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Clinic Space For Rent Spt'tlllt'dll} tl\‘\lf.‘llttl practitionm rooms .l\.lll.ll‘l\' Spacious. llj_'lll .iiitl liiiglit Snppnitt-tl b} .t git-at s_\nt-rg_'islit it'lail \t-nnt' lll lllL' lit'arl o1 l t‘ltli's let)\\lllf_' \‘illillllllllll_\. l’lJulllliIllt‘ls \\ llll (‘lrnit'al t'\pt-iit'nt‘t' nt't'tl Ulll} .ipp|_\, Please contact Louisa Johnston at Tonic Health on 0131 554 6161

Audition Announcement Bard in the Botanics 2003

Glasgow Rep IS seeking actors for the 2003 Summer Shakespeare Festival. . .Ftve outdoor productions of Shakespeare (Henry V. Measure for Measme. Antony and Cleopatra.

A Midsummer Night's Dream and Much Ado About Nothtng) between June 25th and July 27th in Glasgow's Botantc Gardens. Send current CV and photo to "Casting". Glasgow Rep. Glasgow Botantc Gardens. 730 Great Western Road Glasgow G12 OEU or email to tnfo“(I‘lglasgowreporg

Audtttons held March 29th - 31st in the Botantc Gardens Deadlrne for CV's March 22nd.

"this garden has a world of pleasures in 'tl" Reception/Administration

r.‘ tl.t_\s or -I ha“ tl.t}sl l'.\t'itin_:'

ttppoiluriit} to he inxttlu‘tl \‘.llll tlail} iunniiig: oI :_'IH\‘-lll:_‘ llt‘allli

(‘t'ntrt‘ Yoga/l’ilales Stntlin in l.t'llll. l‘llll organist-d pt'rson inlt'rt'stt'J in ('urnplt-int'iilai)

llt'altli. I’L'UPlL'. Computer and

()rgani/alronal skills t'sst'iilial \Vill'tl .-\t'L‘C\\ l'.\t't'l \Vl'llllIfJ


Please contact Louisa Johnston at Tonic Health on 0131 554 6161



Community Education Worker Family Learning Community Based Adult Learning (5 Posts)

(Temporary until 31st March 2004)

17 Hours 52 Minutes

£17,733 - £22,818 (bar) - £24,546

(Progression beyond £22,818 will be at discretion of the Department, and will apply only to widely experience staff, in posts that carry enhanced responsibility)

I Actors Wanted. One female lalt' 2(ls earl} “ls. Ullt' malt: lalc' Ills t‘arl_\ ills \xantt'tl ltll‘ romantic tragic It'alnit' length llltlL‘PL‘lltlt'lll tilin. 'l'ttial tlt'tlit‘ation i‘t'tlun't'tl Ior a “ork in progress. Sonic inonc} lll\()l\L'(l.(.illll’illllll77l-l71‘) l7‘) tla} -Ul'-lllf__'lll.

I Social Care Workers. L7 thl+ per hour. St'ntl name and phone number to

and) inoii'lht“ liuliiiail.t‘oiii.

£75 - £475/week 3U llt‘\lltlc' lltllll'\ as tltitil' cainasst'r. 'l‘raining supplit'tl. ('ollt‘t't t'nqtiirit‘s. pi‘at‘tit‘t' handling: rejection. gel cwrcisctl. \xurking residential areas. ’l‘ransport. lt'lt‘Plltlllt‘ rt'tlnirt'tl. l’t‘rlt'cl for actors lk‘l“ t‘t'lt lults/ \ltltlc‘llls. Mike Greenan (Aquaseal) 07980 566 042

To work in one of five geographical areas in Edinburgh: City Centre & Leith; North West; NOrth East; South West; South East.

To develop and organise innovative Family Learning programmes for groups of parents and carers in local primary schools, nurseries and other community settings and to undertake the tuition of an agreed number of groups.

A degree in Community Education or recognised equivalent (ie a Diploma or Post Graduate Certificate in Community Education, Adult Education, Youth and Community Work) is essential.

Experience of successful group work with adult returners in community or school settings and development of responsive learning programme and collaborative working practice is also essential.

Any two of the posts can be applied for as a full time post. For further information about this post please contact David Hillson on 0131469 3215.

Ref No: 28030306

For further information and an application form, please contact The City of Edinburgh Council, Personnel Section, Wellington Court, 10 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3E6 or Telephone 0131 469 3263/3264. Please quote reference number when requesting application form.

Closing date for the above post is Friday 28 March 2003

34‘ “"0


I No male actors mutt-ti lor sliort Iiliii (unpaid). Age 35 45 and (ill-Kl). l’rtthahlt- shout lalc‘ .'\[1l'll. (‘onlat‘t Ian on (ll 3| 477 2435 or email

ianuanglwI lintniailtoni




Arts Worker. 6 months full-time contract £14,810 (pro rata) www‘prolea'abihty‘co'Uk

We are looking for a usual artist to ‘.‘.tllt the Studios Co ordtnator '.'.’Illl|.'l tne Trongatt: Sttidu ,5; provrsion tor pecmle Wrth long term mental health prohlen‘s This post tr; an :(leaf oppr>rtuptt, for an artist wrshing to develop therr workshop experience through worktng .‘.'llll|l‘. a sprxnaltseri tenth-inn, instruct: Receptionist/Administration Assistant Scale £11,796 - £13,649

We are stxeking a flexrtfle, resurrmtul and enthusutstte person to tilt th:s ke, (X).‘$;ll()'l a“. the first t: at «;‘ «want: for the put)er Withtn our busy arts centre and gallery The ideal txtndttlate '.'.’lll Haze excellent (ii/I‘ll‘tfl‘. fittllfif‘t skills. a good understandtng ot Microsott Office and a Iltllllll‘utlll‘. of 2 years '.'.(>."t\ expe'ur o'-

These posts are Slll)](?(2l to a Standard Cheek through Disclosure Stitfllzttlit For an application pack please send an A4 SAE to: Project Ability, 18 Albion Street. Glasgow G1 1Ll-I or email:

Closing date: Friday 4 April 2003. Interviews: 23/24 April 2003

Scottish Scottish NHS Project Ahrttty IS supported by: Arts Council Arts COUnC” (I l ,

1 18 THE LIST 1L3 Mar-1? 1' Mar 1’03}.

Courses & Tuition








C E R 0 C...

° Learn to partner dance to any music, Jive. Latin. Charts... ° Come alone or with friends (no need to bring a partner). ° Complete beginners welcome every week at all nights.

Mondays: Maryhill Communtty Hall. 304 Maryhill Road

Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni Unton

32 Unrversrty Avenue. West end Mondays 8 Thursdays:

Marco's. 55 Grove Street

Tuesdays: St Stephens hall.

St Stephens Street. Stockbrtdge Thursdays: Crty (0), Sportsters

8 South Methven Street

Wednesdays: Ollte's cafe. The Olympia letsure centre. Earl grey Place Tuesdays: The Culter Mills Cltib. Carrn Road. Peterculter. Aberdeen Thursdays: The Loft ((1) O'Donaghues, 16 Justice Mill Lane. Aberdeen Tuesdays: Openrng soon

t.{)i'” at l '5 lit-(;.rtntcrs 1‘.

($5011: P.1ernbtrrsrtp -s I 1 till payabt- hr: ltrs! ll't;l‘.l

MONTHLY PARTIESm onpm - GLASGOW: Second Saturday of the month

- EDINBURGH Last Saturday of the month

- ABERDEEN: Third Saturday or the month 0 - DUNDEE: First Friday of the month

WEEK-END VVORKSHOPSZ - REGULAR Musk-end ‘.'.orksho;>s Ior .rll !t-.t-ls

'll(,lil(:lll'; complete bt-game's

Tel: 01324-613 209 - E-mail:

Learn to dance in 1 night!

tssat/ i'iprr‘. Artri‘tsw " at!


/ csnoc

Private Tuition

I Learn computer programming. .l;l\.’l laiigilagt' Programming: problems .'\l)\t)llllk' lx-gniiici" l'.\L'L'llL‘lll lt-at'lit-i‘. l‘lt'\ihlt: lnncs. Single lessons ut‘lt‘oint: (LlIl/hi'i. l)l\t‘tllllll lor llllllllplt‘. 'lt'l: Ill ll “7 l‘)‘)l l1l1lt't'tl.lll‘_\(“ htopt'nuoi ltl L'Ulll

Looking for a new challenge? lit-ginncis‘ art classes slulllllj.’ in April l'nt'iitll}. i‘t‘l.t\t-tl t-m llllllllk'lll. L45 Ioi' tun-\x t't'k block. Email susialexander @ or ring me on 0131 667 2767 for a chat

I Piano tuition by t'\[k'l'lt'llt‘t'tl qtlllllllt‘tl lc‘ac'llt'l' UllL‘l\ popular. classical. than} and acctiinpaiiiint'nt. l‘liitc' tuition also axailablc, .-\|l slantlartls antl llgc‘s \\ L'lL‘itlllL'. 'lL'l Ill-ll I.“ INK-l \ltilsllt‘ ll7‘)()ll 5(15 3‘)?

I Singing lessons. Breathing. l’osttil'c. (‘lasslc'al .-\ll lL‘\L'l\. l’lltlllt' Daniela on Ill-ll 4331M“.

I Piano and/or French Initioii b} a l-rt'nch natnt- tcat'ht-r qualified in both. All lL'\c‘ls \kc‘lc‘tltllc‘. 'lt‘li Ill 5l .551) erJ/rl77514l3 51H

Enjoy yourself! l.L‘.llll a language l'it'iit‘li. Spanish. Italian. ltl'l, l’inatt'. small group. onsrlt' oi tlislant‘t' '[pl' I)|.1| {H 1059 t'iiguiiit'st” tlit' inat'kintosli school to nk Communicate with confidence

I Learn to sing m a rt-lawtl. stipportixt' t'n\ iroiirnt-nt \\ itli an t'\pt'iit'nt't~tl \tllkt' piat‘lititlnt‘i ('iiiit'iltl} running: group classes and intln ttiilion, .-\l| lL'\t'l\ \‘tt'lttllllk' 'lt'l. (ll ll (t5? {7112.

I Cello and piano Iurlitin h) t'\pt'rit'ilt‘t'tl. liit~ntl|_\. piolt-ssional teacher and pt'rlorincr. ('liiltlit-n and adult l)t'j_'lllllc'l'\. rt' learners and atl\ant‘t'tl students all \kt'lt'nint'. ('it'alnc. Inn and \IIMIUIIIH' Icainrng 'lt-I: lll il 55l 45H. I Exchange students. Need t'\lra laiiglish ltntion' 'l‘l:l'l. ’lt-at'ht-r \tilli l )rs teachingr mpcrrcncc Ill .\lt'\it'o. llltll\ltlll;1l\tll'gltlllps \xt-lt‘urne. All malt-rials pltHltlL'tl. l’ricc negotiable. ('ontacl Kirsl} at rnt‘tlkirsl}1('liotiil;iil.coiii