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Cigarettes and alcohol

I Inslder was recently talking to John Dower. director of the lust—released music documentary about the 90s phenomenon known as Britpop. Documenting the short-lived explosion of great, world dominating, though not exactly revolutionary Brltlsh pop music. Lrve Forever ls essentlally a serles of talking head lntemlews. Dower and illS producer John Battsek managed to seCure the Interest and cooperatlon of what they call the ‘holy trlnlty'. that ls. Noel and Liam of Oasis. Damon of Blur and Jarvis of Pulp. Not that It was an ea sy task. Dower: “The process of getting

The Front

TH E Q U OT ES ‘Fortunately I have an enormous ego, which allows me to carry on no matter how many

times I am told I’m too old, too nasal, too intelligent or

too gay u" fl" '1» “omen,”

‘We didn’t actually have a first date. We had been working together for about 18 months and he says that l raped him. But he raped me.’

‘Yo, yo, don’t be sexist, I’ll let you ride in my Lexus.’

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l.’ "v :t "91' '»l f " .‘rr ’f{i(),'.'t’ """tt {Hr} "WW1 ’;I .1 r.’ '

‘The best art comes out of pain. And I’ve got enough for ten great movies. Just write the damn cheque!’ /(,*l'l".'(},/xt1,'.'l .':>:>t?t}:)!r>g

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people llke thls for a documentary Is a skill that I'm not remotely proud of. YOU have to grovel unbell rvably, throw

yourself at people's feet. begglng. Guys llke these have no Incentive to be IN a fllm like this. People IlkC Noel set themselves up In front of a camera because the majorlty of the tune people are there to take a pop. So. we had to (:on\.lnce thelr managers that was not what we were out to do. And that takes a hell of a long trme.‘

And the rCSults’? Well, vae Forever IS a lot of fun, if somewhat slight. But although Dower and Battsek treat the” SUUJOCIS wlth great respect. Albarn and the Gallaghers smk themselves. Whlle Damon drones on rather pretentioust about what Brltpop was (all the while strummlng what looks like a ukulele). Noel Suggests hrs sOul rs purer than Albarn's

‘I’m really hoping people can get to know me and realise I’m not just a pretty face with a voice, that there’s a talent there as well.’ (-3.’1.'t:-.'t‘(};lfes dreams the rnprlssnfle

because the northerner IS more working class. Best of all Is the lntervlew wlth Llam ln whlch the Oasls co-frontman

comes across Ilke Nigel Tufnel. Those unaware of Tufnel's place in muslc history are drrected to the mock rockumentary Thls IS Sp/na/ Tap and ln particular the scene In \VhICiT the heaw metal gultanst IS confused by the suggestion that the CXDllCli cover of Tap's new album lS sexrst. “What's wrong Wllh sexy.’ he asks dumbly? Llam doesn't Qtllle top that.

I lnsrder sees yet another celeb has been ersnared In the paedophile hysteria. Currently belng fuelled by the UK medsa. Followlng the .n‘prrsonment of Gary Glltter and the maestgatlor‘. of Pete Townsend for don-.n'eadtng klddle porn from the lnternet. Masslve Attacks 3!) rs now also iTt‘lllg nvestlgated for lllegal web— based actmty The conspiracy theorist ln Inslder howeym. wonders I.‘ 3 ‘s outspoken \l(?‘.‘.’8 on the lmpendlng war wlth lrag rconsolldated bx " :1 nv‘on‘lner‘ce at me recent antl- \ .len‘o ll‘ London: might not have lmt‘nted some n‘eda-gmernn‘ent- n‘llltam coxer‘t action to. putting l’. bluntly. shut the n‘uslc:an's mOuth. lnsloer defers ,ludgen‘ent for the moment. but ~f another antl-~.-.'ar lobbylng celeb. Blur's Damon Alparn for example. is lmpllcated ln .‘omethlng as career and reputatzon- destroy mg as kiddie porn. then perhaps a consplracy theon wrl! prove to be Son‘ethlr‘g far more dlsturblng tl‘a't 't‘ere theo'y

I Those wonderfu: prar‘ksters wlth a polltrcal agenda. the Guerilla Girls. are at It again. fighting the good fight against discrrmlnatlon. The group 0‘ anonymous fen‘ale aCil‘."SlS. who call themselves ‘yOur Cultural consclence'. have UllVOlled the latest Il‘. a serles of

grant billboard dlsplays ln Los Angeles.

The Girls" redeslgn of the Oscar statuette. the Trent L'Ottscar. dlrects the publlc's attention to the fact tnat Only .12; of the directors of 2002's top

100 films were fen‘ale. Go to the Garls'

webslte and learn more fasclnatlng stuft. lncluolng the notion that the Intenn‘ government of Afghanlstan ls progresswe than Hollyl.'.'ood wlth :ts 63;; of the cabnet members belng

Even the

Pastor, Guerllla Girls, Kill! Kllll

progreSSiVC \

‘My agent persuaded me to go for it. She keeps saying: “You have beautiful breasts.”’

Chest/ha Rlccl dlsmlsses the early negot/atlons for ner fort/reornlng role as the often-olsrobed lover of executed sena/ klller Al/een V/uornos,

I No pranks In a cultura. lnltzat.‘.e ,rganlse . by Glasgow arts VE‘WJC‘ tne Arches and the Br'trsh Cotlncr. MP3- BPM (Muslca Popular Brasllelra Brltlst‘ Popula.r Muslcl ls a protect brlnglng together n‘usloans from Scotland and Bra/ll. E:ght n‘uslclans from all walks of the SCOiilfSl‘ musc scene are to be flown to Sao Paulo. Bra/ll. where they wlll llve wlth, .earn from make music .vlth and go on tour

wrth eight Ber/f'llélfl musrCIans. The Arches :s Currently ralsrng funds to repeat the protect. organlslr‘g a n‘lrror wage of .t back here .ri Scotland.

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