Art listings

Glasgow Galleries contlnued


28 King Street. 552 4813. Tue—Sat

l lam—5pm.

Duncan Campbell Tue 25 Mar—Sat l2 Apr. A solo show of work by Duncan Campbell. NEW SHO‘H


l8 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon~Fri l0ain-5pm.

Imprlnts [Tntil Fri 28 Mar. A group show of prints and ceramics by artists from the Trongate Studios.


Woodlands Road. For more information www.cmergednet or email

emerged (0 liotinail.coin

rooted l.'ntil Sun 6 Apr, Artist-run organisation Ii merge I) present a rolling programme of exhibitions housed in this disused shop front on Woodlands Road. Charlotte Bosanquet and Pia lsaksson show work until l6 Mar. followed by Becky Sik. Shireen Taylor and Sarah Walton (16—23 Mari and Martine Myrup I23 Mar-6 Apr).


ll3 West Regent Street. 221 9109. Mon~ l’ri 10.30ain—5pm.

Mlxed Show l'ntil Mon 3l Mar. A mixed show of paintings, drawings and sculpture.

WHERE THE MONKEY SLEEPS 182 West Regent Street. 226 3406. Mon—Fri 7am—7pm; Sat 10am-7pm. Mlxed Show A changing line-up of work by various artists.

Glasgow Museums

Thls sectlon llsts museums currently showlng temporary exhlbltlons. For detalls of other permanent attractlons, see Glasgow Lll‘e, page 99.


Argyle Street. Kelvingrove. 287 2699. Mon—Thu & Sat l0am—5pm; Fri & Sun I lam-«5pm. Cafe. Free.

A Kelvlngrove Centenary L'niil Mon 30 Jun. A commemorative exhibition marking the centenary of the Art Gallery and Museum. Kelvingrove. The well-loved sandstone building houses one of the finest civic art collections in Europe. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the Glasgow Boys and Girls. and was the venue for some of the finest exhibitions seen in Britain including Picasso-Matisse l I946). Van Gogh

( I948) and Dali's Art In Jewels

1 1973—4).

Endangered Wlldllle L'niil Mon 30 Jun. An exhibition highlighting the endangered wildlife in Scotland.

Young Talent 2003 t'niil Sun 23 Mar. To mark the European Year of Disabled People. Glasgow ‘s Project Ability curates this exhibition of art work by children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders.


The Cross. Kirkintilloch. 578 0144. Tue—Sat l0am—lpm it 275pm. Shoes L'ntil Sat 5 Apr. An exhibition exploring the fashion. function. fetish and form of shoes.


2060 Pollokshaws Road. 287 2550. Mon~Thu & Sat 10am ~5pm; Fri & Sun llain~5pm.

Treasures from the Store: 19th Century European Palntlngs L'ntil further notice. a new selection of oils is on display highlighting the range of Sir William Burrell‘s taste. Featured works include paintings by Bonvin. Ribot and Millet and a rarely seen oil by Henri Le Sidaner.

GLASGOW BOTANIC GARDENS 730 Great Western Road. 334 2422. Daily 1 lain~4pm.

Markus Karkus L‘niil Mon 31 Mar. New sculptures in steel and reclaimed scrap metal by Markus Karkus. The works have been welded by solar and wind power for the first time in Glasgow and they are coloured with red oxide.


6l—63 Netherlee Road. Cathcart. 637 2129. l lam—5pm

Glasgow Southern Art Club L'ntil Sat l5 Mar. An exhibition of paintings by members of the Glasgow Southern Art Club.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston Park. 10 Dumbreck Road. 353 4773. Daily l0am-5pm. Contemporary Scottlsh Palntlngs L'ntil Mon 31 Mar. A mixed show of paintings by contemporary artists.


University Avenue. 330 422]. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm.

The Cablnets of Dr Todd L'mil Thu I May. A selection of material from the collection of] Gordon Todd. who since the age of five has been collecting minerals. fossils. shells and insects.

Lord Kelvln: A Llle ln Sclence L'ntil Wed 31 Dec. An exhibition of the scientific instruments. inventions and patents used by Glasgow's famous professor of physics. William Thomson.

Glant Beetles Flghtlng for Survlval Tue 18 Mar. 12.45pm. Short talk by Geoff Hancock.

Acme Red Path Mercy“: Ba'tara Rae

92 THE LIST 13—27 Mar 2003


2lMarcb - l0 May 2003 Gallery I Barbara Rae -Travelog Gallery ll Joyce Leitch Somewhere Else Gallery Ill Shu Ching Yeh Etchings 8: Drypoints

22 25 K "g Street. C: asgo.-. C‘ SQD Ooen'Tees - Sat Ga” - 5 333'” :e Ol4l 552 0704 we: .‘rxmgosartcc a< AC“ 550" Free

Nuts and Seeds Tue 25 Mar. 12.45pm, Ewen Smith gives a short talk on a few of his fayourite things,


Kelyin Hall. I Burnhouse Road. 28" 2720. MoniThu ck Sat l0ain~5pin; Fri & Sun IlllllFSpm.

Flre! ['ntil Fri 3| Oct 2003. The history of firefighting in the west of Scotland is documented in this exhibition featuring a Leyland Fireniaster engine gifted to the museum by the Strathclyde Fire Brigade and objects from the past and present.


High Street. 889 315l. Tuer Sat l0am—-5pm; Sun 25pm. Free.

FISII and ShIpS l'ntil Sun 13 Apr. Paintings on a maritime theme drawn from the permanent collection.

On Dry Land l'ntil Sun l3 Apr. The diversity of the Scottish landscape is explored iii this display drawn from the permanent collection.


Glasgow Green. 554 0223. Mon -Tliu a: Sat l0am—5pm; Fri & Sun I lain—75pm. Remembering leoshlma and Nagasakl L'ntil Mon 5 May. ()n 6 August 1945. the L'nited States Army Air Forces dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later another bomb was released on Nagasaki. This poignant exhibition from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum tells the story of the effects of the dropping of the bombs. through posters and documentation. in a timely attempt remind people of the horrors of atomic weapons.


870 Garscube Road. 946 6600. Mon—Fri l0am—5 in; Sun 2—5pm. The Rlver an the Rock Fri 14 Mar. 6.30pm. £6 t£3—£5I. Alan Crawford from the Hunterian Art Gallery gives a lecture on Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the arts and crafts movement.


Museum of Education. 225 Scotland Street. 287 0500. Mon—Thu & Sat l0am—5pm; Fri 8.; Sun I lam—5pm. Balrns and Backstreets L'niil Mon I6 Jun. Photographs of Glasgow by Eric Watt. a member of the Queen‘s Camera Club since I958 featuring over 30 digital prints from the 50s to the 80s.

Scratchlng the Surface - Beyond Whlstler’s Cltles Liniil Sun 30 Mar. An exhibition of prints by James McNeil Whistler and his contemporaries in the first of many events to celebrate the centenary of the American-born artist.

ST MUNGO MUSEUM OF RELIGIOUS LIFE AND ART 2 Castle Street. 553 2557. Mon—Thu & Sat 10am—5pm; Fri 8; Sun I lam—5pm. One lsland, Many Falths L'niil Sun 27 Apr. Photographer Rachel Morton toured the country to discover the different experiences of faith in Britain today. The results is a series of photographs accompanied by a personal statement from the people involved.

ms TALL SHIP Aramaic)?


l00 Stobcross Road. 339 0631. Daily 10am—5pm. £4.50 (£3.25); accompanied children free.

Across the Water L'niil Mon 30 Jun. A new exhibition exploring the history of crossing the Clyde as the river grew in both size and importance until the demise of the ferry service in 1970.

Edinburgh Galleries


54 George Street. 220 4349 Daily

10am 5 yin

Capab llty Scotland Art Exhlbltlon Tue 18 Sat 22 Mar. Annual exhibition ot artworks to raise tunds tor Capability Scotland NET. SHC'S.


6 Dundas Street. 55” 4050 Mon Fri l0ain 6pm. Sat llain 72pm.

Scottish Olls and Watercolours l'ntil Mon 3l Mar Oils and watercoloiirs by Scottish artists dating Ironi 1800 200i).


at the (ieorge Hotel. I9 2I (ieorge Street. 225 l25l. Thu Sun noon 6pm.

St Patrlclt's Day Exhlbltlon and Sale I'Tl l4 Sun 23 Mar. An exhibition of paintings by Irish artist l.eo Casement featuring traditional Irish music. dance scenes and the l'lster country side NEST. SHOT.


l0 Royal Terrace. 556 llllll. Mon I‘Tl 10am 6pm; Sat by appointment. Mixed Exhlbltlon l’ntil Mon 31 Mar An exhibition of paintings troin stock including works by George Houston. JI) Fergusson. Maclauclilan Milne and PW Adam.


38 Home Street. 228 414].

The Ballad of General Ned Ludd Thu l3 Mar—-Wed l6 Apr. New work by Sam Griffin which explores the disparity between the everyday world and the idyllic futures presented in science fiction works.

THE CIRCLE GALLERY l3a/l 3c Dundas Street. 556 8886. Mon—Sat |0am—-6pm. Lys Hansen l'ntil Thu 20 Mar. New and existing works by l.ys Hansen. Colln Brown l'ntil Thu 20 Mar. Recent aintings. lguratlve Mlxed Show Sat 22 Mar—Wed 9 Apr. Figurative paintings by Steye Whitehead. Valery Koroshilov. Greer Ralston. Marielle Macl.eman and Allan Ramsay. NEW SHOW." Bruce Kllleen and Julla Wroughton Sat 22 Mar~Wed 9 Apr. Paintings by Bruce Killeen RWA and Julia Wroughton ARCA. RWA. Allan Brown Sat 22 Mar Wed 30 Apr. Sculpture.


2 Market Street. 529 3993. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm.

RSA Students Exhlbltlon Sat l5—Wed 26 Mar. Paintings. sculptures. printmaking and architecture by final year and post-grad students from Aberdeen. Dundee. Edinburgh and Glasgow. NE'J‘.’ SHOW.


22—28 Cockburn Street. 220 I260. Tue—Sun Ham—5pm.

Jlm Medway and Davld Macklntosh L'ntil Sun 30 Mar. New work by Manchester-based artists David Mackintosh and Jim Medway. Mackintosh shows a series of drawings in brush and ink on Al paper which explores issues of human isolation. anger and non- communication. Medway‘s drawings combine social realism with children's book illustration.

0 Davld Sherry L'niil Sun 30 Mar. Beck's Futures nominee David Sherry screens his video piece L'mbi/ir‘u/ Card which takes an ironic look at the pros and cons of anyone looking for a scientifically enhanced lifestyle.

COLOURS GALLERY 4] Dundas Street. 557 4569. Mon—Fri l().3()am—5.30 m; Sat 10.30am-5pm. Mlxed Exhl ltlon L'ntil Thu 13 Mar. A selection of paintings by gallery artists.