Artists take home £300,000

Creative Scotland awards announced. Words; Mark Fisher

en Scottish artists; are

feel:nd more flush after

the preserttatron of the Scottish Arts; Council’s; fourth annual Creatr.'e Scotland Awards. 'Here are ten inspiring i/‘iOlOCif; for Scotland. each of which shows; the ingenuity and creative spark that makes; our artists; such a valuable part of all our lives." sad SAC charrrnan James Boyle. Here's; where the $30,000 cheques; wrll go: I J/m Buck/er To develop a series; of site-specific light sculptures; In Aberdeen I r‘f/r't'r/(n/rrr Fraser To reconcmve Edinburgh's; Grassrr‘arket as; a '/:-'.rc a"? 'rtachr're ht. developing the car park into an outdoor dance stud'o. ‘.'.’i‘.l(ll‘ .wll he a" rce " r‘k r‘ .'.'r'rte'. I /an Harm/tor: Frrr/av To create a 'grove of tree shadows" and two ‘r‘s;<:rrbed {etc

I {Br/an Kellock To work on new compositons; and arrangements; for pranc, solo and a duet collaboration wrth Davrd Berkman.

I / 'arrk Kuppner To rnvestrgate the life and .‘xork of Thorpas; Car‘rpbell whose statue stands; rn George Square. Glasgr

I r"J;<:o/a McCartney To write a novel entitled /(,‘(? Arlgel. set .n Passra and Scotland between 1919 and 200A.

I Bernard Maclsavertv To direct a film based on Searr‘;.s; lleaney's "Bye Child poem. I Dr Gordon McPherson To write a large-scare. r'rultr media “investigation for orchestra. film and tape exploring the paranorn‘al.

I Mark O'Keeffe To develop the '.'rs;ual presentation of music, especially the trumpet. I Colette Sad/er To explore and redefine the boundaries; between ‘.'lf§ll£t| art and new dance performance.

I Is rt rrroney we// spent? See Artists; on Art. page 00

The Front

Miracle workers wanted Science Fest floats challenge. Werds: Ruth Hedges

hrrsiian theology ‘.'.'ou|d have you behexe that Jesus had a rvro'ropois, o" tnrs; phenomena. but what It doesn't mentron IS that be m s; sportrng a parr of anrduel, designed sandals for the occas'on. OK. so that's; not strictly true. but the Edinburgh Science Feshxal rn conrunctro" with New. Screrrt/st magazine is setting you the challenge 1)‘ creating your own miracle bx, designing shoes that Will allow you to walk on water, Teams of up to four people WI” compete at the COP.llll()fl‘.‘.’(?£llil‘ pool on t 1 April fOr three prrxes Design Excellence “£1009 Speed Race One for the shoes made for a rr‘axrmum of 3‘51) that walk :30m fastest 13‘10001 and Speed Race Two for the shoes; made from a minimum of $60 striding the 50m fastest ‘A Frencnmart, Rernr Brecher. walked across the Atlantic, from Spam to the Caribbean, tomng a light raft behind him to sleep in and st0re his food] says; i(3$i|‘."£l| director SIlilOl‘r Gage. also set the speed record over 1km which we're hoping to break.‘ The deadline for registration rs Wed 26 March; call 01131 220 0622 for a form or visit ".‘.".‘."»‘/.ilOWSClCliilSi.COill/COlilDQiliIOH

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