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THE KILLS Keep on your Mean Side

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f-it,|e is lrttrng a rurr‘shreld rn the blue torrter and Substance rs rltt‘t/(ftlltq up rn the red. ".’/hrr:h .'.’ril emerge .wtonous when sales are down and trckle Mrss Media has dropped therr latest '.'.’tll.'l‘ like a hot potato?)

lhe Krlls side step exenybodx, bx, producing an album that obyrates the whole Itlltéttlltt] debate lhrs rs beautrlul ror'k'n'roll rr‘usrc played by two people that couldn't ()l‘.'(? two tucks about the what the new White Stripes album sounds lrke. lhree chords and some truth are all the Krlls need to steal your soul. We could talk about actual songs. but they all sound bulletproof. so what would be the pornt'? (Johnny Regan:



Right Now Move (Hopear loper O...

Gurtar'rst Charlie Hunter locates hrs musical roots rn classrc soul-ran organ player's lrke ermy Srnrth and lam Young. but gives his groove-based law a contempOr'ary tWrst rn the process. Hunters remarkable erght-strrng gurtar has a sound all of rts own. but thrs drsc rs less about thegurtar-as-toca|-pornt than the overall feel of the gurntet.

Drummer Derek Phrllrps lays down a serres ot tlexrble but rnsrstent grooves fer the sOIOrsts. whrle saxophonist John Ellrs. harmonrca player Gregoire Maret.

f'orr‘r;',r7rst Curtis FCLW‘K {it"t thlt‘fl étl. amt/y; sat“. fluent. rr:.entr.'e pla,rng on a mghiy accessible rlrsr,

'Kenn‘, Mathresonr

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fllxe Mrddenr OOO

Arng Corrs alert! The Mrdden are a Scottish trddlertotrng four prece featuring three sisters and an odd one out. Luckily. the, 're not as cursed by MOR pop as the glamourous lr'rsh clan and, from the looks of the album sleeve. they're not as rrdrculously over made- up (EltttOL Instead Kate. lla/el and Meggan Herd and Karen Hannah cornbrne their own songwntrng wrth pre- exrstrng ;.rrr'arrgerrr()rrts and take care to acknowledge the importance of crazy French chicks and torlet roll rn therr rnusrcal endeavour".

'Black rs the Colour" rs the album's mourntul, melodrc high pornt and. while the Mrdden engage wrth the cliches of Celtrc tradrtronalrsm, they do so rn a worthwhile and highly Irstenable manner. (James Smart) ESBWE‘EOEEBRY The Listener rThrrll Jockey) O...

For a dude thus bus‘y - solo and Grant Sand recordrngs. extensrve touring. running a record label. parenthood ~- Howe Gelh's latest lonesome listener sure rs lard-back. The trnklrng on ryorres. gurtar prckrng. drum-and-hrass JEV/ IICkS and Iangurd vocals make The LIStOITOf sound lrke rt was recorded at 5am rn the back room of a bar. wrth some pals. Ther'e'd be beer bottles atop the prano and smokes rn the ashtray.

And thats how rt probany was recorded. except not rn Gelb‘s

'1tl’3‘7‘:t‘f‘r' ":{ttfm "at? .‘-a' .'.r’! ' " M

't»rrr‘(‘v‘ r 5 'Y‘r ( r .y‘ r ‘l‘

.J V," rt[,[.":tt.' Xi .tn‘f:

recur/2 Tire tutu. .r‘; a treat {Y‘étt‘ at We saw}.

at,rdes. Mir-3's. r reI'tH

(9(1Nlt'r‘y1t” xliMJv SIMON SMITH MacMillan and MacRae Piano Works r[ )erpltraw Q...

Srnron Srnrttr as one of the most promising young classrcal pranrsts around. and turns hrs attentron here to James Maclvlrllan's corrrplete prano output rso tar anyway. and rt doesn‘t include hrs harn‘onrsatron of 'lt's a Grand Old learn. as featured on the recent South Bank Show. documentary r.

these are mostly short pieces wrrtten tor friends r'Brrthday Present'. 'For‘ lan‘r or specrtrc occasions lthe Satre pastiche ‘Barncleupedre'r. wrth hrs more substantral early Prano Sonata as the centrtvzprece. Srnrth also grve us hrs thoughts on lnverness-born composer Stuart MacRae's two- movement Plano Sonata. Superny played throughout. (Kenny Mathreson)



Torn Out Pages from the Middle Agez lArtrstsagarnstSchcessr 0000

From Wrstful folk through to romantic seashantres and serrated post rock. Plans 8. Apologies have got rt covered. Thrs hrghly inventive Derby- hased seven-piece. boastrng three gurtarrsts and vocahsts. have produced a charmrngly snamhlrng debut. as whrmsrcal as rt rs frenetrc.

Guitars and verces weave rn and out of each other. connecting eerily rn harmony and then occaSronally

53’? ‘asw r"

uxt‘rer We't'a tar‘. : Tmrxr therr "and at .‘ulttl. ’t‘ttirtorl‘rt ‘3. rt‘l. .PT haptar, keel fly; f“r'lt‘._)' arrreal as a [\tz.‘r:t.

-(:an\rlia Ma

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rAbstract Blue, 0...

Grlles Petersr :r‘ favourrtes Break Hetor'n -— aka [)J Srmon Skolfreld. sound engrneer tJJ Webster and singer Nana Vorperran produce sultry soul jét/X and shuttlrng hrp hop beats the sound of srttoky London on a drr/xly (lax. rn late autumn, Fractrrles tugs gently at your heartstrrntya. Vor'perran's

rmpz ssronerl vocal rs style backed by mourntul flute. oboe. piano and Rhodes, while Webster's tight beats entrce you to a

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Saint-Germain-des- Pres Cafe Ill .00.


it! <~ / A tnra. not st-und lrko- sut‘l‘. a tall order rr; thr- grt-at sthe-rr‘e of 'r‘usr: vonrprlatrons but 1"» [303: f «IN {’0 'I‘J‘tfl" Vlf/‘r‘tZt/Ik} [.o‘l Intrrgues due ’( the still .'.hrr;l‘

genre 'nu lax." dependrng on ,t >ur starr(1e<:ould translate as erther ‘new tax." or ‘naked law" a tantalrsrng prospect. Frther way. this (‘rallrr (lrner has come up ‘.'.rth a tar reachrng not of louche n‘eandenngs,



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r~hwrwvrw~m~r=t.r'fzr twltm-tt‘rf tlful' tuttfl tunkateersrr'rtlwe .'.’.itt it"s htl.rrt\‘. .rnthen‘rr' t-r.,r.- ttrr‘a'l‘w‘ntllT’Hom zo-rzrw .'.rtht,tr‘.srlr"artl 'l',htr'r1rsr7‘.tlrshrrttwll .‘.rth the sturrklrrrt; ’tifikt‘lrtlttl'Ht’lt‘ 'lnrrr't Stop the Muer set.-

.'.rhat rrrean trirttrti: lalrrrt‘hrrrt] into ‘lerrorrsts'. .‘.'hr<'h lazrshl‘. slurry/cases the band's rnstrunrt'rrtal '.rrtur >1;rt‘, aligned mth

pogertul. urgent .otal';


New Single Out New Available on 2 x CD & 7' Ltd Edrtron Vrnyl

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