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ls possible to really get back to the Old school? Well we‘re gonna find out With our strict vinyl- only policy this issue. lets see lust who still supports this painfully antiquated method of sound storage. When house goes grumpy you get Who Da Funk? featuring Tera Deva's “Sting Me Red (Clever)‘ (Subusa COO ), who Cut up a decidedly huffy slice of War of the Worlds doom funk. Breakneck's 'Uplink' (T CR 00 ) follows suit stylistically with some cantankerous. if predictable broken beats but fail to please. Spare a thought for The Elevectroluvs and Roger who between them on their split Single (Stolen Wine .0 ) can only manage OMD on a budget. minus choruses and humour. Now that is some kind of achievement. The soundtrack to Wiring y0urself into the mains. Damaged Goodz manage an improvement on this as ‘Brainwaves' (Powercut O” ) Cunnineg nicks a whiny harmonica soul-lick to build up their bumping hip hop. The raps are a bit lusty in places but progress is being made. While at King of Woolworth '5 house. they let some friends loose (make that very loose) on ‘Delia Derbyshire' (Mantra COO ). turning indie psychedelia into wibbly broken-beat blobs. Grand Pop Football Club have a big. long rubbish name. As does 'Men are Not Nice Guys' (Arista dance «0 ). a saucv Gallic vocal. bent into various shapes electro funk, epic house but still surprises with a crunching tech steam-train from Goldrun. Contrasting this is E- Funk‘s ‘Shout’ (Subliminal... ) which sounds best when they drop the... erm, shouting. Other overly familiar but entertaining turns are Bass Junkie and Silcone Scally‘s spilt 12in (Firewire 0000 ). a shoebox full of ferocious. if cliched. electro tricks.

Peaches continues to foam at the corners with her beats'n'strum brawl on ‘Rockshow' (XL “00 ) while on the flip the spectaCLilarly flimsy Electric Six get their collective feet on the monitor for their Skynyrd tribute-turn on the same track. Big and steepid but at least their awake. making them Single of the Fortnight. (Mark Robertson)

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THE IDONNAS Spend the Night :' ' 0..

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Riff-Eli N? H is ROBIN GUTHRIE Imperial

Billie Uni/iii, O...

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We Love Music 3— OOO

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What are we Doing Here?

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The DetrOit Experiment ‘4 :-a:: 00.

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