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V I saw you hopping Io I)uran l)uran you hungry likc llic \yoll. IL‘I.\ lltm l.’ [7403/4‘) V I saw you \Iixxmg Rt'ctit'tlx, (i'l~ \Vt‘xlt'l'll Rtl. Sunday l0Ih l-ch altcrnoon. You hlack hoh hair. pctitc. long rcd Iackct. gorgcoux. .\lc - hlondc. xpiky hair. hluc cy cx. hlttc icanx. hlack army iackct. I'cd top. ()ur cy cx mct and Iimc xlood \llll. l.clx Incct. ('aII'l xtop thinking ahout yott. [7403/5“

V I saw you poxt op at thc Southcrn (icncral - Yott lookcd atria/mg - lct'x hcal togcthcr attd xpcnd our Inturc \xatching l’artick 'l’hixtlc Iogctlicr. l.ou call Inc plcaxc. [7403/5l

V I saw you licncc. you littlc l’iggy. l)on't you knoyy \xho thix ix lrom‘.’ .\'axh Naxh Xaxli. [7403/53

V I saw you gorgcoux hlack L‘III'l} lIail'L‘d (iodtlcxx al .Iil'till Bar I‘ri l4Ilt l‘ch. Stirring your Bacardi & ('okc - plcaxc xmilc l'or mc - I likc your grcy coat ('all mc. I uould likc to xtir your mind. [7403/53

V I saw you xkinny nuttcr all in hlack at thc Suh. ix your namc (iordon'.’ I.ct‘x ruh chinx and Inakc xparkxl [7403/54

V I saw you in 'l‘mm Byrcx Rd on lSth I-‘ch I(I.3()pm + your huin ix Iah. I \xax \inh 3 ttgly guyx - olic \x ith hcll cud hat. [7403/55

V I saw you \xitli your hoxx lrom tlic xquarc tahlc in thc 'l‘ronl [' xkint al'tcr \cnicc mc \xorking too much to hc a xocial hunny ll? [7403/50

V I saw you in a lo\\ hudch l)utclI porn \ id ahotit inccxt and xcatalogical paxlimcx. [7403/57 V I saw you Beanfo A \cry happy hclatcd 3lxt birthday to yonll low you lotx likc jclly ton you chimp! You rock. .\luc|Iax lo\c l'rom Jim \\\\. [7403/l

V I saw you l)iing at Barlly on a liriday upxtairx. Spiky hair. noxc ring. garagc rock. You arc prctty hot? (ict in touch...? [7403/3

V I saw you tall dark and handxotnc. thn did you gct ytitll' lip piL‘I‘L‘Ctl'.’ I‘ll \CC you again in thc old .-\laxka. [7403/3

VI saw you in liordcrx trading a tray cl hook. .-\ dulllc coat you now and .Iamic your namc'.’ I'm ht‘Pin l‘or loy c. [7403/4

V I saw you it \\;I\ your hirthday in Brcl and you \\ crc talking ahotit thc hoahy. [7403/5

V I saw you xpcc} Dcmpxtcr xuaning around thc Barfly cluh likc you ouncd it? l’lux you'rc a \ccl‘ct golltl XX l5. [7403/0

12‘ THE LIST 'm? Mat-I ' Mm 331‘.‘

V I saw you Mr l’aux. nihhlmg inc undcr pink dtnctx. You'rc thc hcxt think in my No :\II my llully onc .\lrx Whtxkcrx XX. [7403/"

V I saw you (a iht- (ii-'l‘ looking gorgcoux \x IIh ycr rcd lockx - \ cliccky. [7403/S

V I saw you in thc cloakroom ((1 Ilat'l'ly miaoumg l’or lood. Happy Birthday hunnic H H \\\\. [7403M

V I saw you My. \xt-II actually ldidn't. But I “lel I had. Stay happy. tiia \xoman. X. [7405/lll

V I saw you link \xith your laxciy ioux hallx and your L‘\[llll\llt‘ “at: Lick my hixcnit. 'l‘hc anticipatcd trout. [7403/l l V I saw you .\'iamli looking at mc looking at you. Scc you around. [7403/l 3

V I saw you young Irixh roguc oI‘ tlic ycar. xpinning at liarl'ly. Wanna I‘lip mc o\ crl

I 7403/l 5

V I saw you had grccn hair and I “anch to IcI you knoyx it ixn't doing you any l‘a\ourx. [7403/l4

V I saw you all night and thc placc \\ ax crayy ling \\ ith xnakcx and alligatorx. l I'cmcmhcr ho“ nicc it \xax. Should it rcally not happcn again'.’ [7403/l5

V I saw you in Barfly - I‘riday 3Sth l‘ch. You. cutc min \\illl long I'cd hair and gorgcoux \llllIL' - IllL‘ loo IIL‘I'\olIx Io xpcak to you \\ ith all your I'ricndx lICI'L‘. \Vixll I had. ...\I;I)lIL‘ \t‘c you on Monday at Nice 'n' SIL‘II/y'x. [7403/l0

V I saw you htit I'm alraid I ha\ c to gamlilc ayyayl Wm [' aluayx. TWIIL [7403/l7

V I saw you you \york in I‘I'cc/Maxxil' think your namc ix ('larc'.’ Small hut ximply loy cly. You makc my light xhinc. my cy cx glcam and kccp my tccth clL‘IIIII [740.3/lh'

V I saw you Syxcdixh girl in (ilaxgtm (irccn. lllondc and lowly? ('an you talk'.’ Will you talk'.’ Yoti makc my day worth doing. [7403/l‘)

V I saw you loycly guy in ('oxta (il'l. chtcrn Rd. 3/3.

I l.3(l-ixll. Bluc and I‘L‘d lop. xcxy xluhhlc. ama/ing cycx. Noam ('liomxky l‘or l’rcxidcnt'.’ l'd rathcr hay c ill touch hcautil‘ul onc. [7403/3I) V I saw you |.iam (i in 'I‘indcrho\ drinking hot cltocolatc. l‘ancy anothcr Itill\\alk'.’ [7403/31

V I saw you your namc ix Stuart - you \\ork iii Starhnckx. Wc ltad cy c contacI - \youldn'l mind your hoahy. [7403/33

V I saw you in llcaxcn. no xorry. McI’hahhx. 'l‘liink yott knou Iltc har xtal'l'. mayhc callcd Jamcx/Jamic. not introduccd hut \\ ant to mcct for much IIIorc drinkxf [7403/33 V I saw you IIL'lL‘ll I) in a rcatling. l’crhapx you \xould likc [o I'L‘ttd mc‘.‘ [7403/34

V I saw you Mr 'I'igcr. You

\\ crc drinking all thc xyatcr in tlic tapx. I only axkcd you round for tea? Fancy xomc morc'.’ [7403/35 V I saw you (‘hrix at 42

day x. Looking good hahy. Shou'x it. llcard it'x a \yhoppcr. [7403/30

V I saw you tall. dark. hunky man \\ llIl thc largc packagc III Barfly on Saturday night' l.ct'x gct II on' [7403 3" V I saw you ('oopcr in 'I‘Indcrhov You arc thc hcxt hand in llIc \xorltl & I'm your numhcr onc Ian' [74033.5

V I saw you littlc tiiixx .\'or\\ay. You “CI'C drinking lattc III Bcan SL‘L‘IIL‘. “tillltl ytitl likc to hc xccn \x ith mc .’ [7403/3‘)

V I saw you l.ouixcl' "l’ointy hird. oh pointy pointy. anoint my hcad anointy nomty" [7403/3(l

V I saw you you lcll thc opcning night oi thc llogxhcad. inc-tall. kany intlic hoy tnonxccnci. You-htg. gingcr. llarlly hoy'.’ l‘ccl mc again‘.’ [7403/3l

V I saw you gtil'gctitlx llL‘tIl l()0 hoy in 'I‘indcrhov Do you nccd a hand \\ ith ur crutch'.’ Ito H l‘clloyx xhip .\lixx II

lla\ iour \. [7403/33

V I saw you Jon Bon Joyi lookalikc at llarlly - htit \yhy no morc'.".’ l mixx your cutc xmilc and cmxhoy hootx. XXX. [7403/33

V I saw you (ioat lxland you \\ L‘l'c picking lilo“ L‘I‘x. ..i['x loo latcl Wc cannot continuc. htit l hopc your pcrl'ormancc docx. \YL' \\ ill xcc L‘acll othcr ax IllL‘ xnoyy playx likc hcautil'ul xilcncc. [7403/34

V I saw you in llahitat. you axkcd for a chocolatc xhakcr on thc ground floor. l'll hring thc chocolatc. you hring thc Coll-CC. xhainc your xhakcr docxn't \tork. l‘lip. [7403/35

V I saw you you \xcrc \xorking in thc Barfly. rctro xpcckx and tight .icanxl .\linml l.o\cly. [7403/30

V I saw you on Sat IxI. hluc c_\ cd. goatccd Fopp guy \xith hcanic. .\Ic xhort hair. noxc xtttd and a cold huy ing l’ootlooxc xoundtrack - l'ancy imprming my Iaxtc in muxic‘.’l [7403/37 V I saw you (iol'tltitl .-\ll liar ()nc. licxtiyal Square. 3(I/l 3. You look much cutcr in your ciy \ icx than in huxincxx xttilx. good [hing you got rid ol thcm. [7403/38

V I saw you Brctt - \L‘\_\ ()I/ic - Inct you in liurohoxtcl. (ilaxgou. 'l'oo cancd to gct your numhcr. Would lo\c to mcct up - get in touch? Katc. [7403/39 V I saw you (ilaxgoyy Royal lnlirmary tx-ray dcptiyou—tall & cutc tk in a unil'orleou \\ crc "cxcorting" xomconclMc-uhitc tunic uith grccn trim trying to makc C) c contact? [7403/4“

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V I saw you xki inxtructor (iary on thc numhcr 4| hux laxt Saturday. you had hccn at ['ndcryyorld and had funky ncyx xltocx. I had llIc liicctipx and 'I‘ourcttc'x xyndromc...iny xtop camc too xoon to axk you in lor col'lcc. xhottld hay c donc :I [7403/4l

V I saw you I l\ll[)\\ you'.’ Arc you my l‘ricnd'.’ [7403/43

V I saw you at ('aharct Voltairc 3 l/(l3. xtunning girl

\\ iIlI rcd xIripc lop. \Yc kixxcd. thcn loxt cach othcr. Wotild low to we you again. Xx [7403/43 V I saw you at Brcl on tlic 7th. I think you lik'cd my puppicx. mcct Inc on thc l4th at 7.3() xamc placc and you can xtrokc thcmlll? [7403/45

V I saw you llunchcx/chdICx gig. (ilaxgotx. lxt March. 'l'all. \i\aciottx. a diamantc claxp at your xhouldcr. dark hair. darkcr cycx . . LOTS of eye contact. hut couldn't find the momcnt. llou ahout no“ 1’ [7403/48

V I saw you IxaIx-llc at iht- 'l‘ron 33/3 thcn through a ham oI xmokc and Jack l)amclx. lt \tax likc drcaming a lo\ cly drcam tlicn \xaking up on a couch... ('all inc. loyc K \\. [7403/40

V I saw you i. \xalk'cd you IroIII httx xlation lo q.III dI'I\ c on xunday night I'ch 33. had a laugh \yould likc to walk \xith you again..t [7403/47

V I saw you Winona Rydcr lookalikc l'rom l)uhlin in a pub itt (ilaxgon about a ycar ago. You v. crc \\ ith two l’ricndx and “C talkcd..lo\c to hcar Irom you again. [7403/4‘)


V I saw you lour xL'\) ladicx. hanging out at I‘opp har on l-‘riday night. Wanna liayc a mcnagc-a -I'i\c'.’ I'll bring thc llocgarddcnl [7403/l II)

V I saw you 0 monthx ago drttnk on diet uatcr'. l‘yc hccn intoxicach by you cycr xinccl l loyc your dommy door knob. [7403/1 l I