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a Scottish Arts Council

The Scottish Arts Council is the national body for the funding, development and 5 “"‘I' i 5‘79 *i‘ ‘3 i' I advocacy of the arts in Scotland. funded by the Scottish Executive and the National Vi <" ‘-‘ " ' it \- Lottery Fund. We a'c' 'et ’_ ~v ‘e. i‘ .- 'l'}\,'-"l““‘°"‘i't'"i



The Performil‘g Arts (o'n'nlttee and tl‘e Creative Arts (ommlttees Will advise I

We are seeking rnembers for three key committees which will lit‘ii) the (o-anril achieve its aims.

Council on policy matters relating to the performing arts (dance, drama and 'ntlsic} and creative arts tcralts. literature and visual artsl in Scotland. Both committees will also consider the broad spectrum of work tI‘al crosses t'iese a'tfor'ns. The WWW-Slasgow'academYCo-Uk Capital Committee will advise Council on policy matters relating to capital 0' 0'73“ 0907 787 3131 development and consider decisions on large scale applications. 5”“ “43"” “3 "WI i“ david@glasgow-academy.co.uk or op. t to Recruitment, Carling Academy, equalities and education are embedded in our work. They will also have an 191 Eglimon Street, Glasgow, GS 95w important role in monitoring the activity of many key arts organisations.

Toma/1y, (IC‘A’I‘ marl (ii/{)I : cif">" t’ll'“ at

Committees will ensure that Council policy areas, such as audience development,

We seek enthusiastic and knowledgeable advocates for the arts and artists in

Scotland. We would like Committees to have as wide a rep'cwentation as possible ROYAL BANK

and would particclarly like to hear from people in the ea'ly stages of their career. GLASGOW JAZZ FESTIVAL

people with experience of disability. individuals from minority ethnic commur‘ities, and speakers of Gaelic and Scots. ROYAL BANK GLASGOW JAZZ FESTIVAL Committee members typically serve for three years and will meet 4-0 times per 2 - 6 July 2003 IS looking tor a year, generally at Our Edinburgh offices. They may also be asked to evaluate the activities we fund. and we will also ask three members from each Arts Committee MARKETING ASSISTANT Fee £2400 to sit on our Capital Committee. The positions are voluntary. but loss of earnings 2] Apri| - 18 July 2003

and expenses will be reimbursed where appropriate.


We are seeking specialist advisers to help us make decisions about fanciing and policy development. This will include artistic evaluations of projects and programmes supported by the Scottish Arts Council.

Send CV to Royal Bank Glasgow Jazz Festival, 8t High St. Glasgow, Gt tNB or qlasqow irazzfest.co.uk by 28 March.

Scottish Arts Council

We need independent advisors with expert knowledge of crafts. dance. drama. literature, music. viscal arts, new media. combined arts and capital development. We also need specialist advice in areas such as marketing, architecture. basiness planning. cultural diversity. and arts and disability.

lhe work will usually involve commenting on specific: aspects of funding applications, attending meetings, and contributing as part of a group along with. other advisOrs and Council Officers. In the first instance specialist advisors will be

I appointed annually. to a maximum of three consecutive terms of service. O I I e ‘: t I v e

Details of payment. along with terms and conditions, will be supplied with the

[ application form. I Application forms for both positions are downloadable from our GallerYIPrOJECt ASSIStant

website on www.5cottisharts.org.uk or available by contacting Irene Watson. (voluntary position) i Scottish Arts Council. 12 Manor Place. Edinburgh EH3 700 3 days per week or New Deal (tel: 0131-226 6051 or e-mail: irene.watson@scottisharts.org.uk).

Deadline for applications: Friday 28th March Closing date: 15! April 2003 Interview date: Wednesday 2nd March Start date: Tuesday 8th April

I I The Scottish Arts Council champions the arts for Scotland r tel: 0'3l 220 I260 l0" further details and aPPIKM'O" form

- s 3y“? www.5cottrsharts.org.uk ’7‘ supported by SAC and cec

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