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Glasgow Tuesdays continued

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I Miso.1!1l11-('.1p!.1111\Rm! \1-111l.1!1- IllL'

I One Sunday a! !l!1- 'l unn1-I

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I Streaker a! Sl!.'11 k.

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I Sunday Surgery .1! (‘11!112

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I Sunday Best .1! !I11- Sh1'1l

Ill. illp!!! 2;!111. U 1L3). \V1'1'l1l). 'l'l11' Rughl R1'\1‘!1'111lJ1111 I);1 ll1‘1! (ll)p1'. (‘1!h1-1p|a)\ 11hal1-\1'1' !l11' h1~|l h1- \\.!!!l\ 1'a1‘l1 a!11l 1'11'!) Sahhalh lo! !h1' l1!1ng_'o11'1‘

I Transistor a! [ho I’olo Loungc. llpll! iam. L5.\\1‘cl\l). R1‘;1l pop lo! I1'al pcoplc 11I!l1 I)J\ \Iall \11‘.\lur'!‘a) a!!1l \Va)!11' l)1\o!!_

I Vinylicious .11 I,1111 111111 11.

.\l!1ln!g_'hl iarn. £5181 \\'1'1'kl).'lh1‘ 11‘!) \1'1) p1'opl1' l1'on1 Soulxa hung: 111 anolhci lino nigh! ol llouw l1111ar11l 12.111101. (i1’1'a! gucxlx. loo. ()11 H1 .\Ia! !l11'!'1-\ Mark II1'a11'11or' Iron! !h1' S11h.o!1 33 llIL'I'1"\ Shac I) and on .‘ll .\la!' ll11'l1'\ l)a\1' |’/ ll’Ulll Sa!11‘!ua!‘).

Glasgow Mondays


I Burn a! .\I:\S. llp!!! ia!!! [-111 I111 \lall 11! an) pub or club; U I111'\1'!')11n1‘ 1'|\1'. \V1‘1'l1l). l)J\ .\'11!'111;!11 .1111l /.1'u\ p!'1‘\!1|1' 1111‘! !|11' lilggm! and lungcxl running \lall 111ghlo11! 111|1!\!o!‘). l-'!'1'1'1lo111 lo! !h1- 11111'l11'1'1. and !h1'1‘1'\ ;!l\0 a gum! appcal'am‘c L‘\L'l') I!!!“ and again.

I Don’t Forget your Passport .11 lh1‘Sl1a1'l1 llp!!! 3.1111. [5 1931. Wall). .l!!111o!‘ (’a111pox \Pllh an 1'1'l1'1‘lr1' \1‘l1'1‘ll1111 11!!!!111‘1 11l11l1' 1111111- luck) p1‘1‘1on 1:111 !h1' 1‘han1‘1‘ !o 1111! a hoh1la) or !I11'11’ hux larc lllllllt‘.

I In Bed with Jim Da Best .1! B11!

Back of A List card

11111111111) !l11-\1~l11'! Roomw llp!!! {.1111 L3 ILL \\1-1'kl) J1!!! 11111!.'\ )o!! lo l11~ ho111lo!1 lo! .1111-11'11111; o! pop!.1~!11 !!.1\l1. lunk) \ln! .1!11l .1 11hol1‘ lo! 1'111‘ l11'\!1l1-\ I Passionality .1! (11111-

ll mp!!! {.1111 l!1-1~ \\1-1-kl) Ill \l!.1\‘.!! 1'1111111'11ha!!l11'111-1'l11‘111l1\ \!.1)1!1;: .1l111- 111!l1!|1!\po\! '111'1‘k1'n1l111pl1lo! pl1'.1\111j: 1'l1.11!!\!1)

Glasgow Tuesdays


I 800 .1! H.1111l1oo l 1p!!! R1!!! 1‘11?» \\1'1'l1|) (1111111111mph...”11.11.1111!11!. .1! H111 111-11 (Max:111) 1!111l1'11! rush!

I FUN .1! (‘11h1' ll Nip!!! {.1111 l11'1‘ \\'1-1-l1l) I'unk) 1111111111- and 11'!) 11.1!!Ql1!) p.11'k1'1l 111!h pI1-a~!!13_' pop 11111111. no!!! S|1.11111.1111l(i1-o!;1') llo)

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I Juicy Tuesdays .1! B11! 1111111111!) !l11'\1'|\1'!l<oo!111! llp!!! K1111 L11 1L3! \\1-1'k|) S!a) l!'1'\h. 11.1) )o!!!1;.' 1w! 111!o N11 on 1111‘ 111ll1 llill) \l!ll!g_'.111!n!l11-l113: hack h1-1h'ooi11 \11!h !1!o!1!h \\.’!I1'll!lj_‘ \!111l1'1!! l.11o!111!1'\ 11l11l1- S11!!! ‘l'111§_'1'!\‘ .\l1'.\I!|laI!pro111l1'\ 1111111' lull lla1ou! l1!!! 1!! !h1' lr’onl h1'1I1'oon1

I Million Dollar Disco .1! \l.\.\ llp!!! ia!!! H 1L3! \\1~1'l1l) |.oa1l\ ol lunk) 1hx1'o 111.111111'11 .111111'1l \ualgghl .1! )o!!1'la1‘1',.-\l Kc!!! 11 !l11' n1a1n 111.111

I Pink Pound .1! !l11‘ \11'11'111) lounge Hip!!! {11111. Ll_\\'1‘1-l.l). Br: 34.!) mph! lo!’ onl) lllll p1‘111111'x. \Vha! 111o!1' 1‘11!1|1l )oua\l1l11!,'

Glasgow Wednesdays


I Bennet’s a! 151-11111-1'1.

Ilfillprn 3.1111. L3.5l)!£l.51l!, \\'1-1'l1l) Sara !.!l11'\ 1'111111'ol 11111'1‘ 111111'1' 111 !l11'1‘l11l1 larnoux lo! !11a1l!11'\\ and an. al11~111. |1h1-!'al 1'l1a! -up poh1‘).

I Cubata a! Ilamhoo. 5p!!! ia!!! L5 18!. Wall). S1‘o!!! It and .lu111o1' ('ampm lo!!! !l11‘1|o!1h1'!\\1'1'n |;!//. lunk. 1oul. hip hop. R1kl’1 an1l l.a!!!1 1o 111‘1111'1‘ .1 11111'I1ll) 11111111‘11l 11111.

I Elastik .1! Barll) !l111‘1111-!'l) !h1' l ill! .\'o!1'(‘l11h!. llp!!! iain. £3. \V1-1‘I1I). [H 011;! (aka :\1!!an1l;! Iron! lhxl and 1)] .\I!113_'o-g_'o. lakc 1111‘! !|11' 1111111111] \1‘l1'1‘l1on lo!’ !h1' lol'1‘x1‘1'ahl1‘ l!1!!1!'1- 11h!l1' .Sll.i lakcx a hrcak lo1‘11111‘1'111111l1‘on 11ll11'!’ !l1!11g_'\. l1111‘1'l111g 1111111‘ 111111‘11 111‘1‘1l1‘1l 111‘x!r'ogcn 111!o !h1' 11orl1l ol l)_lu1g_' a111l pla)1ng_' 1111111‘ 11111111! lii11~1‘l1‘1'!1'11 1111\1-1l inlo a 1'a!!1lo!1!|) 11'l1‘1'l1‘1l 11111111lx1‘ap1'.

I FAB a! Mahala. l lp!!! 3.1111. l'1'1'1' l11'lor‘1' I |p111; Lil 1L31al11-1'. “11411), [H Sk111l hl1'n1l1 garagc. R1kl$ a111l lunk) houw. pla) 1113; !o a 1h'1'111'1l-11p 1‘1'111111 \\ll11 h1'lp lo 111al11' llllx on1- ol !h1' hum-1! 11111l111'1-l1 111ghlx 11101111341111.

I Jungo a! .«\!‘1‘hao\. 1 1p!!! 3.1111. l‘1'1'1-

This pass entitles you to a discount (stated in the Club Listings) at the clubs listed on the front of this card.

l Your pass to great club nights in Glasgow 8 Edinburgh

want in the two weeks it’s valid and when this one runs out, you can get a brand new card in the next issue.

You can use this pass as many times as you

Valid from: 13/03/03

Until: 26/03/03


H111 L151}; A LlSl 1:11112' :; .1 .1::;.:::.."'. .1111111 ‘18, 111.1%; .11‘.!‘ ;>.!1;1 A: 1;.112.‘1:.1‘_"

82 THE LIST '3 .‘ ' '.'.:'.


IL." \\1'1'kl) S!!!1l1'11!1l.1\\!1 1. 1111l11' .1111l 1l11'1'11' .;!1' !l1.'o!1l1'! «1! !l1.'1l.1) .1! !l11\ 111-ckl) \\1~1l

I Joints and Jams .11 1 1111.-

llp!!! 1.1111 1111:! \\1'1'.kl) ll11' .111..111l 1111111111: 1l11l1l11111;\)o11!l11'l\1'\! RAH. l1!pl1op.1111l wul l)|\ 111 !h1'11!) l1’1'\11l1'!1!\ \l.1!!111Il1‘xl11'Il1..lol111|)o!1\. l’!!pp.1\l1.1!1;o.11!1ll)\l(io!11o!.1!1o!1 1'11'!) \\1'1l \\1!l1 111111.11 1'u1'xl Ill\ and l’\\. 1!'\ no \1o111l1'1 :l1.1! I11111!\ .1111l |.1111\ 1\!l11‘I1111g1'\!11!1111111: l1’.\ll111§:l1! 111 (il.!\_\_'11\\

I New Flesh .1! I’!!\1l1~_::1‘ ‘lpm 3.111! U 1L] 1 \\1'1'kl) \l!1'1!1.1!1\1'1o1l1.punk. 1.!p. 1111l11\!11.1l.1111l1111l11'11!_:l1!.p|.1)111; 1'11’1)!l1111§:I1‘o!11 \(' |)(' !o \pl11‘\ [11111. .I!!!l .!ll HI lll|\1!ll .! \\1‘!l lllj_‘lll l1!!! 111!11;_'!!111_-_' !op.1\\!1p

I People Music .1! \! \\

llp111 K1111 L11 1L2! \\1'1'kl) \1'\1 111;;l1! ol l11p hop and l1oux1' l!o!11!11oo! ll11' h1‘!!1-! 1!!!1l1'!§_'1o!!111l (il.1\3_'o11 l\1!)\ \111‘l1.11‘l l’1‘1'l1 and lo!!! R1'1-11‘ 1.!1'l1 !l11-1!1 11p and k11o1'l1 !|11‘!11 1lo1111 (i11‘a! lo! .1 “1'11

I Shackass .1! Sl!.11-k

Ill Nip!!! ‘1 “la!!! '5 1L ‘1 \\1'1'l1|) ll11‘. 1'!.1!!1111!!.1hl1‘l).l loaxl\p!111H11-l1111'\! 111 1‘h.11'. 1'l.1\\11‘\. mil! .1 l11-.1l!l1) 1111.1!!1‘1111: ol 1'l11'1'\1‘ .!l\H

I Stud’essential .1! 111111411111

‘lp!!! K1111. l'11'1'. \\1~1'l1l) l-11-1h 11111l1'11! 111;:l1!.1l !l!1'1‘111111*1l) 1'l11l1111 !l!1'l11;_' h111|1l111gg l'11'1‘ 1‘1!!!) .1111l.11h1!lo.11lol 1l11nl11 promox 1111'.!!! !ha! !h1‘ 1'1o111l 111l| h1'111l'1n1-l1'lll1'

I Traffic Light .1! ll1‘1l Ilo!!111'1|) !h1' \1'l11-IR111111111. llp!!! 4.111151Li1 \\1‘1‘l1l) Slop a!!1l lh1- hphh and 5:11 !11!o h1-1l1‘11-1) \\'1'1l lh1'!1“|l l11‘ 11111111.!!1' p!|lo11 !.1ll1 1!! !|11' lion! h1'1l1oon1 and \1'\) R1kll and pop!!! !h1-l1a1‘l1 h1'1l1oo111 \\al1‘h o!!! l111'!l11'!!.1lli1' p11ll1‘1'\\l!1!\1!|l 3:111‘11'1'1-al1'oholloall lllllSL' \\ll1!1l.!l1' l1! 1!! 111 lh1' 111! wal,




Events are listed by city, day, type, then alphabetically by name. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to clubs©, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Edinburgh listings are compiled by Henry Northmore.

Edinburgh Thursdays


I Chango.1!(‘.1!».111-1\ol!.1111-

I 1p!!! K1111 Ll \\1-1-l1l) [{1'\11l1‘!1!\ li1'!!\, |lol1('.11!!!\ and J1!!! ('o111l11- 1o11 1o!.!!1o111\11!l1!|11-11 \11‘1‘kl) 1lo11‘ o! \!!o l11‘.1!. l!111l1. | .!!111. \k.1.1111l \1111l1l 11111111.111!l1.1\111.1!!1‘11!11'ol I111' .11!\ 1111! lo! poo1l 1111-.111111- S!!11l1o .‘ l.!l|\ 111!o!h1'1'o!1!1ol o! \on11‘ o! S111!l.1!11l'\ l11-\!1h1!1!1.\ l1.1\\ l),l\ ()111'1-11 ll. l \() .1111l \.11l1'1 1o111o!.!!1o!1! |l11\lo1!11::l1! 111-l1.!11- 11.11.! l\.1\.! .1!!1l !l11'!1 I111'lu11k) 11111111lxl1or1l1~1ll1) !l11'1*!!1;.'!11.1!!1 l’a! lulpo!!!111!l1!l11'l(l11!111|1!!\!1l11'.1!11111l).l\ 11111111111 .‘!l i \l.111.!1'\11l1'11!\ \p1'1'1al 13!l\l.11!.1111l l).l \l.!1ll'!11) 1)!!h l111' l\.!!!1l\1."' \l.u! In! ll .\ .71! U11! 1111/! "l /!\I'111I1//!u/1/1'11 2:1! I'm/1;)!!! 1 1111/1 lulu/1 III/1/III;'/II

I Funkey Magic .1! 1l11- II11111-).11111!1 llp!!! {.1111 l'!1'1' \\1'1'kl) Soul l111'll1'1l 1l1‘1'pl1o!1\1- lo! p1l;:!1111\ 11.1!h1' lloll l’!o|1'1'! l1'.1!!111113.' l111' p1‘11!!\\1o!1 l1o!11 1.13:}: 1111111-1l h) \1-1l \11'l)o11.!l1l lo! I111 111onll1l) 11‘\11l1‘1!1) Il§\l.111.1!11l (il.!\;:o\1 '\ l),l () 1( 11.111311“ l'111l1'11'11111111li 1ll11[l\ l1) lo! .11l1'1'p l1o1!\1-\1o!l1ou!!av \Iarr

I Groove Collective .1! H11!!!” ll!1‘!'l1.!!1\ Illpn! {.1111 I111 \\1'1‘l1l) llo!1\1'.1!11loll11'! 111111111-1l1on1ll11' Ill

Progression at the Liquid Room. Edinburgh. Sat 15 Mar

The dark and twisted realms of house are Tom Stephan's natural habitat. With his Superchumbo pseudonym and Roach nights based at Turnmills in London (unfortunately now deceased), Stephan really made

his mark on the UK scene in 2002. .

‘I play house music with a lot of drums and a lot of drama.‘ he says, his American accent still strong despite his 12-year residency in the UK. “It‘s New York filtered through London. Before I got into house music I was into Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode and industrial music so it's the darker side of music that has always interested me. I think that was what put me off house music at first. The night I went to the Sound Factory for the first time I didn‘t want to go, my mate dragged me. But when I go there I discovered all this music I never expected.’

Currently squirreling away at banks of computers putting his first full album together. he‘s raring to go for his Edinburgh date. ‘l've got a few new things I‘ve been working on which I'd like to test out. I've been locked up in the studio so I'm even more excited when I get out for my one night of the week.‘ (Henry Northmore)