Golden Storm

In Golden Storms, although abstract. Miller has captured the essence of a glorious sunset. Golden and Thoughts of a Night Sea similarly encapsulate and observe the dramatic effects that light can generate. And in the Burning series, Miller was inspired by Gwen John's radiance, Garry Fabian Miller creates his optically painting Corner of the Artist's Room (01907), a study of a mesmerising photographic works without the use of a skylighted top-floor bedroom with the light coming in camera or film. Instead he works with directly light, using through the window. techniques pioneered in the 19th century by William Henry Although these images are completely imagined states, Fox Talbot. they do have a certain familiarity about them. Miller Working in his darkroom, the Dartmoor-based artist has recreates that moment when a day is either beginning or been producing series of ethereal images since 1985. All ending, a quality of light that we have all witnessed. And his works are made by passing light through oil or water although the works are still, there is much energy and which then falls onto light-sensitive paper. It’s a simple movement as your eye adjusts to the fluctuation which enough, semi-controlled process, but it is one that exists in all of the pictures. These abstract compositions constantly surprises. have a magical quality about them, transporting you back ‘You can control things to a large extent but you are not to past experiences. really sure what would happen if you altered it ‘The pictures that I make are of nothing which exists in dramatically,‘ say Miller. ‘You get an energy through that, the world,‘ says Miller. ‘What I am trying to suggest is a every day finding out what happens which feeds the next state of mind which lifts the spirits and gives strength and day; but part of the problem is that if you make a change some kind of clarity. I could make pictures about a whole or slightly alter the set up, it‘s almost impossible to refind range of emotions but on the whole I seem to make where that place was.’ pictures that are meditative, reflective and thoughtful.’ This trial and error way of creating is the reason Miller ‘I suppose it‘s capturing a creation moment,‘ he adds. works in series. For his second exhibition at the Ingleby ‘Some point where everything in the world seems to fall Gallery, Miller will be showing his most recent creations. into place.‘ (Helen Monaghan)

GARRY FABIAN MILLER Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, Wed 19 Mar~Sat 26 Apr

The light emanating from the image is so intense that its presence can almost be felt. From nothingness to

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STIRLING'S CHANGING ROOM Gallery is looking for artists to submit work for its open exhibition to be held in July. Based on the theme of souvenirs and mementos, the exhibition aims to show work by emerging artists from a local, national and international perspective. Deadline for entries is 25 April. For more information send an A5 SAE to: The Changing Room, 35 The Crawford Arcade, King Street, Stirling, FK8 1AX.

Craig J Pelusey’s work at Rooted

THE ROYAL INCORPORATION of Architects, through the RIAS Millennium Awards scheme, is offering grants of between E2000 and £4000 to people who wish to improve their local environment or community. Any individual over 18 can apply for an award and RIAS will consider funding any scheme that will improve the local streetscape or countryside or provide new facilities. For further details and an application form please contact Hazel MacBride, RIAS Millennium Awards Administrator on 0141 248 6085 or email

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