Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Life, page 89.


42 High Street. 529 4142. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm.

The Golden Ages of Toys l'ntil Sat 7 Jtiii. Share the magic of Meccano. Horriby train sets. teddy bears and the wonderful array of toys that came to life between 1890 and 1930.


142 ('anongate. 529 4143. .\1on~Sat l0am~5pm. Packed with historic artefacls. this restored 16th century mansion tells the story of lidinburgh's past and its people and houses important collections of lidinburgh silver and glass. Scottish pottery and shop signs.

Unmarlted Lives Sat 8 Mar—Sat 3 May. A touring exliibitton of tapestries. textiles and paperworks by Joanne Soroka focusing on the lives of her Scottish. Japanese and eastern liuropcan ancestors. \E‘.‘.' SHOW

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM New haven Harbour. 551 4165. Daily noon—4.45piii.

A Tribute to Fishermen L'ntil Wed 31 Dec. An exhibition focusing on the working lives of fisherman. featuring ceramic and textile designs created by students from Victoria Primary School and Edinburgh‘s Telford College.


2 (‘hambers Street. 247 4219. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm (Tue 8pm): Sun noon—5pm. Free.

Millennium Cioclt A chance to view RUssian mechanical sculptor [Eduard Bersudskyk millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high. Mediating with Spirits, Shamans in Korea L'ntil Sun 30 Mar. An exhibition exploring shamanism. an important element of the Altaic culture that came to Korea in the 13th century BC. The show features dioramas and ritual objects used by shamans. many of which have been donated to the National Museums of Scotland by the Korean

Designing Ourselves L'ntil Sun 30 Mar. A fascinating insight into how design can be used on ourselves. to enhance. adorn and transform the body. whether by tattooing. piercing. branding or even surgery. Key exhibits include Shaun Leane's Contour Corset. a curvaceous silver-plated corset which reflects the silhouette of the Coca-Cola contour bottle and body sculpture by contemporary jeweller Jacky Oliver.

William Speirs Bruce - The First Polar Hero Sat 8 Mar—Sun 1 Jun. An exhibition celebrating the lifetime achievements of William Speirs Bruce. a polar scientist and leader of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition in 1902—4. NEW SHOW.


Lady Stair's House. Lady Stair‘s Close. 529 4901. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Chapman: A Literary Hinterland L'ntil Sat 5 Apr. An exhibition celebrating the 100th edition of Chapman. Scotland's literary magazine.


L'niversity of Dundee. [3 Perth Road. 01382 345330. Mon-Fri 9am—8.30pm: Sat 10am—4.30 in

My Mout is Quiet But my Mind is Noisy L'ntil Mon 14 Apr. An exhibition celebrating the work of the intemationally renowned illustrator John Watson ( 1960—2000).

An American Conversation L'ntil 14 Mar l('ooper Gallery l. An exhibition of process-orientated sculpture by Alex Frost and Karla Black.

Photographic Map 01 the World L‘ntil Fri 22% Feb. \ikki Baird made an appeal for photographs in national and international newspapers and radio. Here she presents the results around 1000 donated snaps and postcards from around the world.


152 Nethergate. 01382 909900. Tue-Wed. Sal L’s; Sun 10.30aiii—530pm; 'l‘hu ck liri 10.30am—8pm.

0 III Communication l'niil Sun 23 Mar. New and existing works by internationally renowned artists including Turner prize nominee Liam (iillick. Jeremy Deller. Jenny Holzer. Aleksandra Mn and Philippe Parreno. reflecting the way s in which communication has been dramatically altered with the growth of internet access and use.

Gallery Tours Sat 8 Mar. 2pm. (iallcry staff lead these informal tours of the 111 Communication exhibition.

Adam King L'ntil Sun 9 Mar tPrint (iallery). Prints of fast food containers by Adam King exploring the nature and politics of consumerism today.

Craft Focus L'ntil Sun 6 Apr (One Two Five shopi. Jewellery in oxidised silver and gold by Andrea Douglas and a selection of domestic tools and utensils by various makers.


Albert Square. 01382 432084. Mon—Sat 10.30aiii—5piii; Sun 12.30—4pm; Thu 10.30am—7pm.

123rd Annual Exhibition of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour L'ntil Sun 16 Man A celebration of watercolour painting featuring over 200 new works by over 150 established and new artists from across Scotland. Artists include Simon Laurie. Chris BUshe. Elizabeth Blackadder. Philip Reeves and Ian McKenzie Smith.

RSW with RSW: Demonstrations, Tasters and Tours Sat 1 Mar. 2pm. RSW members offer demonstrations and tours of their l23rd annual exhibition. ‘The Beatles in Dundee’ Photographic Display L'ntil Mon 30 Jun. A collection of photographs from the DC Thomson archives and film footage to mark the 40th anniversary of the Beatles playing in Dundee.

VISUAL RESEARCH CENTRE Dundee Contemporary Arts. 152 Nethergate. 01382 348060. Wed—Fri 10.30am-5.30piii; Sat & Sun

1230—530 m.

Hamish ulton L'ntil Sun 23 Mar (Centre for Artist's Books). Artists books by Hamish Fulton.

Outside the Cities


SUMMERLEE HERITAGE PARK Heritage Way. 01236 431261. Mon-Sun 10am—5pm.

Jazz on No Levels L'ntil Sun 6 Apr. Large paintings by Dominic Snyder and photographs by the late Scan Hudson on the theme ofjazz and dance.

St Andrews


Abbey Street. 01334 475000.

Poets Photographed Tue ll—Tue 25 Mar. Polaroid portraits of ten Scottish poets by Maud Sulter.



35 The Stirling Arcade. 01786 479361. Tue—Sat 11am—5pm.

Dirk Bell, Kate Davis and Alan Michael L'ntil Sat 15 Man A group show focusing on the artists' use of drawing and painting.


A Bear Called Paddington

Michael Bond

BEAR TALK So what’s all the fuss about this bear and a jar of marmalade then? What do you mean? He's r‘o ordinary bear. He's a very un-Ordlnary bear. In fact the most unorolnary bear to arrive on these Shores.

And so he just arrived one day, did he? Yes. it was the Summer of 1958 and the Browns spotted him On Paddington station. He was us: standing there with a label rOuno his neCK reading ‘PLEASE LOOK AFTER THIS BEAR. THANK YOU.‘ He $810 ne was from Peru.

From where? He .1880 to live with nts Aunt LuCy in Peru Darkest Peru - but she had to g lCiO a home for retired bears. He had no One to loos after him.

Ahh - so he was seeking asylum then? Exactly. Paodangton bear arrived in London as a Stowaway he'd heard the streets were tineo with marmalade. Yikes! That’s not really true. He could have come to a rather sticky end. He cOulo hoeeo. LUCKIly for Paddington. Mrs Brown was a very nice lady and knew that “London's Such a big place wnen yOu've got nowhere to 90'.

She’s right. Yes. Plus. Britain needed a bear or two in the 505 there were lots of them around w:th Only a Surtcase to call their own. We fOund them very handy. What a welcoming place it was. Mmmm. it's uniikely that we'd be feeding bur Stowaway bears tea and cakes today f“‘l'm glad I emigrated." said Paddihgton as he reaCheo but a oaw and pulled the plate nearer.“

Possibly not. And so now he's on stage you say? Yes. he's made Qurte a Success of his life. Currently touring rOund the COuntry Wath his own Show he loves it. but then he always was a bit of a drama Queen.

I A Bear Ca/Ied Pao’dington by Michael Bond was bub/ished in 7958. Paddingron can be found in G/asgow. See over for deter/s.

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Activities and Fun

National Science Week Sat 8-Sun 9 Mar. Glasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5010. National science week comes to the Glasgow sciences centre with a range of weekend activities including wiggly worms. egg drop challenge. cockroach comer and dragon feeding. See panel Glasgow life page 88.

Silent Key Project - Workshop for Young People Sat 8 Mar. 1—4pm. £6 (£5). CCA. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. Ages 10—15. A workshop for young people based on the Silent Key Project that hopes to make contact with children in Kabul using powerful shortwave equipment.


Children's Classic Concert Sat 1 Mar. 3pm. £9.50 (£5); family £26. Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. Madcap percussionist Alasdair Malloy takes you on a joumey through space with the orchestra of Scottish Opera. Aliens in the audience are encouraged dress to impress!

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