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Many Australian wine-makers still boast of their Caledonian heritage. Barry Shelby

Here’s a tour of Scotland via a sample of New World wines.


Great Western Cabernet Sauvlgnon 1998 .000 Best's has been run generatlons ot lhomsons v‘ the 64/ Grampians yes. Grarvwans * reglon near Melbourne. Founder \‘tlzlltam Thomson mas; born In Palsley. This Is a rieel; though not unfathomanle cabernet. FEI‘.OLlFll 2 of the .01. I Call ll'l/xne /moorfers Emmet/"g" 0/37 5:36 360'.


Rutherglen Muscat 0000 similar to the French Rhone So that manta he t"e RIM

famlly In Australlan mne rnaklng. the founding; C(‘I’l‘zlll‘ll

VlClOfla Since then. Known as the "\.'.'orl<l's r.<:"‘~esf June] llttle number sold by the half bottle Is a". aux/am '.'.'I""-e".


lt's sa'a' '.":(:- l-tttti'ierg; e’: :: Australla's southeastern ill). then. Another (Int; stavtztvtg; \ ::<;t'. s"

1857 from St Andrews. Muscats have Dee" ;:r:;:lt:::e:2 "

I For stock llsts call 3090’ I"/,ne Agencies 0 ’2:’>e‘ ,‘0' ft‘ I

Dry Muscat 2002 00 T Es' are proud (lesq:ent:ar‘t:; :;‘ x " tamtlles flom Ahe'ttett-ns" '2'? av: 3 or: : Thelr progeny ifitl"1l‘7’l‘|.‘lltt.'.<i .' t . l898. Thls moderately tweet, 72.1. I. : than IS sparkly on the tongue m1: " match well \‘JIlll nasta l"- .'.I‘;t‘: "2: str. I Brown does a full range. II‘tfntta'tt; a" exceptlonal reserve rlesil'g as

I For stock Ilsfs ca" (2 1625-3 4.1!;




Bobble Burns Chardonnay 2001 CO.

The Campbell Iamlly established the vuneyard named Bobble Burns In 1870. In addltIOn to producmg thus sturdy white wine. a Subtle. un- oaky Chardonnay mth a light, buttery (Inlsh. It also prowcles

the grapes for a dry versIon the Aussle's bold and frtuty shlraz.

I Call 81999! W/ne Agenc/es O 7256 ,‘i‘ '3 ‘.

The Clan Cabernet Blend 1999 000 Wlnemaker Alasdaw Suti'tenanrt 1‘," Haddlngton anrl East l_()illl£tll stock vefietxt, his SCOillSlt helltage In the name <:‘ "-5; Ne.'. SOutlt Wales company In a<l<iltm" to the Ola." mere llght. frulty merlot tl‘an nor: ()élktftt sauvlgnon llllS small faintly -Iun '.'."I\e'". ".(tfl some other (ex/oeatnxely named I}.’(3't‘ltlt't wines. such as Its Ce:ll<lh and Ghlllle Shua/s. I Wine Importers Etlnlmrgn () 7597 35:56 39M) '.

BREMERTON Selklrk Shiraz 2000 000

I Available from Great Gro w/ne mercranr Q

The royal burgh In the Boroer's Tu'xee’: Valley prowdes the namesake of tth elllll‘l(3r‘lll‘,' (Irlnkahle xme. T'af's because Selklrk IS One-tlme stomping grouno o‘ Bre'ntartm's 0 ‘."€: WIIlson tamlly. In 1985 they purchased the Langnorne Creek estate near Adelaide. and started to grow thelr own grapes In 991. Tnzs s'wa/ .s ""2"; oaked th0ugh less complex than Bobble Bums, solo; av; ' fto'oaor;

o' .3, onowg ,I (1,5 M I! /

Side dishes

An extra helping of news


I BEANSCENE CAFES have introduced a 'wireless hot spot' at the West End Glasgow unit. It allows laptop computer owners to connect to the internet without any wires. During an introductory period. one half-hour ‘connection' will be tree. ‘It is our intention to roll-out the “hot spots” throughout our other units in Scotland.’ says Beanscene founder Gordon Richardson.

I BLOODY MAIN (XJCKIAII bar Is planned for Vznlcomhe Street. Glasgow, opposne Gong. It \‘Jlll he run by tne same team that owns Vodka Wodka on nearby Ashton Lane. veteran restaurateur Alan lemksns I'Panlngot and 23 year‘oltl Fraser Mellwratth. Cale/bar food Wlll he serveo and art by members of WASPS ‘.‘-/I|l he featured, too. Expected opening Is June.

I AMARYLLIS. GORDON Ramsay’s Glasgow operation, has launched its a la carte menu under the direction of head chef Colin Buchan. It supplants the set-price daytime menu du jour with selections such as a starter of leek and potato tart with smoked haddock (£4.10), main course of roasted monkfish tail with creamed Scottish mussels (£12.75) and a chocolate mousse (£4.25). In the ‘drawing room', Amaryllis will continue with its £45 six- course ‘menu prestige’ as well as a variety of dishes from a fine-dining list at the set price of £35.

' 2' .1 -THE LIST 113