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' “'5 A HAPPY T'ME mt W1: zooms. :wit i’ 1 {or ma'l'Shoppers in deuce «llll‘VRx .. .. to M . , . . Glasgow. Following ppm“. m, ._.',.,h Jm .l. , ., ;, news of expansions to WM 0pm.. 8. an. S, 1.. Braehead and Forge WW” "My. W, Y . shopping centres. the TQM...) we}

opening of Centre West in East Kilbride and plans for a Pollok .4 mall, another major retail centre is to be built in the east end of the city. The Glasgow Fort will be located just off Junction 10 of the M8. Costing developers £140m, the 90-acre park will house chain stores including Next, Boots, Argos, plus a multiplex cinema and restaurants. Industry experts have questioned whether shopping in the city is nearing saturation point, but Glasgow consumers appear to be spending faster than new shops and malls can open their

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I THOSE POP divas have been throwing their itty-bitty frames around. First up. Britney Spears. While her teen- majesty has been suspiciously quiet in pop realms, she has been hitting the news headlines for all the wrong reasons. Sketchers USA Inc footwear manufacturers has filed a $10m lawsuit against Spears for

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doors. alleged fraud and STOCK'STS I JENNERS IN breach of contract. It 1 JV”, RH} WI mu“ I: ,._ ,. Edlnburgh has opened a cIaims she has been w, .t “MM, m “k / _ new art gallery on IIS 3rd delaying on a 2 (Sam; M uni ails. 31%, fl: o HOOK [he gallery W!“ licensing deal for {lt;.‘;t,‘( 'l l( )l m rt: rig" tit ,H‘ ,\\ ‘x D StOCk work .by some of roller-skates. The 3 firms". Allll‘. film, 8 ~1El :I?-_ Am; / the coumryb \HTOS!‘ sun is fi'ed months P ‘y A \ \ . , collected artists as well afler Spears filed a "‘“V'V” ‘H "1 mm", “W 1' a M as llmrted eclutlon works. suit against Mb I 1):) Shoppers can 3'50 Sketchers claiming it 4 MM”. poulwtvtl t : r'l‘l xi? ant-.21 benefit from a range of used her to p'ug its ldlikifl- it)“ ‘1'“ 5V" r l "‘ semces Including rollerskates, rather (Inlllltétitltm, (MK) M ii AYE“)?- frammg, home approval than her own design. 5 (Limo ml; Eh“... STU”. l )l;l".iv‘., ‘7‘ V; l\ home art consultancy. The words (My) ["51 (.5984 F plus special events and thandbagsi and 6 (LUH‘JMI jtltimfi. )x.’ l ll Ht," )1 miti. eXh'bn'Ofls- It's 3” Dan ()f ‘paces' spring to Hallo / 1' I X l' f. the companys rm to mind, but with the make art boylng easy considerable l as.» r : N l .5 \I: and en’oyab'e' amounts of wonga APRIL FOOL I OVER IN JENNERS’ being bandied about. Dance. comedy and fashion converge on the make'up 355"”. it's "0 laughing catwalk Calvin Klein will be matter. ;,. M. 5,3,.” . . . H. unvei'ing its new usecomow. PUSH .ilHl ll‘f;{>"(lt.i)." "Ml" ~;:.‘l.'-::'v‘:‘:, '. ’.‘.l '1: fluif summer IOOK. .on Since '8 mmmm’d 1” tintstmgittxl -::‘.<:"'.t‘.""(ma 3'»: ml'W: Z'l/rglf . '., Tuesc‘ay- 8 Apr". have Slgned L” 1'” A“le l _: > :ll r», n: w l-‘,, «w: ,4 'i ‘a~.v~_.- 'ntemat'ona'ly' deal Wrth Marks and "l ' H i ‘1‘. K renowned make'up Spencer to proollCea 3'13"" W" 'W "' '1 (in: ' ‘1 ’1 'l t artiSt Pau' Ferrari Wi" llngene range with (:x You-u; (Itivvrvu l”: /:~:«:‘. 4:8“ '-"-'r r'y be On harld to WOVide SDICC hanrlrnate Gen Syili'gtl‘.’ l}; it"llttl.) "1}; ,l<:t;l;;."- t"; ‘7 ( ‘(l’n‘m’f‘fl the and analy5is dannmg her loosing 1‘, fl‘i‘: tr‘nr'lillj ~ wry-t1, .m: :m on the latest colours lust as Imp/ham: (“,3 B‘¢':F'-""‘-"’sl 1‘ fil"“"1"9" 14' iii and prOdUCts' “Ckets Kylie'S. VlClOflz’) looks :mtti JV)?“ Der-gut .J: It'l'} fiza't" COSt £10fr°m 0131 set to 9st the Cruikshank. ;‘:H-:"‘;i’.<: f" ’l.:"’ i,- ;,-':'t m. 260 2473 and are Antipodear‘v pop {lvtfiL‘H' '.".‘.: (LAT .'.<:‘v\ ‘élit .'.".'."-Ir .’ ‘»'. (4‘7": .'. redeemable againSt DrmCCSS a [UN f0! lit-Bl Kllttl 4178'. «'1".'." 7." WW) aw: :i:.:‘."w' 1-,“. l'” perhases on the money 1“ "‘8 .l'ltl F)::‘.;"‘.;"‘ “L: {M .éziff' ,' nut" mght. Underwear depo' ,' A 1, 1‘ f, H 1.} , , ) I LAST ISSUE WE POSh'S hubhle Davrtl (I. 1‘ m x, Q ' ' < < I . I.“ 1 highhgmed the best new has already produced H V . I y ' v I, , portable computers a lee~zure wear range . _, . currenuy available in the for the company. but ‘W‘ H ' ' ' "' . ' I‘l " shops The last of the we suspect he rnlght :)’.l.".llti' map. "2% {no 22"".1" :" " photos have finally found draw the “me at a Kym}. tTHY-"3’21 “'7' "V"? ~'-‘¥‘ ""9" it"? their way into the eSQUe naughty ad .'.<: ya." : .. {.tr'fli'éz " 7.‘;at.'«':¢r" E n Shoppmg mbox_ and campaign by hls .1 13m: 5 7 ' we've fallen in love with mlSSUS. __ mu: rv "r ' "

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