Mon Thu

3.30am 9pm; Fri 8.30am 7pm. Leather Rat [tail in 14 Mar. An exhibition of work by 4th and 5th year fine art students from Edinburgh l'niyersity.


16 South Fort Street. 47S 78“).

Mon Sat llatn 11.45pm; Sttn

I230 Il.45pm.

Not Strictly Commercial l'nttl Sat 22 Mar. Photographs by Niall ('otton ranging frotn oil platforms and ay iation to ('uban musicians and landscapes.


4 Dundas Street. 558 ()544/5. Mon Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 1 lam 4pm.

Mixed Show A selection of sporting and natural history paintings.