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In our regular column, a team of mystery artists give their thoughts on the current art scene.

HAND-IT—BACK—TO- THE-TAXMAN AWARDS Words: Artbug A Research by the Scottish Arts Opuncil shows the average income of artists working in Scotland to be between 25000—26000 per annum. So the $300,000 dished out by the Arts Comcil at this year's Creative Scotland Awards should have come as welcome news to the impoverished masses. Not so however. as the rules governing the awards state that they are only for helping artists with a proven track record in their field. to develop and explore new ideas which must be shown to the public on completion.

So instead of the potential of having 60 artists receiving £5,000 each which would not only d0uble their income but, in turn. have a significant impact on their ability to create future work. we have ten well established individuals receiving $30,000 each, a sum hard to justify as going towards making a truly significant impact on their already flourishing artistic careers.

Worse still is that the awards are assessable for tax, so it doesn't take a great mathematician to work out that a significant pOrtion of the £300,000 doled out to the ten well established and higher earning recipients will end up with the greatest award winner of them all: the Inland Revenue.

And what can we hope to see when the ideas are shown to the public on completion? Two projects tickled my fancy. The first is to turn a car park into an outdoor dance studio pr95umab|y wet suits will be provided before all classes. Cleverly th0ugh, in winter it will disguise itself as an ice rink as part of a project to. wait f0r it. 'reconceive Edinburgh's Grassmarket as a civic art machine'. The second one is basically 'to take time out of teaching and dedicate 12 months to researching. Nice one. but I'd stay away from Creative accounting research - at least for this year.

90 THE LIST 13-27 Mar 2003

Exhibitions are listed by city, than alphabetically by venue. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by tax on 0131 587 8500. Listings are compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


164 Woodlands Road. 332 002K. Mott-Fm 10am—5pm; Sat 10am .l2.30pm.

Mixed Show l'ntil Mott 3| Mar. ()riginal paintings by regular gallery artists.


253 Argyle Street. 0901 022 0300. Kathleen Little L'ntil Sun 30 Mar. Digital floral works by Kathleen Little inspired by poems she has written oy er the last ten years.

0 Glasgow School of Art Fashion Show 2003 Wed l9 Mar. 7.30pm 8; 9.45pm. £10. The GSA annual fashion show allowing students to show off their work in a professional enyironment. Highlights include Jeanne Tan's preyiew show, a PhD student in the textiles department whose creations mix traditional and non-traditional materials.


l9 Parnie Street. 552 7779. Mon-Sat noon—5pni

Scape L'ntil Tue 25 Mar. Annual exhibition of landscapes featuring large- scale pieces and y'ibrant studies by Judith l Bridgland. Mary Batchelor arid lan Elliot.

Lee Adams L'ntil Tue 25 Mar. Cosmopolitan figurative studies by this American artist who lived in ltaly before settling in Scotland.

Film Noir L'ntil Tue 25 Mar. Lee Robertson rey isits the era of black and white moy ies in these monochrome paintings in oil.


I29 Bath Street. 07763 222323.

Suite Art L'ntil Thu 3 Apr. A series of weekly exhibitions each showing the work of a different student currently attending Glasgow School of Art. With an opening eyery Fri from 5pm. Tris Vonna- Michell. Mathew Paul Jinks and Anthony Schrag show work until Thu l3 Mar. followed by Pia Siri Isaksson and Frederikke Friderichsen (Fri 14- Thu 20 Mar) and Ruth Mulyie (Fri 21 Mar—Thu 3 Apr).


l85a Bath Street. 222 2830. Tue—Sat I0am—5.30pm.

Mixed Show L'ntil Mon 31 Mar. Paintings by Bill Alston. Graeme Sharp. Peter Murray and Donald MacLeod. ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART I34 Bly’thswood Street. 332 4027. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pni; Sat

l()am— 1 pm.

Canyons and Churches L'ntil Tue 25 Mar. New landscape paintings from Arizona and New Mexico by Mhairi McGregor. RSW.

Miriam Doltotliver and Eoghann MacColl L'ntil Tue 25 Mar. New works. Top Dogs L'ntil Tue 25 Mar. A ceramic installation of dogs by Oliyia Brown. CAFE COSSACHOK GALLERY

l0 King Street. 553 0733. Tue—Sat

l l.30am—l lpni.

Vivaclty L'ntil Sun 30 Mar. A debut show of paintings by RUssian artist A \enski


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. Sun—Wed l lam—6pm; Thu—Sat

l lam—8pm.

0 Gordon Matta-Clark: The Space Between l'nttl Sun 23 Mar

(CCA l. 2. 3 and (it Rarely seen works

by the late American artist Gordon Matia- (‘lark \y ho was central to the New York art scene in the 19"(is. Known for his process of 'cutttng' carying huge sections front buildings he also deyoted his attention to performance art. photography. graffiti and minimalism. For the exhibition at the (’('.-\. curated by Lisa le Feuy re. a number of artist's books arid a reconstruction of Git/fitter will be in the foyer leading to photographs and films documenting works such as Splitting iii the main gallery spaces. MST CHANCE TO SEE

Best of Transmediale.03 Thu 20 Mar. 0. 15pm. A selection of l 1 international \ ideo works from this year's Berlin media art festiyal. transmediale.


l'niyersity of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 548 2558. Mon— Fri l0am 5pm; Sat noon 4pm.

Lost Tales of the Sunart Oakwoods l'ntil Sat 22 Mar. ()wain Kirby presents a series of woodcut prints inspired by the folklore of the Smart ()akwoods. LAST CHANCE TO SEE The Company 0! Trees t‘ntil Sat 22 Mar. Drawings. paiittitigs and sculpture by Margaret Ker. Pauline Muir arid Nina Robertson inspired by trees. LAST CHANCE TO SEE


178 West Regent Street. 22l (i370. Mon—Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Scottish Landscapes tintil Fri 28 Mar. An exhibition of landscapes by selected gallery contemporary artists including James Morrison. Dayid Martin. Andrew Walker. Philip Braham. Jonathan Shearer and many others.


3| Chisholm Street. (entrance through salon). 552 7|00. Mon- Wed. Fri & Sat l0.30am—5.30pm; Thu 10.30am—7pm. Vistas Mon 247 Sun 30 Mar. An exhibition of work by two Denmark- based artists Tulle Ruth and Carina Zunino. Ruth's work consists of

intery iews with retired priests from Scotland and Denmark front a generation that has seen the shift in our relationship to God and religion. Zunino's .S‘kynimuilui'rt Stories is a floor object with built-in sound and a floor drawing made by chalk. NEW SHOW.


Saltoun Lane. 24 Ruthyen Street. 357 1999. Mon—Fri 8; Sun l2.30—5.30pni; Sat l0.30ani—5.30pm.

The Valentine Exhibition [5 mil Sun l6 Mar. An exhibition of work by Dayid Ross Warrilow. Alexandra Gardner. Patii

Carter. Connie Simmers and Sue Biauoti.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 229 I996. Mon—Thu «5; Sat 10ani—5 m; Fri—Sun l lam—5pm.

Sight apping L'ntil Sun 4 May. Linda Besemer. Andrew Bick. Rolf Bier. Pia Fries and Sonita Singwi are among the line-up of artists who explore multiple forms of abstraction. See rey iew.


Rouken Glen Road. 620 0235. Mon. Thu. Fri & Sun 1.30—5.30pm; Sat ll.30am—5.30 in.

Spring Exh bltlon L'ntil Mon 31 Mar. A mixed show of work by gallery artists featuring paintings by Shona Barr. lan Elliot. Deborah Campbell and Kate Henderson plus sculpture by Walter Awlson.


148 West Regent Street. 22l 3095. Mon—Sat 9.30aiii—5.30piii.

William McCance (1894-1070) L'ntil Wed 26 Mar. An exhibition of cat drawings by William McCance produced during the 1940s.


l2 Rose Street. 3.“: bl2tS

Going Global l'nttl Mon 3| Mar Stills troiii aii animated film. Going (initial. made by bt-lingual attd local Glasgow children


22 x 25 King Street. 552 0‘04 'l‘tte Sat lilalll 5.30mi

London ailing t'niil Sat 15 Mar Recently published screenprints from Adyanced Graphics London featuring work by Ray Richardson. Basil Beatlic. ('raigie Aitchison and Bert In in. Bronwyn Rees: The Long Road Home l'ntil Sat 15 Mar Semi-abstract. richly coloured images by Atistialtan artist Bronwyn Rees. reflecting her experience liying. working and trayelling iii Scotland and liurope.

Barbara Rae: Travelog t-‘n 21

Mar Sat ll) May. Paintings. iiionotypcs. editioiied screenprints and etchings by Barbara Rae inspired by tray els and residencies in France. Ireland. Italy. Scotland arid the l’SA. NE‘A SHOV. Joyce Leitch: Something Else l‘Tl 2| Mar Sat lll May. A series of l2 monotypes and prints representing the months iii the year. inspired by Louis McNeice's poem. Meeting Point. Shu-Ching Yeh: Etchings and Drypoints Fri 2| Mar Sal H) May. litcliings and dry points by this yisitiiig artist front Taiwan.

THE GLASGOW PROJECT ROOM Top floor. ()4 ()sborne Street. 552 I472, Tuev Sat noon 5 im.

Nathalie de riey Sat l5~Sat 22 Mar. A solo installation by Glasgow -based artist Nathalie de Briey comprising a rubber baiid w all-drawing. NEW SHOW


I67 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Mon Thu 10am—7pm; Fri l0am «1.45pm: Sat l0am~noon.

Second Year Fine Art

Photography L'ntil Fri 2| Mar

(New bery Gallery i. An exhibition of holography by second year students.

i Cuba L'ntil Thu 20 Mar (Atrium Gallery l. Photographs by Charles Jamieson taken while on a painting trip to Cuba.

Smalls Mon 24 Mar—Fri 25 Apr (Atrium Gallery). An exhibition of small-scale ceramics to celebrate the international links between Glasgow School of Art‘s ceramic department and its partner institutions iii AUstralia. RUssia and the (SA. NEW SHOW


|82 Bath Street. 333 199]. Mon—Fri l0.30am--5pm; Sat |0.30am—lpm. Mixed Show L'ntil Mott 31 Mar. A selection of paintings including works by Anne Redpath. Mary Gallacher. Hamish McDonald. Peter Nardini and John Cunningham.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY L'niyersity of Glasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 3305431. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm. Free. intimate Friends: Scottish colourists at the University of Glasgow L'ntil Sat 7 Jun (closed 27 Mar-10 Mayl. An extensiye exhibition highlighting the L'niyersity of Glasgow‘s important Scottish colourist collection. featuring rarely seen works by Cadell. Fergusson. Hunter and Peploe.

Prints by the Colourlsts L'ntil Wed 26 Mar. A rare opponunity to see

monoty pes. etchings. copper plates and dry points by Scottish colourists. Hunter and FergUsson. iNTERMEDIA GALLERY 18 King Street. 552 2540. Tue—Sat noon—6pni

Use your illusion Sat l5—Sat 29 Mar. New work from Lucy Bates. Kate Davis. Jamie Kilburn. Julia Schmidt. Sarah Smith. Yvonne Twaddle and Nathan Wilson. NEW SHOW.