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are only four in the UK. Developed in Lock's native New Zealand by Tovi Browning, it marries naturopathy and osteopathy techniques. and can have profound eftects on the ‘patrent‘. So much so that Lock quit her job after discovering pulsing and moved to Edinburgh. 'because it felt right'. Robert Stone Therapeutics, where Lock is based. offers a home to a variety of therapies. This one

2 It can solve your sexual problems r: {M} T', “eat. all atl'xr'; arr/Arrive) ale," , rr'rl i ',’r’.r'r‘: axt'r'ra. ',".rr’ll)l'ft‘r t,r’,l)r‘:'!rf;. (lepreuurorr. r:r,./-':"a. ‘atrrrrrr; vrle'trlfi, frrw' $3.2m; r/r’rlrrerrru rurvr‘r. un/uar (trr‘lrrrrltre‘; a'rtl f;°.rr,~ .t.

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4 Our ears are super important ‘rrrr; r:rr.' r‘; The place ‘.*.'hr;.'r: all channels; rrreetf Says the rrr.(;rr:rll (jhrrrer;e f;<,rrpture. It your arm hurtt; arm

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acupuncture treatrrrerrt arrrl thrs; trarirtrorr HE; the new brartk ot the km»: 7.: r'lr: . xrrr‘; A an? warm ~' r:.:' "1 1 involves your entire body r,orrtrrrur::; rrr (,‘hrrra today. Here rrr the west. a:; Bruce my perso'vr' /'\rr‘;:.!-- tarrtz ,' '~-"u ' 2‘-' w' . being rocked and though. better make sure you’re ave-arrer your burly git“. .‘n‘r‘. you f r'. i Ar who} r Mr: 1'» t .r':_: ‘pulsed’ throughout the r,<)f;lr krrrr;kert;. rivlegarr Kerrrreoy) f‘rtretrilrrrrr; ot ,or;a but 1:, 3pm r‘u a: . rl'frlrl' wr I" r'. ,“ ' 2' : session. The idea is that I [he/lar ()hr/r; (Ir/rm, of Irr’ro/trorra/Chinese strengthen!er llrr: lttrLYl'lltlrlt' rtrr; tw” a' :rr' '1? ,' "war". .- ur' the healing comes from r’r/irxfrrsrrre. ($25) Great l‘l/estwrr Hoar}. (ild:;‘go'~.‘.’, Ul-Jr‘ (lexeioperl by ( ‘rer 'rarr born rJr mep" i’lrrtrw attr” . "\r t N ' "a ' within rather than being fi‘)/i§)’/f)‘, the 'rfilk'tlt; the Bug; Arrrlrv. ("rfrr ‘.‘.<.-.'r:- m -rr imposed on you. The My (:la:;:; starts; wrtl‘ arr rrtrr Tlrl~ trout rlr'brrf" "r: ."rzr or ' . t rr. k " motions work with the Brunet; stearlyrrrr; ham] or‘ 'rr, ‘rfrilllil i.|.'ur.r-t tr'vnrt'r it... .mt" rt, natural rhythms of the pe'yrf; rrr 'rretrtral' arrrl turvrru, brrftrr'r '1 'rr;' :' 1'» tt 1' ltU ".r' r--' " .r' body and it's all you thrrrk. lherr you “ate r‘;,7';rr:r‘r- flr-n, .rr fr": .'.r:“ km r: r;. concerned with buttor:k:; together" Hurry}, mlmrrtpr Er Marni rit'r "l~,"3 ttrrv. awn f a promoting water flow. properly Help. After a ten rrftre'rr;,l‘; tn- w-grs;:;r.:r~r rr‘. unto v; ; .l'r‘ It‘s incredibly relaxing. I smog/typo :;‘.'v.'eet|y rrry llrtl‘Jfr rt. rreatra. 'rt, alrrrri'h'r» rmrwvl ,r'1 2 " . find myself entering a brearhrrrg fluro. Oh Joy. Ir ltrrrlt‘; rlrzrrrl r r rrn-r rm: 1 r: 1:. :~ dreamlike state, feeling torrrrrrrr,‘ at. we lre tr:r.t;rrr;r. r,()l!Ir:>lirrrr; rr'rr: the" 'r-Iwaw ‘l M, M --. not quite there, reaching how lrrerrrlt; they haye :rtarterl a ram. amt harrrw. 'w'rrhzr" Mir 1" l 'r r: w " the border between pimpin a la:;trrrg orre. but l tear the, rr-rry. out raj. rrrrr: :;tr rr; arr-mam 4! ‘mr " 3.? w sleep and wakefulness. situation before long, rHutl‘. Hezltrefrr Each session is unique. I /'/()/.’7}(.’.‘; -’r’ar;e. ()Irr'r' (JU’Ii/e-I lrlr'rr,_r'r;". fifw' ‘rflrrr The pulsee gets what

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looking for . . . were probably rrr the W t)! r:ra.b~- ,r Tare" upcoming week chained The history lhe term originates; lt:lll£lll‘y'(:?)l‘.:l)1$(i(1.‘.’fl ::, ‘.‘.’rllr,.‘.‘ inrrlrr r; v r to your desk and

from the Word Brot; rrrearrrrrg 'Irte' roorrrt; arrrl torrrro ‘lotatro' theurp. download a bit of stress, and Dari/a rrreahrrrg 'rrrormrrerrt full Arrrlwhatatrrrrlrt1; r'he Tuxilr'r' ; a" arr * ,t 7' -‘ you can achieve that too. ol rrrrzarrrrrg'. and was ereated and small. prryatr: eharrur'rr; mom that rrr knee The W *.rtr (Henry Northrnore) (levelopul rrr Chrle rrr the lQbUs. tarrk oo/e ealrr: (Jo'rt;rrlr:ratr- trrurg'n arr- our r . I Robert Stone

What is it? It's; about brrrrgrrrg from earprury; a'rrl Vanrdrr“: vtr, r;' than? u? f' 'r‘ Therapeutics, 518

people together and helping them salt waterr to fretfl‘, .‘."‘,It<- bath row £:"’l London Street,

to errharree their health. wellberrrg arrrl happrrreas through rrrusrc.

gorgeous; orarrrre b'rxr‘mrrr or". or‘ ha” r wrlx'r' ~: 2 Edinburgh, 0131 557 pre arro poet tioat. hr terl‘ whim," 38060r07817103033.

rrloyerrrerrt arrrl emotrorr. Uperrrhg the tloat tarrk door. I peer rrrto arr 'r‘.ll|Y‘r; »:x;r;rr‘~,r» r,’ rrr'w r‘atw’r: . What’s the word on the Merlrterrarrearrgreerr walls; with irght reflergtrorrt, :larrz,r'r:; ,r‘ The w Em; A "L; street? leacher Claire Lewris says: :;y.'rrpt1or:y rt; playing, The slrght. (,‘hlorrrre lrkr: “,rrrrrl' rer'rrrri‘; rrr»; f rust; rr ,3 ‘We don't rust Work wrth health. we pools. l <er rrrtt) ‘Orrr ol warrrr. heay unrater lrirgrerlrbly. rr‘, :rakerl tie-rt. nun: s-rwtw : work wrth happrrress. We want rarerghtless. oh the eurtare lwerrt‘, sack; of nalt are keep'Wr; r: I. "ma: at NET a“ z " . people to Come and have a taee dry the musre arrrl lrgltt tarle gradually. i)”: as, trléttkf‘n'WEr rimrwr <15; r""l . protective. SpeCral space' Stabbing; at the lrght. lrke a frettul rghrlrl atrarrl .rt the tlark the pram, renew T" r How to get involved Head alorrg and l :;‘y'.'|:;ll about. er rloyrrrtr the oer‘rlr: laprmg i;<,u"fl‘; watwl: , 'j'w-

to the regular weekly (:IaSses Guam My Ir::>tlt:St$r‘re:;S subsides; it‘ri; :rrrte. irkr: i'lr: (lrl'K rr ,’_:."€:- {reaf't Xr' Tuesday night from 7—9.150pm at rrru:;r,les urlwrrrd. my mrrro races; a farrly typroal '(xflifitr'fi arrrnr'e'iti, " trrl't' <; Southbrrdge Resource Centre. harrg of It as; the muSK; begrrrs; agar'r. §;rr;rral"rrlr; f“<; end of gem-o" F 'f. '.r- lrrtrrmary Street. Edrrrburgh. rrtzrrutet; haye passed rrr what feels; lake t-r‘tee': A tr‘axt; at matte all?!"()Ti‘wr’ll/r1'Y?” I For rn/orrrratro/r call 0737 065 the experrerroe are waztrrrg for me. at; | er'rerue 'r: ‘ew'r; worn and _;’;'a‘wr‘ 2:305. erriar/ C/tz‘rreLewrSCOuk er a lrttle bit Spacectout. rLour:;e Prev rum/trash

wwwgroundwrre.cauk/Oroda/iza I ll’r/r/r'ow [rad/ht}. x73 Glen! 'r"./esr‘e.", Hoar}. than». u. x" 317 if}! (SJ-If; .

"dd/“EJL‘Oth. UM} hour Session. {(75). o' f/I'm‘ :t“ a.» r:' ' ."ou‘ar .‘o' .1"-

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