25 Marchmont Crescent. 229 2063. Mon—Fri 9am—5.30pm; Sat 10am—2pm. Mixed Exhibition A photographic gallery and framing workshop featuring a range of framed mounted images with space for local photographers to show their work.


6 Baxters Place. Leith Walk. 524 0061. The Drag Gueens l'niil Mon 31 Mar. Documentary and portrait photographer Norman McBeath looks at the preparations for a gathering on World Aids Day as pan of his study on life in the Scottish capital.


34 Bread Street. For more information call 556 7076 or w Dlinnidltto - The Other Slide Sat 22—Sat 29 Mar. See Festival Theatre entry.


Rooiii 238. iidinburgh College of Art. 79 The Grassmarket. 221 6261.

Sunday Sessions at Protoacademy Sun 16 Mar. 3-4pm. ('oiiteiiiporary' art based research unit protoacadeiiiy present a presentation of new work by Malena Astrom followed by an accompanying discussion group.


Palace of Holyroodhouse. ()207 3122233. Daily 9.30am»-4.30pm.

Leonardo da Vinci: The Divine and the Grotesque L'niil Sun 30 Mar. £4 (£24.13); family ticket £10; under 5s free. Designed by Benjamin Tiridall Architects. the £3m Queen's Galley opens with the largest exhibition devoted to Leonardo da Vinci ever held in Scotland. Drawn from the Royal Collection. which holds the world's fittest group of Da \'inci drawings. the exhibition features 73 works which explore the Renaissance artist‘s life-long obsession with the human form. From his attempts to define perfect proportion to his distortion of the human face to explore its comic potential. the exhibition includes studies for his masterpiece The Last Supper. self- portraits and designs for festival costumes.


Clerk Street. 668 2019. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm.

Emily Grey L'ntil Sat 29 Mar. Recent works by LS oil painter Emily Grey whose works are inspired by landscape and architecture.


46 Dundas Street. 556 2228. Thu—Fri

1 1.30am—5pm; Sat 1 1.30am~1pm.

Ugo Baracco Sat 15 Mar—Wed 2 Apr. Aquatints.

David Sinclair Sat 15 Mar-Wed 2 Apr. Oil paintings.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith House. lnverleith Row, 552 7171.

Jim Lambie: Kebabyion L'ntil Sun 23 Mar (lnv'erleith House: Tue—Sun 10am—3.30pm). A solo show of new work by Glasgow-bom artist Jim Lambie who is representing Scotland at this year‘s Venice Biennale. Creating work from other people's cast offs. the highlight of the show is Spun Dancing. a sprawling mass of twisting colour made up of straps detached from bags and then fixed to the walls. L'pstairs is much darker. Black gaffer tape arranged in a herring-bone pattern replaces his trademark psychedelic floor and mirrors are placed on gaudy. paint dribbled stone-like fomis. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Images from the Garden 6 L'ntil Sun 6 Apr (Exhibition Hall). Botanical art. photography and craft works by students attending the RBGE adult education classes. taking inspiration from the Garden.

In Search of Truth and Beauty

Thu 20 Mar. 3—4pm (Lecture Theatre) Curator Paul Nesbitt describes the philosophy behind the aw ard-w inning exhibitions programme at It“ erleitli House. ranging from John Hope's 18th century experiments with light and gravity to Martin (‘reed's room ftill of balloons.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindlay Street. 248 4848.

Le Jeu Du Regard: European Theatres l'ntil Wed 26 Mar. French photographer Fabien (‘alcavechia presents a photographic tour of some of the most elegant ltaliaii-style theatres in liurope.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. 100 Princes Street. 225 1501. Mon— Fri 10am--6piii.

What It . . 7 l‘ntil Fri 9 May. Winner of the R()Sl. Annual Art lixhibition Catalogue l)esign ('oiiipeiitioii. Mooks Hanifiah from Singapore. presents and exhibition of typographic interpretations on subjects affecting daily life ranging from a shopaholics route planner and life decisions for Mtisliiii women today.

SAMARKAND GALLERIES l61lowe Street. 225 2010. Mon Sat 10am—5.30piii; Sun by appointment. Antique and Contemporary Eastern Carpets Edinburgh's newest Eastern rug and carpet gallery set up by Brian MacDonald features a fine selection of contemporary rug art from the Fast as well as antique rugs and tribal bags.


l6 Dundas Street. 558 1200. Monwliri 10am~6pmz Sat 10am—4pm.

Janice Gray l'ntil Wed 2 Apr. A small show of humorous animal watercolours. David McClure i'ntil Wed 2 Apr. An exhibition of paintings by David McClure RSA. RSW (1926—1998).

Kathie Murphy ['ntil Wed 2 Apr. New resin jewellery by Kathie Murphy. Teapots l'ntil Wed 2 Apr. A group show of contemporary forms of the traditional teapot in ceramic and silverware.


Reiach and Hall Architects. 6 Darnaway Street. 225 8444. Mon—Fri 2--5pm. Kenneth Dingvvall l'niil Fri 18 Apr. An installation by Kenneth Dingwall.


58 Ratcliffe Terrace. 667 1966. Mon—Fri 9am—6pm; Sat 10am—5pm.

Alison Auldjo Fri 14 Mar—Mon 14 Apr. New oils and acrylics.


10 ()rwell Terrace. 346 1405. Mon—Sat 10am—4 m.

ENAC 2003 L'ntil Fri 14 Mar. An exhibition of photography by WlFlli (Women in Focus in Edinburgh) in celebration of lntemational Women‘s Dav.


23 Cockburn Street. 622 6200.

Energy Tones L'ntil Sat 15 Mar.

1 1am—6pm. New digital artwork by young women from culturally diverse backgrounds. Members of Saheliya. Sikh Sanjob and the Multicultural Family Base collaborated with artists Sam Hill. Sophie Scott and Kirsty Stansfield to create video projections. animations and digital images.


21 Lisrnore Crescent. 620 3344. Wed—Fri by appointment only.

Dave Beech L'ntil Fri 28 Mar. Dave Beech present a series of new works entitled Stretching the Truth. The poster- sized text works have been described as a ‘scrambled database of a political speech writer whose computer has been infected by a virUs designed by the ghost of William Burroughs.‘ Sounds intriguing.


l'niversity of lidinbiirgh. South Bridge. 6511 2210 Tue Sat 10am 5pm

0 Kenny Hunter: Freester Monumental! l‘niil Sat 22 Mar Leading Scottish sculptor Kenny Hunter revisits and reworks a number of existing sculptures including (ti/t. Duh .ilonimient and Tum tint] Spat (' Dirt! lt'ytt'rt/iri housed in the historical rooms of the ()1d (‘ollege The seemingly simple sculptures with a plastic toy aesthetic offer new and contextual readings of his practice. See review. .AST CHANCE "2 “F” 0 James Rielly t'ntil Sat 22 Mar (round room). James Rielly 's figurative w atercolours on paper. at first seem like they have sprung from the pages of a family album. But like much of Rielly 's work which explores childhood. they are both funny and sinister at the same time. responding to news items from telev isioii and the press. LAST CHANCE TO SEE


36 Dimdas Street. 556 6366. Mon I'Tl 11am-6pm; Sat 10.30am 4pm.

Enid Foote Watt and ian Frame Sat 15 Sat 29 Mar. Recent paintings by Ian Frame and works by the late linid Foote Wait. NEW SHOV.’


Cafe liar. 10 Cambridge Street. 228 5383. Peter Marshall l‘ntil Sat 15 Mar. Recent work.

In Glorious Technicolour Sun 16 Mar Sat 19 Apr. Recent work by Malcolm Ben/1e. Neil ('ammock and Catherine Devlin in association with the lidiiiburgh International Science Festival. NEW SHOW.

UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH Fine Art Department. 19 George Square. 650 4124. Mon-Thu 8.30aiii—9piii; Fri 8.30am - 7pm.

Leather Rat l'ntil Fri 14 Mar. An exhibition of work by 4th and 5th year fine art students from Edinburgh l'niversity.


16 South Fort Street. 478 7810. Mon—Sat 1 lam—11.45pm; Sun 1230— 11.45pm. Not Strictly Commercial t'niil Sat 22 Mar. Photographs by Niall Cotton ranging from oil platforms and aviation to Cuban musicians and landscapes.


30 Westburn Grove. Wester Hailes. 458 3267.

ArtAttack Mon 17 Mar—Fri 11 Apr. An exhibition of work by the Whale AnAttack group.


4 Dundas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon—Fri 10am~6pm; Sat 1 1am—4pm.

Spring Exhibition Wed 19 Mar—Sat 19 Apr. Selected Victorian oil paintings and watercolours.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Lite, page 100.


42 High Street. 529 4142. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm.

The Golden Ages of Toys l'ntil Sat 7 Jun. Share the magic of Meccano. Homby train sets. teddy bears and the wonderful array of toys that came to life between 1890 and 1930.


142 Canongate. 529 4143. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Packed with historic anefacts. this restored 16th century mansion tells the story of Edinburgh‘s past and its people and houses important collections of Edinburgh silver and glass. Scottish pottery and shop signs.

listings Art

Unmarited Lives t'niii Sat 3 May .-x touring exhibition ot tapestries. textiles and paperworks by Joanne Soroka toctisiiig on the lives of her Scottish. Japanese and eastern liiiropcaii ancestors

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM New haven llarboiir. 551 4165 Daily

iiooii 4.45pm

A Tribute to Fishermen l'ntii Wed 31 Dec. An exhibition focusing on the working lives of fisherman. featuring ceramic and textile designs created by students from Victoria Primary School and l-tlinburgh's Teltord ('ollege


2 Chambers Street. 24" 4219 Mon Sat 10am- 5pm i’l‘tie 8pm); Sun noon 5pm Free.

Millennium Clock .~\ chance to v iew Rtissiaii mechanical sculptor liduard iiersudsky 's millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high. Mediating with Spirits, Shamans in Korea l'ntil Stiii 30 Mar An exhibition exploring shamanism. an important element of the Altaic culture that came to Korea in the 13th century BC The show features dioramas and ritual objects tised by shamans. many of which have been donated to the National Mtiseiiiiis of Scotland by the Korean government. Designing Ourselves l'niil Sun 30 Mar. A fascinating insight into how design can be tised on ourselves. to enhance. adorn and transform the body. whether by tattooing. piercing. branding or even surgery. Key exhibits include Shaun Leane's ('mitnur (‘m-vt't. a curvaceous silver-plated corset which reflects the silhouette of the Coca-Cola contour bottle and body sculpture by contemporary jeweller Jacky ()liv er.

William Speirs Bruce - The First Polar Hero l'ntil Sun | Jim. An exhibition celebrating the lifetime achievements of William Speirs Bruce. a polar scientist and leader of the Scottish National Antarctic lix tedition m 1902 4. Textile Art irom uthern Appalachia - The Quiet Worit of Women Sat 15 Mar Stiii 25 May. Textile works by women living in the Southern Appalachia. a region that includes Western North Carolina. liast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. NEW SHOW

Th0 CT "I. Scotia “ed 1*) Mar. 2.15pm. £6. Royal Scottish Geographical Society director David Munro tells the story of Scotland‘s forgotten polar heroes w ho went to Antarctica between 1902 and 1904.


Lady Stair's House. Lady Stair‘s Close. 529 4901. Mon—Sat 10am 5pm. Chapman: A Literary Hinterland L'ntil Sat 5 Apr. An exhibition celebrating the 100th edition of Chapman. Scotland's literary maga/ine.


L'niversity of Dundee. 13 Perth Road. 01382 345330. Mon Fri 9am 8.30pm; Sat 10am—4.30pm

My Mouth Is Guiet But my Mind Is Noisy L'ntil Mon 14 Apr. An exhibition celebrating the work of the intemationally renowned illustrator John Watson ( 1960—2000).

An American Conversation L'ntil 14 Mar (Cooper Gallery). An exhibition of process-orientated sculpture by Alex Frost and Karla Black.

Interior and Environmental Design Department L'ntil Fri 11 Apr (Lower Foyer Gallery). An exhibition of work by interior and environmental design students responding to a brief to reconstruct a new object out of the parts of an old object.

Legacy - Images oi South Georgia L'ntil Mon 14 Apr (Lamb Gallery). An exhibition of past and present photographs of South Georgia.

13-27 Mar 2003 THE LIST SS