‘I think it's going to lose me a lot of admirers, which is ACCIDENTAL HERO asically my main aim’ . How ten years on the stand-up circuit made Dave Spikey an overnight success.


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Crowned Perrier prince in 2002, Daniel Kitson will do anything but the expected v‘ the dark (if; "out Leonie or: thmf l“: ‘;é:,.‘;.

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Speaking to Kztt;on over tne phone ‘.'.’li|l(} he'E; In a niuitipiex l'l l (X308. ha.e a mn‘ ar‘ ,. .i";:,eaf;a'tt a'tri Tor/n. Hal"? ‘Sr‘e 88101 “1‘?! tell fat; mat. ,onrf. 1x challenging; experience. leSl wasn't as move-(i hy hi5; follow up Perrier .-.'innin{; 5;h:>.-. Sowef" "f; ‘Tl‘f: ti‘e ‘amest eger rgelin‘eu Show an Charm; " Am! Perrier people. Joe Puhlic and most (Il'IIICS disagretxll anti Kitfson '8 not a ham), (:happe. 'l‘. .'.'as; non": thoagt‘t .'.’I:i!. the"? 1.04 ft’). I'.!: t' afte- I'. s;hon<_;er.' he chides. 'It may not have been as; (:harn‘ing and {if ‘.'.'./ee. hut tunas; 'vxitt". f5fl","l‘§l(:' Maureen i My

He}; <1etens;r;e ahout Something; to the point of ohsaesssaion. Ht,- said in the hast that l <:.'it:_tr;;i‘ l mite I {Jage 8,";rkej,”{1:1ij the Arches. Tue 2"; ,’/7a.'. SHOWS are his: exhihmont; IlllS 12003 Show is; at the liaxerse; a one "ran nta, tn<:r,r:,:;raft'2:; ‘:Tn‘. am '2 (illllS and a hit of stanuuh. 'I think it's; going to lose me a lot of admirers] he laughs. ".-.".vr;h s; iawaallfi. my mati‘ aim.)

CIH‘lill gigs; are his; sketch pad. and mini-ma5;terpie(:es; the; are too. Onstage. K‘lfolf‘ f; ea<;,;y: r‘u and the laughs are gleaned at; much tron: itle self-aware rl(l""ll(} of {itltl‘()'|'fi, étl‘fl SOC eta: "o'ir‘s; Eif; the, are from brilliantly touching and funny stories; about e\.en.<ia\, Me. And he's; rarie. Para-0‘1; 'is’n‘ 6; he rurie. HIS titahtra of intelligence and swearing not heing; n‘utualh exclusue is; li‘(?°.{i[;7‘f)."-ti£i it, {12949.net} for a; to hear, It's; almost like the rough and the smooth (:or‘3.erge To one ,ot. fl‘flFS e" gnaw; " 'arious; character.

Natur‘alh. the Perrier hnngs; ‘.‘."lll‘i it the attention of teieasior‘. D'CHaCC'lfS. an meme If“: 2:; ,ea' 7. T} Yorkshire lad has so far axomleo twith the exception of Phoenx t‘t.[(;.".'5; .n ‘.‘.W:"‘ ."-(‘: {T a,r;-r: t.".~';- §;(,"'19(;f;f3 SDOHCOH. In tact. Kitson IS nonpiussed hy the v.hote Perrier pomp ano caravan. "i .(25. "ear , (won't go and then hastcalh my agent started cmng and so ‘.-.ent.' he says. 'lt mas; ‘t.’;»<.n<_; “from; are way; overcrowded. I walked in there and the; announced the winner and I '.-.'ent ax: Eil‘T} (lot . a”: the" mt I was in and out of the building in literally eight minutes And then about ten "waxes; ; . announcement I was backstage at Late'n'L/ve with Boothht. Grattoe anu’ Ross; Nr>t:‘e [met tax rig; T"~': ‘MY Stand-UP DISS out of me.‘ iMaureen Ellisi i? WW"? I 03’7’9/ K’TSO/l Plats the Stand. Thu 20 Mar. and Cort/er Theatre. Fr 27 “‘9 Jerry

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