I Newington. Double room in \paeiom Iriendl) Ilat \lllll'lllg Will] 4 other» Would \uil eaxt going 20 \ltlIICIIIIIIL‘ pl'l)lL'\\ll)||;ll. £249 pent + ("I +- billx. 'I‘el: 0| 3| 662 8667.

I Marchmont. Double room. £200pein + ("I + Itlllx. Sharing \\ illt 2 other» :\\ai|able from I3t|t .\lareh 2003. Tel: 0|3| 228 4W7.

I Haymarket. Large comfortable double roont iit \paeioux Hal. Still I or 2. \hared Itileheit 6‘; bathroom. all iitod eonx. (i('ll. £86 p“. no billx. Tel: 0| 3l 667 6333.

I Central. Large double room iii Iotel} Hal. \haring Will] 2 ollterx & a eal. Stiil L‘tt\_\golllg young prolexxional/ poxl graduate. (la) frieitdl). .-\\aiIabIe lllm. £240 pent + ("I + billx + depoin. Tel: 0| 3| 557 2632.

I Flatmate wanted for 3 rooms ilt Sloeltbl'idge Lott el' ('olon)‘ Hal. Large \umt) double a\ailab|e. N/x preferred to \llill‘L‘ Willi II\L'I_\. loteable male. £300 pent + Itillx. Tel: 077|4 300 507. I Single room in (xii-rick Knou e/( 'orstorpltine area. Would wit a young profexxional lo \hare W illt oite olher. .\'/\. I.0\Cl} quiet area. all mod L‘()l|\ & garden. l0- I5 .\Iinule\ to (at) Centre & eloxe to excellent amenities. £300 pent ineluding ("II Tel: 0790) 36I 257.

I Can't stand cleaning? So laid baek you rareI} gel llp'.’ I.o\'e tlte great otildoorx'.’ Then you Will fit rigltt Ill. Room atailable iii Marehntoitl. £I50 pent + liillx. t\ & lttige xtereo. Tel: 0708‘) 583 53‘).

I Bright room in Bruntsfield. Sltare ix‘aeeful. eoittforlable \paeioux Hat iit convenient (‘entral Ioeation. Two silling rooms. 2 balltrootlts. large dining kilehen. eable tx & eleaner. £395 pem iiteluding all bills. Tel: 07‘)5| (H3 075.

I Female student wanted to share a very eoiitfoitable flat in l.e\'ell Slreel/I'olleroxx W ill‘. 2 guys. Brigltl \ingle room available front the middle of .\Iarelt. ()l'll)‘ £|30 pent + bills. Tel: 0|3I 466 82I7.

I Room available in Sloeltbridge Hal. I-‘ull_\ furnished & eloxe to ('il} (‘eitlre. I-"emale profesxional I|/\ preferred. £275 pent + ("I' + bills. Tel: ()I3l 466 04l3.

I Large room in ('raiglttekharl Hal. great \‘IL‘\\\ a; all ittod eons. Would \llll l|/\ prolt‘ssioltttl. £260 pent + ("I‘ + bills. Tel: 0|3| 443 2733.

I Need some space? Want to share a big \uitn)‘ Hal with just one otlter perxoit‘.’ Look no furtlter. Double room aVaiIable froitt I6lh .\Iareh. Big liting room with great \IL‘W. Iluge kitelten. Stiil li/\ professional female. £290 pent + bills + ("If Tel 0| 3| 466 9885 or 07976 92.5 204

I Double room in modem Hat. sharing with one otlter laid baek \llilikcr. (‘Iose to South (i_\|e. l5 miits to ('il_\' (‘eitlre. Duck feeding opportunities? littlr} end of Marelt. £200 pent + hillx. Dep + refs required. Tel: 0] 3| 466 I97| 0r07703 4*)I Ill).

I Room in friendly, briglill} painted. \ei‘_\ eeiilral flat on Ro}aI .\IiIe. large. \xell eqliipped Ixitehen. Inlei'nel aeeexx. roof garden. ()ur ideal Haliitale I\ met" 25 aitd \\;lIII\ \IIUIIIL'HII Iel. £240 + ("II Tel: 0|3I 556 7246

I Single room available How. iit (‘enlral ()Id Toxin Hal. Victoria Street. l lX‘l‘xtill \Hllllt‘ll Io \Iiare \\ illt 2 other» £236 pent + (‘T + bills. Tel: 0| 3] 226 6| 36. I Huge room available. \ltlti'lltg it itlt one other King- xi/ed bed iii a big. beautiful tk friendl} apartment. eenlraII} Ioealed. .'\\ailable front April 2nd to Aliguxt 2nd. £300 pent + LIST) depoxil. Tel: 07086 7l I I35 or 0|3I 558 8868.

I Spacious modern flat iit Morningxide. All mod Coltx including Internet aeeexx. N/x required. £270 pent + billx. Baleott) & baek garden included. Tel: 07073 373 32l. I Large sunny single room iit bi'igltl 3-perxoit garden Hal in .\Iorning\ide. Suit l|/\ prolexxional iii 20\ or 30'\. £205 pent + ('T + billx. Tel: 0I3| 447 I606.

I L898 singe room atailable iii ntodent (iorgie Hal \haring Willi I other. I'till} funiixlted. Stiil lI/\ female. £300 pent iiieluding billx. Tel: 0I3I 467 2302.

I Room in Haymarket Hal atailable from April. ()WII garden. (K‘II. (ll\ll \xaxltel' «k cable 0. Sharing Will] 2 liIlIL'rx. £300 IIICIUSIVL‘. 'IIL‘II lll .3l 623 (Xi-l l.

I Meadowbank. Room in lovely brigltl \paeioux Hal Will] all mod eoitx & \IL‘\\\. £238 pent + ltill\. Stiil II/\ prolexxioital. Tel: 0l3l (i6l 0362.

I Friendly, sociable n/s Hatittale wanted for box room iit large. \llllll} Soutltxide Hal. :\ll mod cons. LL50 pent + (‘T + billx. Tel: 0l3| 662 I I89.

I Spacious double room mailable iit a Stoeltbridge garden Hat. Wotild \uil young profexsioital. Intntediate eitli‘}. £235 + ("I‘ + billx. Tel: 07067 08‘) 708.

I Double room available iit t'er} eoittforlable 6’; \lt'lixl 2 bedrooitt Hat at Bellet'ue. ('one to Broughlon Street. Would \uil gay friendly perxoit litol eotiplei. £340 pent iiteluding all Itlllx. Tel: 07748 786 654.

I Large double room in (ieorgian 'I‘ott'iihouxe baxentenl Hat. Iiteludex Clt-xllllL‘ W('. \IIUW er & ualk iii wardrobe. To share with 2 otherx. £3|0 pent + bills. .~\\ailab|e 23rd March. Tel: 0131 478 345‘).

I Friendly n/s female

\\ allied to \hal‘e 2 bedroollted Hat near llll)ll|;tl'l\cl. Bright double room. £250 pent + hillx + ("II Atailable front le April. Tel: 0|3| 337 0623

Personal '



Personal Adverts


I Me - tall, slim, iittilli tlllllL‘Ihlitlltll \toinan. 33". iiiolhei. into II|l|\IL‘. running. l‘L'Il}ll;Il|t'll|f_‘. good \tine

\eelu _\oti Will). Illtl\\‘I|IIIIL‘. intelligent man \xillt \e\_\ \oiee. iitlo |I|l|\It‘ aitd ollter lhingx. I’/463/I

I Warm, interesting, tactile, 5l|rixlt Wiillltlll Iotex ellit'lltll. lltealre. lootl. “inc and good eolitpalt}. \L'L'k\ iitlerexling male \xlto \ltlll‘e\ Ilte\e ptt\\iott\. l’/-I(t3/2


Professional 28-year-old female, intelligent. (iS()II. like\ muxie. reading. Walking. going to [he g)lii. good \tillL‘

attd food. web \ilitilar for frieitdxhip poxxibl) more.


I Charlotte seeks Carrie. Samantha. Miranda for laughx aitd eheeking out guys. .\lll\l be 30+. \ingle. \Ueial. \axx). Baliiex weleome. l.el\

pltt \tilltL‘ SIT(’I I’/462/4

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