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belov cd once aspiring ballerina Alicia (Wading) In the hospital room next door .\larco visits Lydia )l'lores). a female bulltighter who was butchered in the ring. ()ut oi these tragic circumstances .i friendship torms between the two men. 'Iall In Her is mature .-\Imod)')var. Spilllhs most famous filmmaker on top form. describing comples characters and complicated emotional states )1) expert storytelling fashion. iron) the gorgeous photography. design and music to the script and remarkable performances. 'Ialk I)! Her is a flawless Iilm and a treat for cinema lovers. ((33. Glasgow

Through a Glass Darkly (PG) 0... )Ingmar Bergman. vaeden. 1061 ) Ilarriet .-\ndersson. (iunnar Byiornstrand. \la\ Von Sydow. I.ars l’assgard. 91min. A young woman's descent into insanity at her lonely summer home is played against a cold background totally lacking in familial affection. Bergman turns what could so easily have become melodrama into a fascinating character study. not only of the mentally disturbed girl. but also of her emotionally crippled father and ineffectual husband. Film/mine. Edinburgh. Treasure island )P(i) 00 (liraser Ileston. l'S/l'K. 1990) I33min. Well. shiver me timbers if it ain't ('ap'n lleston with only one leg and a parrot hamming away in this version of the Robert Louis Stevenson tale. And blow me if it ain't that Master Bale from lint/are of the Sun in the role of Jim lad. More than that we daren‘t say. except to add that our critical black spot is on its way to w r)ter/produccr/director ilestoii. care of the Admiral Benbow sushi bar. Burbank. ()dem). Edinburgh. Treasure Planet (1') .000 (Ron ('Iements and John MUskar. ITS. 2003) Voices of Jospeh (iordon Levitt. Dav id ilyde Pierce. Emma Thompson. 96min. Disney‘s back. That 'ole magic returns in their latest. a reworking of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic that sees a shift of location from the high seas lo the stars. Nol since The Lion King has there been such an epic. consuming picture in which the cartoon characters live and breath on screen in massive. beautifully painted sets. Meanwhile. the futuristic setting allows for wonderful cyborg creations (ie one John Silver). And the creature who talks in flatulence like one big bubbly far) is real a winner with the kids. General release. Trivo Weeks Notice ) 12A) so

(Marc Lawrence. US. 2003) Hugh Grant. Sandra Bullock. Alicia Witt. l()lmin. When environmental lawyer Lucy Kelson (Bullock) takes a job with George Wade (Grant). the feckless but charming scion of a huge New York real estate company run by his brother. she hopes to exploit the firm‘s charitable funds and protect an old community centre. However. his constant neediness starts getting on top of Lucy and she hands in her resignation. but. as their

working relationship winds down both begin to doubt the wisdom of parting ("rucially for an easy-going but slight romantic comedy. there is a disappointing lack of laughs. despite several w ell- observed grace notes. (iem ral releau Undercover Brother 12A) 0. (Malcolm I) Lee. [8. 200.“) liddie (iriliin. Denise Richards. (‘hris Kattan. )sImiii Based on a cult Internet series. I Iitlr‘l') Uir’l' limrlier)sab1.r\ploitation movie spoof that fires off a series of slapstick gags without pausing tor breath or a plot. (The story. such as it is. concerns the efforts oi shadowy ('aucasian villain. The Man. to suppress black culture.) ['8 stand-up comic (irifl'tn ts suriahly cool and laid-hack as ['13 But while the film eagerly mines pop culture past and present. its best iokes elicit smiles rather than laughs. l‘(’l. lidinlim‘eli, ii Vials DO Carol )15))Imanol l'ribe. Spam. 2002) 103mm. ('ommg-of-agc drama set against the dying days ot the (‘iv )1 War as a young girl returns to her mother‘s home village while her American lather lights with the International Brigade. (ll-'l. (ilavem).

The Virgin Spring I 18) 00.0 (Ingmar Bergman. Sweden. I050) .\la\ Von Sydow. Birgitta Valbcrg. (iunnel Lindblom. 88min. .-\s in lllc' Seventh Seal a coulyle of years earlier. Bergman conjures up a brooding and cruel medieval landscape within which to situate a heav )ly symbolic morality play. Here. a young virgin is raped and murdered after her elder sister summons tip a pagan curse. but when Von Sydow av enges her death by dispatching the swineherds who commitcd the original atrocity a spring spouts up from the ground on the spot where she died. (il’l. (ilavguw .- l-ilmlinim'. lidi'nlm/jeli.

Wild Strawberries ) 15) O... (Ingmar Bergman. Sweden. 1957) Victor Sjostrom. Bibi :‘sndersson. Ingrid 'I‘hulin. (iunnar Bjornstrand. Max von Sydow. 94min. Following an appalling. symbol- Iaden nightmare. an elderly professor (Sjosirom) finds himself reliving his life as he travels to an academic awards ceremony. Bergman's cUstomary bleakness is shelved. with enjoyable results. while Sjostrom's performance glows with feeling and intelligence. Selected release.

The Wild Thornberrys )L') 0.. (Cathy Malkasian and Jeff .\lc(}rath. LS. 2002) Voices of Tim Curry. Lynn Redgrave. Rupert Everett. 85min. Like the popular children's TV cartoon. the Movie follows the adventures of young Eliza Thornbeny who‘s been granted the power to talk to the animals a handy trick when your parents are wildlife documentary filmmakers. This time they're in Africa where a team of hi-tech poachers have their evil eye on a herd of 1000 elephants. By combining a nail-biting story with a satire of family foibles. the film is constantly engaging and not a little rewarding. General release.

Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore

Bombay Cinema: Glasgow

5 Lorne Street. Ibi'o\.014l 4W 0‘22 25 (£3 ).

For this fortnight's programme times. please contact the cinema on 014i 4|” 0722 for details.

CCA: Glasgow

350 Sauchiehall Street. (II-ll 352 4‘)()(). £4 )£2.5()).


Punch-Drunk Love) )5) 6,15. ThePlanlst115) 8.15.

FRIDAY 14 MAR Punch-Drunk Love ) 15) 0.0) ).

SATURDAY 15 MAR Punch-Drunk Love ( )5) 6.15.


The Pianist) 15) noon. Punch-Drunk Love ) 15) 3.0)).


HogerandMe115)6.15. liepulslon)18) 8.15.


Hepulslon)18) 6.15. Roger and Me) 15) 8.3)).


AllAboutmyMother)15)+Talkto Her (I5) 615.


TalktoHer)15)+AllAboutmyMother (15) 6.15.


Little ShopoiHorrors (PG) 12.15. MatildatPG) 215.

TUESDAY 25 MAR Manhattan )15) + Annie Hali)15) 8.I5.

WEDNESDAY 26 MAR Annie Hall ) 15) + Manhattan ) 15) 8.15.

.3 4‘

Panoramic landscapes, metaphysical musings and heavy symbolism in Japbn

GilmorehillG12: Glasgow

‘ll niveisity .v\vemie..“.‘\t15522 L5

films. a: VAR

Moving 1PM) 3))



Don’t Look Back ti’t‘.) 3))

Glasgow Film Theatre

l: Rose SIIL‘CI. Ill-ll 53: high. ("ate/liar .-\ll perloriiiances bookable. ll)! llil lavenmgs f4."5 )L3 50). .\latmees: £3.25 (£2.50).\Vedilwtore5pm): {325(1'2). Double hill {5 (£3 50). (ill savers Li" )L' IJ) live tickets for the price ol 4 (valid tor three months).


1. Farirom Heaven ) 12.-\) 1 3)). 3.45. (1.3“. 8.41).

2. Thellirgin Spring ( 18) 33)).

The Magdalene Sisters 1 15) 6.0)). 8 3)).


1.Far 1mm Heaven112.-\) I 3)). 3.45. 6.2)). 8.4)).

2. The Magdalene Sisters 1 15) 3.30. (rill).

TheVlrgln Spring) 18) 8.5))


1.StarTreitX:Hemesls)l2.-\) 12.45. FariromHeaven112A) 3.45. 6.2)). 8.4)).

2. The Magdalene Sisters) )5) 3.3)). 6.0)). 8.3)),


1. Farhom Heaven) 12..\) 3.45. 6.2))_ 8.4)).

2. Place Vendome ) 15) 2.3)).

Missing Allen - The Man who Became a Camera ( 15) 6.3)).

The Magdalene Sisters 1 15) 8.3)),


1. Farlrom Heaven ) 12A) 3.45. 8.40. Imitation of Life (PU) 6.15.

2. The Magdalene Sisters ) )5) 3.3)). 0.00.

Intact0115) 8.3)).


1. Far irom Heaven )12.»\) 3.45. 8.4)). StarTrelrx:Hemesis)12A) 6.15.

2. The Magdalene Sisters) )5) 3.3)). 8.30.

Silhouette Films: Programme 1 )t') 0.45.


1. Farirom Heaven )12..\) 3.45. 6.20. 8.4)).

2. The Magdalene Sisters) )5) 3.3)). Only the Strong Survive (Po) 6.45. Fausto 5.0 ) 18) 8.5)).


1.FariromHeaven)12A) 3.45. 8.4)). 2. The Magdalene Sisters) 15) 3.30. 6.00.

Smoking Room ) 15) 8.5)).


1.LeFlls)12.-\) 3.0)). 6.3)). 8.45. 2.TheMagdaleneSisters)15) 3.30. 8.3)).

lmpulse(Arrebato))l8) 6.15.


1. LC FIB ( I2A) 3.00. 6.30. 8.45.

2. An Angel '0! May (PG) 10.30am. TheMagdaiene Sisters ) 15) 1.)))). 3.3)). 8.30.

The City 01 Ho Umlts (En La Ciudad Sin leltes) ) IS) 6.00.


1.LeFlis)12A) 3.0)). 8.45. Boliywood/Hollywood)12A) 6.00. 2.TheMagdaleneSlsters)15) 3.30. 8.3)).

Martin... Hache)15) 5.5)).