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The best lilm ever: the people have spoken

Poll vaulting

We’re deluged by opinions: stop reading now. M’Jor'ilf'): Jason Hall

o what's with this opinion piece anyway"? Has there hccn any other

time in human history when there hayc heen more outlets l‘or the

loudmouthed to \oicc their hall-baked ideas to the doughy—hraincd'.’ ()nline lorums. Viewer-Voting on reality TV. national opinion polls. weh-hased slll'\c_\‘s. premium rate phone-ins. talk-radio shows cycn this \cry column. You'yc got something to get till your chest'.’ There‘s a platform for you somewhere. Why not sound the all-ahoard and start letting oil steam‘.’

I‘ll tell you why not. ()pinions suck especially other people‘s. Why should I care about your opinion’.’ And why sliotild you giyc two squirts oi gas l'rom a rat’s rotten ass ahout minc'.’ Personal opinions are best kept personal and only the arrogant and the loolish would think otherwise. There‘s nothing humhle about the need to force an opinion down some poor sap’s throat irrespectiyc oi how ol’tcn you might prelix cycry rash statement with: ‘ln my humhlc opinion . . .'

'l‘he pi'ohleni is that our news media doesn't see it this way. In fact. it seems all-too-keen to solicit our two-pence worth and sell it hack at an artilicially inflated yaluc. line and dandy when it comes to inane triyia such as the greatest cyer Britons‘. But when we‘re talking ahotit whether or not to go to war or how we yote in a coming election. I really don't want to he asking the audience or phoning a friend. The public

\‘olcd Slur ll'urs as the best film of all lims‘. i'eiiiemher'.’ So when the media cites the and

results oi a telephone poll as credihle _ eyidcnce. it’s enough to make anyone roar a news medla (‘h ‘wha ‘a-lik ' howl. ' h '

L L“ L IS t en

()1‘ course. the mother of all pointless opinions is the opinion poll itsell‘. Why should we think for one second that they are in any way repi'csentatiy‘e of what the majority thinks‘.’ 'l‘hey're fundamentally flawed. Do you value the opinion of anyone who allows themsely'cs to get collared on the high street by a clipboard-wielding asshole'.’ Do these idiots speak loi‘ you'.’ Any clued-up customer has only one thought when clocking a clipboard: get outta my way. I‘m trying to shop. You really want to hear the majority yiew'.’ 'l‘hen here is the news: the majority of the population walks right past those cliphoard guys. hangs up on telephone canyassers and lllL‘\ written questionnaires under ‘Stop Wasting my Time. 1 (lot .\'ails to Paint.

()pinions suck and news media is their l)yson. We may think w e'i'e contributing to the debate when we add our Vote to their meaningless polls htit we‘re only extending the myth ol’ their relevancy. What kind of existential angst is it that makes us so keen to trade listening to the debate for saying our hit'.’ We're behaving like reckless Vandals. our opinions reduced to yerhal gralliti. In a conceited attempt to assert our own \Vlilll]. we're spray-painting the walls of an uninterested world. But haye we really said any more than ‘I wo/ 'ere'l’

You want my opinion‘.’ (io ask yourself why.


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