HOUSE DANNY RAMPLING Global Groove at the Tunnel. Glasgow. Fri 14 Mar

Danny Rampling‘s biography has long passed into club mythology and the story of how he and a certain few other budding DJs discovered the powerful neo-soul of the Balearics is accepted in the press as one of the definin narratives of the scene. But if the story sounds a little convenient ~. n m :‘r"- :7- -. u r u . n . and a liStJtle contrived. that's because it is. People love assimilating things in "l‘ " '1 ‘e U V‘ '1" '1” i I ': UK!) A b "J [J “W digestible chunks in order that they can understand them. but the plain fact 7 3/7. .1! {ti} 3. i l. is that the history of UK house IS nowhere near as Simple as the story is! lit; 1”. m P H 'I- “U :5 . U M suggests.

This is ironic, really. as one thing you notice when speaking to Rampling is . that he's allergic to bullshit. He's just done too much. heard too many _‘ A _ ‘i' {ii/é If“; wonderful sets and met too many inspiring people to entertain false. ~" W transient notions of what house music is all about. ‘The thinking behind 1 house music is unity, love and optimism.‘ he says. ‘That‘s what it's always ,. ,{ been about: a positive statement in music and society in general. People l Zl'tléil': if ill? Elit'xftl'l‘li'i have been brainwashed with all the bollocks they‘ve seen on TV and for a . " long time a lot of the corporate bodies had taken hold of house. I'm glad mm M my”. that they‘re not there any more, because they obviously never had the music W ' . .‘ " f"; as their primary interest.’

His optimism is based on real insight. He is ‘always humbled' when he plays in Scotland, and seems to shiver with excitement at the prospect of returning to a city that has loved him ever since he played at the opening of the Tunnel over a decade ago a, V he loves us. Say ‘welcome back’ to a true genius '4 g . egan)

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