Edinburgh life

Wed 5


The Edinburgh New Town Gardens \ttguxlinc l nilt'd (lunch. -11 (it-i-ryc l\' Hilda: 335 “5‘5 "pin L3 Il'rcct [)1(.l'lllllk‘l;}lt'lllk'.ltl\.tIt‘lllllt'} ol \ll501'it'l} .1\ part ot thy (1111 l dinhingh (‘luh'x \1.irth lutnrc [‘lItL'ldlltlllt'

Other events The Potting Shed l..illtl\1oti (mitt:

3:1(‘rtnnond Road South. “0 3111111


Royal Observatory Visitor Centre 1111:; fascinating observatory is undoubtedly one of the capital's best kept secrets. offering information. from the latest interactive (31)~11OMs on space and astronomy to the observatory's ongoing work in Hawaii and Australia. lhe centre also hosts a spectacular l-riday night star gazing session. See listings for more information B/ackford H///. (568 840-4. MorrSat l()am-:’3pm: Sun noon -:'>pm. 1‘2. (50 4185);.

Edinburgh Zoo Widely accepted as one of the linest zoos in Britain. there's plenty here to while away an afternoon. Or even a whole day if you take your time. '1 here's a wonderful range of animals on show. including the zoo's newest reCruit. Lizzie. a baby pygmy hippo. Check out the 200's fun Illustrated talk this fortnight, My Life With Orcas l 12 Mar). See listings for more information. COI'SIOfp/lllle Road. (334 9 l 7 I. Dar/y 9am~4.30pm. £7.50 (£4.50); family ticket £22.

; . The Scottish Whisky heritage Centre Discover the histOry and mystery of Scotland's most famous export as yOu experience the entire Scotch whisky experience. including the whisky barrel ride. the distillery and the blender's ghost. Lest we forget the short and light-hearted film, showcasing what makes Scotch whisky unique. A barrel Of fun tOr all the family. 354 Castle/rill The Roia/ Mile. 220 0447. Daily lOam—5.30prn. f7.50(f5.501.

90 THE LIST. "at ‘.’..:- . c

111.1111 thn 1111 \dxantc hooking tctiuttcd \n .tdult workshop in dtxotaltti; llo\‘.ct potxantl lillin; thcni \‘-lll1l‘tlll‘\ On the Stage North I dinl‘uigh \ll\ (t‘llllt'. 15.x l’t'nn} \xcll (butt. ‘15 3151 3 ~1pint\ ‘tpin \cc lhu 3"

Thursday 6

Book events

Scottish Lives \t‘llk'll‘tn‘. \ll\ ('cnhc. ~13 ~15 lligh Slit-cl. 55(1U5Wr 3pm l‘tt'c Scc lhu 3" Martine \\.llk'l\lllllt"\. (it'tltgt‘ Strcct. 335 H to. "pin. Rodd} .\l.ntmc launt'hcx lll\ hook. Sir/u [normal

\r Ul/tlllt/


After Hours National l’ttlll.tll(i.tllk'1). | ()uccn Slit-ct. (13-1 (131111 (i "put lit-c St-c 'l'hti 3~

Dichotomous City l<o_\.il \luxcuni. 3 (‘hanihcrx Strut-t. 3171310 (1 :11pm [41th. Stt'uart (‘onn \ll\\'ll\\t'\ ladinhtngh in pot-tr} doun thc .igcx


Spring Textiles l..lllll\lHll (Lntlt'. 3.1 (’Inttlond Road South. H(i 3111111

llltnn -lpin. t". .\d\.int'c hooking: I'L'qllllt'tl. .\ lt'\lllk' \\Ul'l\\ltti]\ lHl .ttllll1\ It'd h} .\l;irg_'.iict l-indla}.

Other events

On the Stage North litltnhtngh '\ll\ (‘cntrta 15a l’ctiinut-ll ('ourt. .115 3151. 3 -lptn & '7 0pm. Scc 11111 3,".


L’Art De La Rencontre .\‘.iiion.il 1.11m”) oi Scotland.(icot;_'c1\’ lliidgt'. 335 5100. 3 (rpm. l.'|n\titut l't.ing.n\ d'lit‘nvt' [ttt‘wtth llllx totllttl l.tl\lc tll\\‘ll\\ltilt on dialoguc .nnong: L'l\lll\;lll(111\.

Other events

On the Stage North ltdinhuigh .\ll\ ('cnttc. 15a 1’cnii.\\\cll(‘otnt. 115 3151. 3 thn t\ 3 ‘lpni. Sct' lllll 3”.

Comic Relief Wine Tasting :\\\ctnhl} Roomx. 5.1(icoigc Slim-l. 33H JR-l‘). 7 9pm. {111. Don )ttlll lt‘tl nowx tor a Listing ol owr 1111) who hung; \old in 4nd ol \Vinc Rcltcl 311111. “I”! \\lllL‘\[lll/.l‘tllllt'(01111101111011.llltll.llllt' \\llll \utt'lh} hoo/} [H'l/C\

It’s in the Stars Roin ()hxcixatoi) \txitot (k‘ttlt‘t‘.Blacklotd11111.0(15 h-lll-l. " ‘lptii, L301) 111.851. Scc l'll 3.\ l'clt.

Book events

Courtyard Readings Scotttxh l’octr} 1.11m”). 5 ('itchton'x ('low. (Inionggttc. 55" 357». 3pm. l'icc. ()pcn hoth to .in_\onc “ho cnio_\\ reading; and lixtcning to othct'x rcttd.


Are we What we Read? ‘l'hc llulw. (‘Rl\llk'lllll. Roin Milo-1‘3 3111111,

() 7.30pm. {5. .'\11L'\k'lllll:_' ol tll\\'ll\\|ttll illld dchatc 10 \‘L‘lL'ltl'dlL‘ lllL‘ littltlt‘ll til Road Around Book and “odd Hookx l);t_\. \Vith (Ullll'll‘llllttlh lrom .l.tlll(t‘ (ialloua). .'\l.l\tl.tll (Era). .\1c;igh.tn l)c1;ihtint and (‘hrixtophct lli'ookiii)i'c. Scc pm to“.

em- ilm‘iual ENACT for Women Festival 15" 1.3a" This varied festival aims to exolor :. support and develop llllll'dil‘.’(3§$ to enable women to become more ‘.isit)le as makers and sharc-r's at therr culture. For more llllCJt'lllthltX‘» on the range of exents on offer. contact 346 7990. email enactfonvomeneuk2.net or click on wmv.enactfonvomarLorg

line we WHAT we READ?


_ . Lrhz'v 5; *


Warm up your vocal cords and polish down your opinions for this fun evening of discussion and debate as book connoisseurs from around the capital consider the books that best reflect life in Scotland. Contributions come courtesy of some of the finest names in Scottish literature - including the inimitable Janice Galloway, the timeless Alasdair Gray, the enticing Meaghan Delahunt and funnyman Christopher Brookmyre and the public will get a chance to have their say. too.

The event marks the climax of the UK-wide ‘Are we What we Read?‘ campaign for World Books Day (Thursday March 6). The Scottish shortlist includes Irvine Welsh's cult novel Trainspotting and Alasdair Gray's Lanark. Marc Lambert. of the Scottish Book Trust hopes the event will be a chance to examine how reading effects our lives and contributes to our

understanding of Scottish identity.

80 whether you see Benton or Morvern Callar as epitomes of Scottishness, or fancy extolling the virtues of Granpaw Broon, what better way to chew the literary fat than with this enticingly diverse panel? Before getting yourself down to the Hub, visit www.worldbookday.com and find

out how to make your vote count. (Annabel House) 2452'. the Hat). C.‘t:;.'.t,>.'hi. Noni

.N! ..'. .. 1...! ‘t.t:,.,t>t:.:,

Other events

Scottish Motorcycle Show Ro};tl Highland (‘cnttta Inglixlon. 135 03111). Rm m] up dixpl;i_\\ lot l\\o uhcclcd Clllllll\l.t\1\.ll1lll\.llllill;tl \hrm,

On the Stage North lzdinhtngh .-\rt\ (‘cntitz 15a l’cnn)\\c11(‘ourL .115 3151, 3 Jpn] k 3 9pm, Sgt-1111137.


Sunday Sessions at protoacademy pt’oloatutdL'tlt}. Room 3 i8. Izdinlitngh (‘ollcgc oi .'\l'l. "‘1 'l'hc (it‘axxtttat‘kcl. 331 (i301. 3 4pm. l-rcc. (‘ontcinpoignt art htixcd rot-arch unit pl'ololtcutlcltl} pt'cxcttlx tt [H‘Cu‘lllttlltih Ul ncu uoik h} l'ltikc lliigittc linxlcin lollottcd h} an accompan} in; Lll\L‘ll\\lUll group.

Other events

Scottish Motorcycle Show Royil Highland ('cntrc. Inglixton. 355 ()31111. SL'L' Sal 5.

Make a Basket in a Day Rtl}ill Hotanu~ (idltlt‘ll. lnwrlcith Ru“. 553 ~1'1. lllam 5pm. L411. Scc Sat 3.

On the Stage North ladtnhurgh .-\rt\ (‘cnlt'tx 15.1l’ctttl}\\c11('otirt.315 3151. 3 4pm tk " 0pm. Scc lhti 37.

Monday 10

Other events

Japanese Gardening Books 1.;iurixton ('.i\tlc. 3:1(‘i'.nnond Road South. 330 3lloll. llldlll 4pm. ‘4". .-\d\.tngc hooking; icquncd, \lakc gardcn \kctghhooks \\lll1 .tl'll\l Jacqtii l’cxtcll at 1lll\;ltllll1\‘ \xorkxhop.

On the Stage North 1-.dinhurghArtx (‘cntru 15dl’cttn}\\c11(titlt'l. 515 3151. 3 4pm & " ‘lpin. Su- lhu 3'.

Tuesday 1 1

Book events

The Tuesday Turtle \t‘lllt'll‘tl“ :\l'1\ (.L'llll'L‘. 43 45 High SllL'L‘l. 5.50 957‘). 7 9pm. £3 donation. Scc luv 1

Other events

On the Stage North l'.dinhtn_~:|i :\ll\ ('cntrc. |5;i l’cnntxwll (‘otnt. 315 3151 3 4pm tk 7 9pm. Su- lhu 3,".

Wednesday 12

Book events

Talking Books: Claire Rayner ()UL'L'II\ llttll. (.lL‘l‘k Sll'L'L'l. OOH 3111‘). 7.31)pni. £5. ('lairc Rayicr dixctixxcx llL'l' biography. [[1111 Dir] / (ir'r [mm l/u'n' in association \xith I'M/Ir 3 and thc ()uccn‘x llull.

Other events

On the Stage North ladinhtiigh .r\rt\ ('cntrc. 15a l’cnnpxcll (‘ourt. 315 3151. 3 -1ptn & 7 9pm. Scc '1 hit 37.

My Life with Orcas latlinhuigli Zoo. ('ot'xtot'phtnc Road. 53-1 9171. 7.30pm. £51131.th \HllltlL‘l'llll pcrtnancnt attraction llt)\l\ an lllll\ll.'llt'tl talk h} larich 11o)t. lL‘\L‘Atl'L'llL‘l' and author ol lhc hook. ()l't rr: l/Ir’ ll'ltu/r (ti/It'll [til/(7',

Thursday 1 3

Book events

Scottish Lives \crhui-lmu .-\n\ (‘cnlro 43 ~15 High Strut-t. 550 057*). 3pm. l'rcc. Sec ‘1 hit 3,". Other events

On the Stage North lidinhurgh Arts ('cntrc. 15a l’cnii}uc11('ourt. 315 3151. 3 ~1ptntk 7 ‘lptii. Scc '1 hit 3,".