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THE INSIDER Who’s getting up to what THE QUOTES

‘It’s more important to have somebody by your side. That

doesn’t always

have to be a lover; for some people a dog is enough.’

‘If the president called and

said: “Chuck, I want you to

find Bin Laden,” I’d have to

genus" d ~ , say: “Mr President, I don’t

firm“ ' 1‘ ; _ want to talk about that.”’ my . r .‘

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‘We hope you die.’


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I By the trme you read thrs Bush and Blair erl have spent a full week drrectrng the U8 and UK armed torces to believe they’re homing a gun slaughter Innocent lragrs. Insrder doesn't even want to th, tottrng up hov; rrrang. renocents ‘.‘.'l|l he horrrhed and hurned rn to HBQ’S head to get them 168 hours. It's very depressing. Lrher'atrng the people of Iran from Saddarrr llussem'? Yeah. rrght hcv.‘ do you Irherate to pay this massive sa|ary dead people from anythrng’? As Insrder' sard. very depressrng. increase, But it’s really 3

Sit”. It's rrnportant to rt-zmerrrher. as everyone from Michael Moore to Mark Thomas has pointed out, those pro water pistol, And it doesn’t the war for oil are In the rrrrnorrty leven rt they’re the ones wrth therr trngers on the red buttons of death, lnslde' even have any water in it.’

lOIllGd the Crvrl drsohedlence demonstration rn tidrnhur'gl‘. and. as the one o'clock cannon trr'ed rts hlank from the castle HM I He -'r I r, w r .y: r1 we“. .‘o and a large crowd of protests occupyrng Prrnces Street tell to the ground. playrng dead rn syrrrpathx, for those being far: ar;~ tie/want!“ .mx it; are

blown to pieces In Iraq. lrrssrder' was warmed rnsrde t); the sheer numher ct school krds and college students havrng ~r’ WI" "r 5' "v r! '~” " " v "

therr say against wholesale government condoned slaughter. ’7 " f" “MW”

Shame. though, that after the krds. who \s/ere rorned hv Tommy Sheridan and the atorementronerl Mark lttorltas. marched on the parlrarrrent hurldrng. the ()ther’\.'-.rrse gurte pleasant poirce got a hrt shrr‘ty '~.‘.’llil one youngster, the school bOy In question had the temer'rtv to hum a banner hear'rng an rmage ot Blar ttrat he’d been carryrng. After vrdeotaprng the act of wanton civil disobedience. two polrcc- ottrcer's singled the ho; out from the crowd, took hrs name. gave hrm a stern warnrng and thrs rs prrceless searched hrs school hag. Presurnahl‘y. the ottrcers were concerned that the teenager had a weapon of mass destruction secreted wrthrn hrs hackpack. What, Irke a catapult“?

‘Let HBO say whatever they want to say. It should be beneath them to treat one of their biggest stars, moneymakers and friends like this.’

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_r".:t I‘lf; nephew. till)! l«’lt lES/KM ' Slur-“'1’; arr: a/g‘r EDINBUKH. (It‘d sir l)".é"_ s’. okr'x; a" l,‘.‘$tr{i.1"‘f{t:‘.r‘.. monk, rum-fr par» “‘n‘s‘ "etuik '1a';.<:n'a'1:;l: 'ramf. at; 21:, i'uxte' \fl‘ it w‘ *w‘r'r rt" 1“ l"‘.r' ,‘\t<"";rf'.-’: ._ "‘a,t e :wt‘acu at- Thaw: fzr;~::r‘fr:'r ';';:“‘. SUNS-’3" ".é’ ' We" a". sis ‘."-’:": s'vgri’: apt, "fire' f" BK; l 1'3»: {nus ">"ffat.o~,'eatm:errertrreu1',

I Seems as though the spat het‘.'.ee" rag"; George Bush a t, “W t. spur, Laurtrrrz; Est/rtia'r'r .'.‘f"‘ peace Sohrarros star James Gandolfini «sans '."L::;e ow“ sa'YI' [Ly-"V "nomad-vs. (in '12 r l.tearr.-.~xr.-.

and the producers of the shear t‘as diva: t>t.t:~.a Der": “a f're. "-2 "“srfl‘fl sees act s‘o’p’fl“; Wm:

come to an end before ether sure Erot rt'wa Mom-2'" 8r) rar r; r’ trs-f r».- ,',":-'; at» a'vr "axe a real,

undenvav Wlll‘r threatened Irtrgatro'x s astt ca k '; iwas " ,"\' wear/e“: Kim" a“ a "“:‘>‘)£rf}‘:‘r, A.9'e?dy

Gandoltrnr wanted more rrronev We "(at 'rerkf At‘. l'w, :re" :a" r . rem“ ’Lx'ne :. emfz' "1’.‘rl.":’f we p'g w'th an . empty

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the Best Show on lelexrsrer‘. looked dermx‘sfuitarr Isee sit a" "wrirax 52/," far; 3%:

drcev Serres creator Daxd Orast- ar'r‘eLt some gr'ea'. a"? ' :r " 2 r,» 7'» .’ ‘f‘ujru

mrght ha\e done what he's :lcrre or: t"-;‘-t>est <1“.'.‘l‘.r<:." .'.as' ‘Who let the ins-ix: f; 'e:a': eap' "r'f'2‘:;"'. ‘You’ve numerous occaSror‘s wrt’r ott‘e' bombs out? Bush, Bush and got 15 days to live.’ N": " fin“; Characters and whacked Tef‘rv Hi", Blair.’ Am: .tu "an: tin/f: " i'a': '_ . a" .m. 't;:.-::'*'°_

8 THE LIST .‘ ' Lta' ‘\ it: '