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Therapeutic massage is akin to a calming hand being placed on you. reass‘uring the body and enabling the system to slow down and relax. The body and central nervous system become Crystallised when they receive a shock. causing cells. muscles and tissue to tighten. Whether the trauma is physical or psychosomatic. the reSUIts are the same.

Therapeutic massage encowages the body to heal itself. The body acts like a computer with the central nervous system being a hard drive. Sometimes it just needs a new disc. This form of therapy is the ideal way to warm the muscles and renew the body. Working on the entire body or solely on the spine and neck. the massage helps release tenSion_ tissue memory and emotions. A truly remarkable experience.

Craniosacral therapy is more of a phySiologcal System. working wrth the 29 cranial bones in the skull, lace and mouth and running down the spine to the saCrum. It rids the body and mind of the effects of past trauma and its associated negative experiences. The craniosacral rhythm governs the body and these are the waves you can feel when a light and educated pressure are applied to the specific areas on the base of the skull and encowage your body to expand. An unobtrusive therapy. it is ideal for ailments including headaches. back pain. birth trauma. depression. spOrt injuries and hormonal imbalances. (Jane Hamilton)

I Pink Poodle, 787 Byres Road. Glasgow. 0747 357 3344; Liz Scott. 0747 883 5524, /; Energetics, 74a Broughton Street Lane, Edinburgh, 0737 557 9567.


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"" Classes Starting Soon in Glasgow ""

www glUU'HIW‘H' l) uli, I)‘()’.I.lll(.l

astanga yoga beginners workshop

with Rowena Warren

Sunday 13th April 10am - 1pm £25.00

Also teaching weekly classes. Phone for further details.


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Classes I (curses I Complementary Health Therapies

T: 01 31 557 9567

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